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Project Controls Resume

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Navarre, FL

Summary of Qualifications

My qualifications include over thirty years of Project Controls experience for a variety of engineering, construction and facilities maintenance organizations, and for a multitude of different industries. With more of a focus on the use of Primavera, to support the various Project Controls task needed for those Projects and Programs I have supported as of late.

Having been responsible for providing Project Controls, on all different types of Nuclear Plants, from new construction to operating plants, also included within my qualifications, I have provided Project Controls expertise on Coal Seam projects, Rail projects, and the Infrastructure that goes with that type of project, Existing School Facilities project upgrades. Additionally I have done some Petrochemical plant Turnarounds, Chemical plant shutdowns, and new Power plant construction such as Combined Cycle, along with Chemical Demilitarization new construction, upgrades and maintenance. And while having used the following types of computer software & hardware, such as Primavera (all of the versions), Microsoft Excel, Word and Access. Also included are the use of Maximo, SAP and NAMs(Nuclear Asset Management) multi-functional systems in the performance of my duties.

These assignments have included providing and coordinating daily and hourly schedules, preparing management summaries, performing critical path and resource analyses. Also I have performed cost estimating, for all types of construction and plant maintenance work, for use in budgeting. Having done all of the above on a variety projects and for different departments, in both the field and office type of environments.


Senior Project Controls Engineer – Confidential,
Confidential,Navarre, FL. 2011 to Present

  • Currently I am one of their Consulting Contracting Workers on their, 657 million Extended Power Uprate Project. Providing them with high degree of scheduling knowledge using Primavera (P6). Along with the use of NAMs for Planning of this work. Modification of which I am the Scheduler on is a Control Air Conditioning Mod, along with two others; Containment Spray Piping and CVCS Piping. During the Outage time frame my role changes from Mod scheduler to all around support. Such as reports, updating, verifying and confirming that the Power Uprate Mods that are on critical paths have the correct logic and durations in the Outage Schedule.

Senior Project Controls Engineer / Planner – Confidential,Brisbane, Australia
Confidential,Burlingame, CA. 2011 to 2011

  • Supported Fortior Global, an ARES partner over in Australia. Providing them with Primavera (P6) and Microsoft Projects scheduling assistance and expertise, along with other services as Project Controls person, on several large Billion Dollar Coal Seam Projects for clients such as Origin Energy, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. Along providing P6 training to Queensland Rail personnel on Multi-Million Dollar track and infrastructure upgrades at Queensland Rail.

Project Controls Manager - Confidential,Costa Mesa, CA. 2008 to 2011

  • Worked as one of their Consulting Contractor Workers in their, Projects Group, providing them with Primavera (P6) scheduling expertise. Responsible for the scheduling of all projects assigned to me from Engineering through Implementation, along with the using of SAP for Planning, Procuring and Costs of this work. This included two Instrument Piping Replacement Projects which had a total value of $ 22 million in Capital dollars. The Projects Group I supported, has generally ran projects with yearly Capital and O&M budgets over $150 million dollars during the years that I was associated with SCE SONGs.
  • In addition I provide daily project support with updating, resource evaluations, along with monthly-earned value reporting on many project schedules
  • Also I was loaned out to support their Work Control Group, during several of their Refueling Outages to update detailed hourly work schedules and monitor these schedule updates for impacts against the critical path so as not to push the Outage finish end date.

Senior Scheduler - Confidential,Broomfield, CO. 2004 to 2008

  • Provided the P5, primavera scheduling in their Region One (San Fernando Valley) scheduling group, in support of several school Bond Measures. The measures per this region ran into Hundreds of million dollars over several years with the projects totaling, any where’s from the several thousand of dollars to several million dollars each. Along with being of several types of projects ranging from Flooring and Roofing to Safety & Technology and Fire Alarm projects.
  • Responsibilities were for the scheduling of all project work from engineering thru construction. This task was in support of the Districts overall Strategic Execution Plan. Also included in my duties was the review of Primavera (P3) Schedules from Contractors for their compliance with Contract Spec and the issuance of various reports from P5, along with the creation Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

Senior Scheduler - Confidential,Tooele, Utah 2003 to 2004

  • Worked for EG&G Defense Materials at the United States Governments, Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Tooele, Utah in the Primavera (P3) Scheduling group. Was responsible to schedule all work assigned, which included the Engineering, Maintenance, Modifications and Operations Processing. These were resourced and quantity load schedules with total yearly budgets of over $600 Hundred million dollars.
  • Previously with EG&G Technical Services as a Contractor at EG&G Defense Materials Project, Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Tooele, Utah as a Senior Project Controls Specialist supporting the Primavera (P3) Scheduling group in the same role.

Schedule and Cost Control Site Manager - Sunrise Project, for Phase II Combine Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant
Confidential,Lake Forest, California 2001 to 2003

  • Responsible for providing the cost and scheduling at the Sunrise Project, for Phase II. This Phase on a Combine Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant was to add two HRSG’s and a Steam Turbine to the simple cycle portion of the first Phase. It is located in Fellows, California. The project value was in excess of $250 million dollars and we were the General Contractor for all construction services.
  • Provided weekly updates of the Primavera (P3) schedule and cost for the project to the owners, (Texaco/Chevron & Mission Energy) Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management group Black & Veatch Constructor’s Inc. Also provided input of the weekly quantities into their Field Progress Measurement System (excel spreadsheets) weekly.
  • Also provided cost to date evaluation of project to site Project Manager and Home office Group Manager, using the company cost system (Bid Tech), along with schedule earned value and other project data in excel spreadsheets develop for this project.
  • Previously was responsible for providing scheduling and cost expertise on the Moss Landing, HRSG Contract on a Combine Cycle Gas Turbine Power Project, in Moss Landing, California; for the same company. On a contract to the owners (Duke Energy) Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management group Flour.

P3 Scheduler - LaPaloma, Combine Cycle Gas Turbine Power Project
Confidential,Cambridge, Massachusetts 2000 to 2001

  • Responsible for providing Primavera (P3) scheduling expertise in McKittrick, California on a $43 million dollar Civil, Structural and underground Piping contract.
  • Provided the monthly, weekly, and daily updates of the project schedule to the owners, (Pacific Gas & Electric’s), Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management group Alstom Power.

Project Controls Engineer - Confidential,Norcross, Georgia 2000 to 2000

  • Providing P3 scheduling assistance to Raytheon’s Engineers and Constructors Inc., Demilitarization Systemization, (Plant Startup) group at the United States Governments Pine Bluff Arsenal. As a Scheduler for Schedules that included every phase of the Systemization schedule from procedure writing to final system turnover to the client for operations.
  • Responsible for providing a weekly schedule update, resource evaluations, and monthlyearned value reporting for the project budget.

Project Controls Specialist - Confidential,Broomfield, CO 1998 to 2000

  • Having had been responsible for providing the Primavera (P3) scheduling expertise on two projects at the United States Governments, Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site. This position was as a Fourth tier contractor through a Third tier contractor, which was providing support to Westinghouse’s (SAFE SITES OF COLORADO LLC) who was Contractor working for Kaiser Hill.
  • Schedules included Plan of the Week, Plan of the Month, Budget type, building and site requirements for project processing / closures, along with special requests to support project goals.
  • Provided daily updating, resource evaluations, and monthly-earned value reporting on budget schedules.

P2 Scheduler - Commonwealth Edison Co. LaSalle Station\'s Nuclear Units
G. D. Barri & Associates, Inc., LaSalle Station, Seneca, Illinois 1998 to 1998

  • Provided scheduling expertise on Project/2 scheduling system to their Outage Management team while both of Commonwealth Edison Co. LaSalle Station\'s nuclear units were offline due to forced Outages.
  • The main focus of my duties was to assist the client in its effort to build a totally integrated Outage work schedule.

Project Controls Engineer - Confidential,
NPS Energy Services, Inc., St. Lucie Nuclear Plant, Hutchinson Island, Florida 1997 to 1998

  • As Project Controls Engineer contracted to Florida Power and Light\'s Work Control Group at St. Lucie, was responsible for providing scheduling expertise on outage schedules for both of their units using Project/2, Microsoft Access, Excel and Passport maintenance work order system.

Project Controls Engineer - Confidential, 1996 to 1997

  • Developed cost estimates and schedules of projects for client. Using Primavera P3, SureTrak, and Open Plan, for both outage/nonoutage projects. Also tracked the cost of these projects based on their approved budgeted estimates.

Senior Cost Scheduler - Confidential,Ingleside, Texas 1996 to 1996

  • Contracted as a Cost & Schedule engineer to assist Peterson Shipbuilders on their U.S. Naval contract for maintenance and modification work to their minesweepers stationed at the Ingleside Naval Station. Responsible for detailed cost/schedule information by ship, using the Navy’s works breakdown structure within Primavera P3.

Consultant Planner / Scheduler - Confidential,Ponca City, Oklahoma 1995 to 1996

  • Was Contracted to Conoco as a consulting planner/scheduler. Responsible for providing detailed maintenance/capital planning and scheduling expertise and assistance using Primavera P3 to develop a detailed schedule from engineering/procurement through pre turn-around construction into unit shutdown, turn-around maintenance/construction and back into startup of the unit.

Project Controls Engineer – Confidential, 1994 to 1995

  • Provided Project Control consulting services to International Specialty Products, Inc. Calvert City, KY, planning and scheduling a total Chemical plant Shutdown. Limerick Nuclear Plant, Sanatoga, PA, Maintenance projects and also NineMile Point Nuclear Plant, Lycoming, NY, Outage projects while employed with Raytheon Engineers and Constructors.

Senior Scheduling Engineer - Confidential,Lemont, Illinois 1994 to 1994

  • Developed detailed turn-around CPM/Finest Hour schedules based on maintenance scope of work. Also developed detailed Shutdown & Clear / StartUp schedule with input from the operations department. Reviewed and coordinated Contractor\'s turn-around CPM schedules for compliance with client\'s specifications. Conducted daily schedule review meetings. Maintain, update and issue daily Turnaround schedules.

Senior Project Controls Engineer - Confidential,Spring City, Tennessee 1991 to 1994

  • Working as a Consulting Contractor, for the Tennessee Valley Authority\'s, Engineering and Modifications organization, to evaluate the schedules issued by their prime subcontractor\'s. Against the overall site Project/2 construction schedule, as they applied to the plant through startup and into operations. Responsible for reviewing the schedules budgeted manhours. Against current productivity, along with estimated manhours to go on the project.

Project Controls Engineer - Confidential,Florida City, Florida 1987 to 1991

  • I was contracted as a Consulting Project Controls Engineer to Florida Power and Light\'s Project Management Group. To development and update of schedules for ongoing modification projects and outage tasks utilizing Project/2. Other duties included construction estimating and cost analysis.

Associate Field Cost Schedule Engineer - Confidential,New Jersey 1985 to 1986

  • Developed and maintained detailed construction schedules using Project/2 along with other scheduling techniques. Performed daily walk-downs to attain installation progress for schedule updates and develop quantityspread sheets.

Area Cost/Schedule Engineer - Confidential,Waynesboro, Georgia 1983 to 1985

  • Designed and implemented system schedules form the bulk installation mode. Monitored mechanical rates and quantities, and produced quantity tracking reports for monthly production quotas.

Assistant Field Cost/Schedule Engineer - Confidential,New York, New York 1983 to 1983

  • Development and updating of lookahead schedules, material and quantity take-offs, walk-downs of progress against various scheduled commodities for completion.

Scheduling Engineer II - Confidential,Hanford, WA 1981 to 1983

  • Developed detailed work schedules for mechanical installation based upon Bechtel’s project management\'s summary schedule. Verified completion of installed quantities by walking them down with the use of the Design Installation drawings, and this data was updated in their quantitytracking system.

Quantity Surveyor - Confidential,Hanford, WA 1979 to 1981

  • Verified completion of installed quantities by walking them down with the use of the Design Installation drawings. This was done for all the different disciplines, and the data was updated in the quantitytracking system.

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