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Lead Programmer Analyst / Project Manager Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • 12+ years combined experience as Mainframe Consultant, Developer, Business Analyst, Lead Analyst and Project Manager. Have performed roles of Development/Test/Production Support, Tester, System Designer, Trainer, Technical Writer & Report Generator.
  • Knowledge in State government rules and restrictions. Expert in Family & Child Support healthcare & welfare Systems.
  • Strong expertise in working with Large and complex mainframe systems across cross functional platforms handling large volume of data like more than 4.2 billion transactions and systems consisting 1000’s of programs, tables, Co - related sub queries, functions and jobs & procedures.
  • Communication, Presentation and Organization skills are part of my strong areas.
  • Experience in documenting and transforming user needs to functional and technical requirements and presenting them in an efficient manner using thorough MS word & MS Excel navigation skills.
  • Rich experience working on Production Support, Client Issues Resolution, System Change Requests (SCRs) - Enhancements, Development Projects.
  • Good team player. Maintains a healthy relationship with colleagues and business team.


Operating Systems: IBM Z/OS, Operating system MVS (OS/390), MS-DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX & LINUX


Special Software/Tools: Coolgen, MQ Series, Telon, Control-M, QMF, SYNCSORT, JobScan, Spufi, File-aid, Abendaid, DFSORT, DYL 280.

Database: DB2, IMS, VSAM, MS Access, SQL Server

Project Management Tools: Visual Safe Source (VSS), MS-Projects2000, MS-Office tools.

Other Tools: MicroFocus Enterprise Suite, Rumba, Host on Demand, Host Explorer, UFT


Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Lead Programmer Analyst / Project Manager


  • Involved in the preliminary analysis to find the possibility of migrating / re-hosting the application from the mainframe environment to windows environment.
  • Provided all possible migrating / re-hosting solutions to the client based on the client request in keeping the current application functionality with no to minimal change.
  • Interacted with Microsoft team to procure the needed license and tools to run the mainframe applications in windows environment. This involves in setting up enterprise developer, enterprise server and enterprise analyzer in local machines.
  • Managed a team of 6. Workload management, Work assignment, Issue resolution, Report generation and scheduling meeting with business team are part of day to day responsibility.
  • Created requirement analysis document, Migration Document, Project Handbook and Application specific documents and supporting documents for Project signoff.
  • Understanding the existing mainframe application and identifying the problematic scenarios and provided options to the clients.
  • Managed project timeline and informed client as we progress through different stages. Identified delay areas and provided information in advance to avoid surprises downstream.
  • Organizing weekly meetings and providing weekly updates to the business team, while documenting meeting minutes with current status and future action plans.
  • CICS screen are studied and analyzed. Problematic screens are thoroughly studied using Endeavor.
  • Understanding the process flow, data flow, screen flow, security and print process and documenting and presenting them to the customers.
  • CA Changeman and related products like CA Cleanup, CA RC/Compare and other functionalities for DB2 are used extensively for organizing mainframe related components.
  • Working with UFT to document test scripts to record test scenario’s in mainframe and run them back in MicroFocus environment to check the application is working AS-IS in mainframe.

Environment: z/OS, MS Project, COBOL, MF COBOL, IMS, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF, CICS, SPUFI, File-AID, DB2 Command Editor, CA Changeman, CA Compare, CA ACF2, MF Enterprise Server, MF Enterprise Developer, MF Enterprise Analyzer, MS Visio, UFT, Endeavor.

Confidential, Madison, WI

Tech Lead / Project Lead

  • Managing the life cycle of SCRs which involve: - Scoping out the work; Gathering requirements; identifying the requirements to application systems, taking up detailed analysis which involves Design Document Creation, Requirement Analysis, Component Creations, Code Changes, Review Design, Coordinate approvals for the design.
  • Transforming business requirements into Business Logic models; and transforming Business Logic models into mainframe components.
  • Maintaining IV-D/IV-D interface system to process data between CARES & KIDS systems.
  • Online screens are developed from scratch using TELON & necessary ISPF screen changes are made through REXX.
  • Created documents & mainframe components for case copy changes on a quarterly basis.
  • Created & maintaining Eos & Control-D reports. Involved in the migration & testing of the reports during Eos to Control-D migration.
  • Performed analysis, design, code development, unit / systems tests, implementation, and training all operational people involved on those processes, and routines.
  • Self involved in Inventory maintenance and created Online & Batch documents listing programs, components, shared copybooks, batch cycles and their relationships.
  • In charge of creating the batch cycles which needs to be sent to Production Maintenance team and reviewed the cycles on a monthly basis before the production run.
  • Supported the Mainframe applications during Mass data update and related communication.
  • Created PPIR’s for Monthly, Quarterly and on-demand release.
  • Provided pager support on a rotation basis. Documented frequent batch abends, identified similar scenario’s, provided daily fix, temporary workarounds for daily fix, reviewed permanent fix with team and business and implemented permanent fix through monthly / quarterly production releases.
  • Worked with business users & county workers extensively in documenting their day-to-day issues and providing a resolution on a timely manner.
  • Facilitated meeting among multiple agencies and worked, as a team in satisfying the customer needs.
  • Worked as a team and organized team events like team lunch & bagel Fridays.

Environment: z/OS, MS Project, COBOL, DB2, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF, CICS, SPUFI, TELON, Platinum tools, Changeman, Abend Aid, File-AID, MS Visio, Control-M, Sharepoint.

Confidential, Madison, WI

Team Lead

  • Received appreciation for developing business scenarios and technical modules for Verification Checklist implementation.
  • Prepare design document (Business Logic Diagrams (BLDs)) for development/enhancement.
  • Creating Client notice correspondence mockups for approval and once approved related technical modules are created, tested and implemented to generate the letters in real time based on the requirements of the state.
  • Worked with several enhancement projects in order to make the system work more precise and more efficient. Combining notices and suppressing triggers resulted in sending less paperwork.
  • Mainframe technical modules are developed as per the client requirement. The requirements are the same for all the counties & tribes with special scenarios for certain counties. These constraint needs to be accommodated in such a way, where the functionality can be turned on & off without more code change.
  • A production implementation checklist is created, maintained and checked across, when the application/system went live. This list has the status, person responsible and all the information about each and every component, which are included in the release.
  • Have in depth knowledge in working with ECF, BCP Premium changes, IM Workload tracking Projects.
  • Provided production support. Put in extra efforts during major release. Was available to meet project needs off the business hours.
  • Letters are migrated from mainframe systems to web to increase the user-friendly approach for the state workers to trigger new letters & notices.
  • Support CARES critical batch cycle run by fixing Production and Acceptance exceptions.
  • Generate Ad-hoc report for various business requirements.
  • Automated various recurring user reports using SQL, DB2 Connect, Microsoft Query and Excel. DB2 Connect would get the query results from DB2 into Excel.

Environment: z/OS, Windows 7, COBOL, DB2, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF, CICS, SPUFI, Platinum tools, Changeman, Abend Aid, File-AID, DB2 Command Editor, MS Visio, Control-M, DWD Sharepoint

Confidential, Jefferson City, MO

Lead Analyst

  • Actively involved in all phases of SDLC for integrating the existing application to accommodate the new requirements.
  • Presented possible solutions and impact analysis in the JAD sessions.
  • Outcomes of JAD sessions are documented. Based on that table / program / copybook structures are created and presented in a timely manner.
  • Data model has been analyzed and relationships are changed to accommodate new entities to meet the requirements.
  • PLAT tool is used to handle all database analysis and SPUFI runs.
  • Extensively used DB2 that includes DCL Gen, BIND/REBIND parameters, SPUFI & QMF.
  • DYNAMIC linking is implemented in the COBOL programs for better performance of the programs and can have a reusable logic.
  • Build and maintain SQL scripts, indexes, and complex queries for data analysis and extraction.
  • Existing database supports FSD kids, in order to accommodate the PS kid’s detail, relationships and keys are changed. SQL queries are updated accordingly.
  • Co-related sub queries are created and enhanced between essential entities like DCN, DVN, Waiver and Authorization for better performance as well as to meet business requirements.
  • CICS thread safe logic is updated & implemented in selected high traffic screens to utilize the resources more effectively.
  • Worked directly with clients and end-users to gather business needs, translate into detailed specifications and technical requirements, strategy plans, and produced complete documentation.
  • Performed analysis, design, code development, unit / systems tests, implementation, and training all operational people involved on those processes, and routines.
  • Data model diagrams are created and relationships are established using MS Visio.
  • Creating on-line documentation for the test plan, production and test runs, JCL changes and file input/output comparisons.

Environment: OS390, Windows 2000,COBOL, DB2, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF, CICS, TSO, ISPF, QMF, SPUFI, Platinum tools, SQL Tool, WEB AWARE, REXX, Abend Aid, File-AID, JCL/Proc, Mercury Test Director, Xpeditor, Endeavor.

Confidential, Santa Fe

Senior Developer

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Transforming business requirements into logical and physical data models and transforming logical data models into physical data structures
  • The business team creates incidents or SIR’s (System Incident Reports) on the SIR tool, these SIR’s are need to be solved successfully satisfying all the requirements by the business.
  • COBOL programs are coded from the scratch along with DB2 calls and tuned for better performance and concentrated for lesser CPU time.
  • VSAM datasets are the backbones of CSES, so the VSAM datasets are created and well maintained and also used extensively.
  • Involved in generating daily, weekly (K-warrant’s), monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Worked with the CASE team and also closely interacted with LEGAL and FINANCIAL teams.
  • Resolved incidents dealing with incorrect linking of DP with different cases and with different CP’s and NCP’s.
  • Two separate cases are created when duplicate DP entries existed.
  • LEGAL system tables are changed based on the CASE system’s table entries.
  • Quarterly reports are generated with financial data, which needs to be sent to the federal systems.
  • SQL Joins are coded within the COBOL program to avoid the duplication of the child in different cases.
  • Sub-queries, Co-related sub queries, Nested joins and SQL cursors are coded from scratch based on the business requirements along with meeting the state guidelines.
  • Coded programs in COBOL with embedded SQL and CICS statements.
  • COBOL programs are created from scratch, modified and enhanced to meet the business requirements.
  • Successfully developed, tested and implemented several on-line programs using COBOL, TELON, CICS, and DB2.
  • Converted user requirements to technical milestones and guided the team in transforming requirements to technical milestones to results achieved.
  • Interaction with the Physical Agent, Clients and the team are carried out in an efficient manner.

Environment: OS390, Windows 2000, Windows-XP, COBOL,, DB2, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF, CICS, COOLGEN, SQL Guy, Abend Aid, File-AID, JCL/Proc, Control-M, Changeman, Mercury Test Director, Xpeditor, Endeavor.

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

Mainframe Consultant / Programmer Analyst

  • Highly involved in developing various mainframe components like stored procedures, JCL’s, CICS programs.
  • Actively involved in Unit, System, Integration, Regression, and Code Coverage Testing.
  • Test Case Preparation for validating Business Rules, User Inputs and the Loaded Data.
  • Creation of new tables, control cards, indexes and new VSAM datasets to regulate the file system and CICS screens for the front-end access.
  • The MPS system runs on the IBM machine in both CICS & batch mode and is developed on COBOL language. It consists of three components, i.e., Message Processing (interface with IBM/IE and run in CICS environment), Online Enquiry to CIS database (developed on JAVA and Oracle 9i), File Maintenance and Database housekeeping(VSAM files and DB2 database are used).
  • Worked with Oracle Developer Suite for Forms development and functionalities are created using JavaScript’s.
  • Create tables in Oracle DB and PL/SQL stored procedures.
  • CA7 is used widely to schedule daily, monthly, bi weekly jobs based on business needs.
  • Incident management is controlled through Mercury Quality Centre in an effective manner.
  • Online CICS screens are debugged using CEDF.
  • Used SDF facility to develop CICS MAPS.
  • Application performance was improved by writing stored procedures in DB2.
  • Prepared worksheets for debt financing of construction projects and capital expenditures.
  • Interacted with the Cash Management Service to set up the parameters and worked directly with the business users.
  • Space abends like B37 are identified earlier before the job run and make sure that it won’t abend for a space issue during the job run.
  • Since extensive amount of data are processed, new logics and programs are innovated for better performance of the system and data retrieval.

Environment: OS390, Windows 2000,Windows NT, Windows-XP, COBOL,, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF, CICS, DB2, Rexx, CLIST, Abend Aid, File-AID, JCL/Proc, Mercury Test Director, Xpeditor, Crystal Reports, Endeavor.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Mainframe Consultant / Programmer Analyst

  • Function as primary interface to Clients for performing the following functions - Creating new setup for originator or Receiver, File format translation, Production support, Recreate a customer file, Resend a customer file
  • Managing the life cycle of SCRs which involve: - Scoping out the work; Gathering requirements from clients; Identifying the requirements to application systems, Taking up detailed analysis which involves delegating work to offshore resource, Review Design; Coordinate approvals for the design;
  • Set-up new procedures & redesigned processes for cash flow forecasting through Hyperion software; wire transfers, ACH and lockbox through EDI software, and investments through external advisor to provide better visibility and improved decision making capability.
  • Designed procedures to improve electronic match-up of foreign exchanges and global stocks & bond trades.
  • Established electronic funds transfer network in a zone of 550 offices.
  • Checkpoint restart logic has been coded in the program in order to save CPU time and expenses.
  • Creation of new COBOL, JCL and VSAM components to setup the new customer.
  • Coded embedded SQL statement in COBOL to update, delete and select data from DB2 tables.
  • Provided daily, weekly, monthly updates to the business team.
  • Established and implemented NDM, FTP, and mailbox protocols to transmit encrypted and sensitive data to Clients.
  • Converted COMP, COMP-3, Numeric and Alphanumeric data from an ISAM file format to a DB2 database, using SQL, QMF, File-Aid, IDCAMS, SYNCSORT, Cobol and Micro Focus Cobol programs.
  • Used XCTL, LINK, Comm-area, multitasking, multithreading features in CICS, PCT (program control tables), PPT (processing program table), etc. VSAM date-sets like KSDS and RRDS were also used.

Environment: IBM Mainframe, MVS - OS/390, UNIX, COBOL, IMS DB/DC, JCL, VSAM, CICS, ISPW, SPUFI, File-Aid for DB2, Xpediter, Endeavor, VSS, Ultimatix, CLARITY, SharePoint, CONNEXION, Super Eye, X12.


Mainframe Consultant / Card System Analyst

  • Primary responsibilities include learning existing application, supporting existing application, implementing new fixes from the vendor, setting up new parameters on an account type level or product type level.
  • A clear study about the whole card system and different application constituting the system are made and documented as a part of induction.
  • Communication between different applications are studied and maintained in detail.
  • Data are transferred between the front end application to the backend database through third party interfacing system in particular using TS 14/ TS 57 message format.
  • The card parameters are controlled by a specific system developed in SMALLTALK.
  • Designing documentation deliverables including: process models, process decomposition diagrams, network architecture diagrams, data models, data flow diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams (ERD)
  • Transforming business requirements into logical and physical data models; and transforming logical data models into physical, versioned or instanced data structures.
  • Defects were tracked, reviewed, analyzed, stored test data in Quality Center.
  • Cobol Programs and necessary components are created in order to keep the customer identity and confidentiality in order to meet PCI standards.
  • Alias are created for tables containing confidential details like PIN(Personal Identification Number), CVV, so that it will not be retained by E-commerce or call center functions.
  • PPP enhancement project is implemented and Occurrence of window refreshing has been changed to random in order to eliminate fraud activities on the bank account.
  • Interacted with VB system applications to add images in order to perform PPP functionalities.
  • The front-end application runs as a web application in IBM Web Sphere under UNIX on the mainframe (OS/390) and the Web Client is MS Internet Explorer 5.x.
  • Implemented major changes and enhancements to the Order Status transaction that read IMS databases from CICS.

Environment: IBM Mainframe, Websphere, UNIX, MVS–OS/390, COBOL, NetCOBOL, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPW, JAVA, Oracle 9i, HTML, FTP, Rexx, CLIST, Coolgen/Adgen, Abend-Aid, Xpediter, Strobe, Endeavor, VSS, IPMS, Ultimatix, SMILE, SMALLTALK.


Programmer Analyst

  • Manage to the project level of service agreement, ensuring contractual responsibilities are met. These include delivery of planned effort and completion of work within the planned effort and planned schedules.
  • New Customer Setups
  • Coded programs in COBOL with embedded SQL and CICS statements
  • Used SDF facility to develop CICS MAPS
  • Debugging COBOL programs using Expeditor
  • Used File-Aid, SPUFI and QMF for SQL Queries in DB2 database

Environment: IBM Mainframe, MVS–OS/390, COBOL, DB2, JCL, VSAM, CICS, TSO, ISPW, AdGen, File-Aid for DB2, CA7, REXX, Abend-Aid, Xpediter, Strobe, VSS, IPMS, Endeavor, Ultimatix, SMILE.

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