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Owner/project Manager Resume

Jacksonville, FL


  • Technical Project Manager with 15 years experience including expertise in developing dynamic E - Commerce websites for Small Business, Middle Market, and Government agencies.
  • Experience also includes using Agile methodologies.
  • Expertise in the development and implementation of programs and procedures to maintain and improve organizational effectiveness in all aspects of Enterprise project planning.
  • Experienced in gathering requirements for software development projects, creating scope documents, creating design documents for websites throughout the SDLC.
  • Experience in requirements gathering from stakeholders, customers, subject matter experts, executive and marketing research, software analysis and application design using methodologies such as UML (Unified Modeling Language), OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis and Design Models) and APM (Agile Project Management).
  • Project experience includes Project Management, Data Mining, Customer and User Interactions, and leadership responsibilities.
  • Excellent in Business Process Identification and Reengineering.
  • Experience in Jad & Jar sessions.
  • Experience system-to-system integration.
  • Proficient in developing Analysis Model, Use Case Diagrams, Behavior Diagrams, Class Diagrams using Rational Rose and MS Visio for business process modeling and designing data flow diagrams (DFD).
  • Supplied the client and developers with weekly status reports, updates, and areas of critical path.
  • GUI, Screen and Interface designs, Interacted with users of the existing system to assess needs, identify key challenges, and define project scopes and deliverable artifacts, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • QA tester/regression for all client software web-based projects.
  • Negotiated all client contracts.
  • Analyzing website data and optimizing e-commerce websites.
  • Six Sigma experience.
  • Experience with Small Business & Middle Market clients’ online support.
  • Able to communicate effectively with multifunctional teams, programmers, and technical staff at all levels; comfortable speaking to large groups, preparing written communications and developing presentation material.
  • Formulate and develop the marketing plan for client to align with their marketing/product strategies.
  • Experience as a Service Provider (Vendor) and Software Developer, Pricing and Product Development.
  • Develop materials for clients & work directly with clients.
  • Establish working relationships across multiple levels and multiple functions within both client and company organizations.
  • Manage multiple tasks and initiatives,
  • 10 years prior experience as a Technology Developer and business analysis expertise in Banking, Credit Card, Loans, Insurance, Healthcare, Financial, and Manufacturing Industries.


  • Account Management
  • Business Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Change Management Data Analysis
  • Data Integrations
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Warehousing Database Design
  • Web, Client - Server, Mainframe
  • Risk / Issue Management Program / Project Management
  • Planning/Budgeting/Tracking/Estimation
  • Process Improvement


Applications: Insurance, Banking, Health Care, Oil/Gas, Manufacturing/Distribution, Financial Services, Retail Industries, Marketing, Credit Card

Software: IBM Cobol/Cobol 11, Pl1,Alc, Markiv, Alpha 16 Assembler (atm alc), Rpg, ITS (Inter-plan Teleprocessing Services, Sas, Eztrieve, Focus, Natural, Vsam, Vsam (shrink), Xpediter, Uccel, Hogan, File-Aid, Super-Micr, Intertest, Innovative System (Bankmatch), Afs system (commercial loans), Profitability (Newtran/Uccel), Bankers software (Bsi), Shaw (loans), Jack Henry Systems (Cif/Loans), Kershmen Systems (Cif/Loans/Loc), Broadway & Seymore Systems (Cif/Loans), Vsi, Repo, Collections. Acap, Dfp (dealer floor plan), Recovery, Custody/Securities (Vmbs), M & 1 deposits, Cics, Tso/ispf, lccf, Roscoe, Wylbur Unix, Os/vs2, Qmf, Spufi, Adabase, Dbs, Ideal (Datacom db/dc),IMS (db/dc), Dl1, Data expert, Endeavor, Ndm (Network Data Mover), Panapt, Librarian, Syncsort, Imsxpert, Utilities, html, TSO, JCL, Websphere, Portal, Oracle, AIX(Unix), CRM DB.

PC: Microsoft word, Wordperfect, Pro-write, Formtool, Multimate, C +, Pascal, Smartcom,Visual Basic, Intenet Promotion, WIN 2k/Xp, WIN 7, Dream Weaver, FTP, Java, Html, Outlook, Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Visio, Sharpoint, SQL, EDI, HTML, XML,.Net, Web Appl,BI, Webalizer, Business intelligence ( BI ) .

Case Tool APS: Hardware: IBM 308x3090,4300 series, IBM 370/158,360,Unix, IBM PC and Compatibles, 1400, Control Data, Omegam Amadol, Dell XP, Windows, NT.


Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Owner/Project Manager


  • Serve as Project Manager providing direction and set objectives and priorities by establishing goals for all projects and Project Managers within the company.
  • Consulted with stakeholders to establish target dates for accomplishing goals, giving emphasis to order of importance.
  • Provide QA testing of websites to ensure test matrix, testing custom upgrade software and solutions.
  • Plan, forecast, develop and obtain approval on plans for the organization while ensuring alignment with overarching organizational strategy.
  • Develop system of management controls to highlight problems, prevent losses, and provide timely information to key decision-makers.
  • Manage a team of developers and architects to produce customized websites for clients.
  • Responsible for requirements gathering, technical solution design, managing and tracking project deliverables, creating and executing QA Test Plans, and implementation of product.
  • Responsible for Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, Research/Analysis, Content Development, Design Work, Scope Documents, Developed Keywords, Analytics, Conceptual Design, QA Testing, Implementation, and Email / Server Management.
  • Set goals for business to Establish Identity, Branding, and promote business both locally and nationally.
  • Develop Advertising and Marketing Strategy which includes Market Research, Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan to execute the plan, and assessing the results.
  • Develop, create, present and facilitate presentations.

Confidential, Oakland, CA

Business Analyst Auditor


  • Confidential specializes in assisting public agencies and corporations to increase their utilization of qualified small, minority, and woman - owned business enterprises in their public works and employment programs.
  • Disparity studies of procurement analyze the contracting practices of governments and corporations to determine the level of utilization of minority and woman-owned businesses when compared to their availability.
  • These studies are based on statistical, legal, historical, and economic data, as well as interviews with business owners. Since 1990, Confidential has conducted more than one hundred disparity studies without a legal challenge to a single program.
  • The service that I provided consisted of Onsite review of Contracts for Prime Contractors and Sub-contractors for three specific lines of business. Construction, Architect/Enginneering and Professional Services.
  • The results of audit would determine Jacksonville ratings in providing minority business with a fair share participation in goverment contracts. A 5 year time span of projects over 100k for all agencies was used in audit review of documents. Provided Confidential with collection Data who would then determine score for agencies.
  • Research, Gather, Analize, Review, Bid Documents
  • Audit Payment Schedules, Invoices Subcontractor Application for Payment,
  • Responsible for requirements gathering, managing and tracking project deliverables, creating and executing Status Reports
  • Serve as Project Manager providing direction and set objectives and priorities by establishing goals for projects and coordinating these goals with Project Managers within the agencies

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Developer / Business Analyst


  • Development/maintenance effort for claims processing to various health care institutions Confidential Services-Enrollment & Billing system:
  • Team Leader/File creation support for team, Build testing environment, provide testing & validation of system testing.
  • Performed business analysis through Project Initiation including research, analysis, planning, documenting, verifying, and preparing data for scope document.
  • Accountable for managing and monitoring performance including providing guidance to the management and core team.
  • Developed and executed tactical plans that achieved performance goals.
  • Established relationships across multiple levels and multiple functions within both staff members and company organizations.
  • Created documentation of automation software.
  • Created, executed, and documented results of test plans/test cases to satisfy validation of software and business cases.
  • Technical System Business test coordinator for group of 15 programmers.
  • Online support/trouble shooter for 25 transactions.
  • Provided technical support to staff during project life cycle (SDLC) and served as Point of contact for client.
  • Documented business processes and determine application requirements.
  • Responsible Responsible for requirements gathering, technical solution design, managing and tracking project deliverables, creating and executing QA Test Plans, Development and implementation of product. Used ENDEAVOR as change management tool for implmentation of ALL Software, Documentation into specific envirements which included Test mode, Parallel Testing mode, QA mode and production.
  • Utilized BI technologies to provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Utilized business intelligence technologies by reporting, online analytical processing , analytics , and data mining .

Environment: IMS db/dc, COBOL 11, DB2, Platinum SB2, NDM, VSAM, PANVALET/ENDEAVOER,SAS, EZ-EDIT pdsman 7.2, XPEDITER 5.2 WSF2/ERD, TSO/ISPF ver 4.1, SQL,EDI, HIPAA, JCL, Websphere, Portal, Oracle, AIX(Unix), AOI(automated operator interface), imsxpert, fileaid, CICS, CRM DB, Business intelligence ( BI ) , Microsoft Office.

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