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Project Manager Resume

Morton Grove, IL


A consulting position as an I.S. Specialist involving the development and implementation of strategies to assure effective client operations.


An accomplished I.S. Executive with a broad range of experience that includes IBM and H.P. computer equipment. Adept at implementing and managing systems hardware and software, data networks at all levels. In a consulting role, successfully formulates business decisions with the selection and integration of technology - based solutions. An effective team builder sharing with other staff by communicating across all company levels, building upon and utilizing staff strengths.


Computer Hardware: IBM and HP Mainframes and Unix/AIX systems, PC’s

Application and Software: Office 2000, Business Basic, Thoroughbred Basic, COBOL, CICS, DL/1, MS Access 2003/2007/2010 , VB, ACCUCOBOL, Confidential, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7


Confidential, Morton Grove, IL

Project Manager


  • Managed new development in MS Access 2010.
  • Created numerous databases to handle production and shipments.
  • Inventory Control and product traceability using Lot codes.
  • Many reports ranging from Freezer capacity available, Physical Inventory to product tracking.
  • Handling all database and software errors and resolving all issues to the satisfaction of end user and technical staff f staff and system documentation along with program documentation.

Confidential, Portland, ME

Project Manager


  • Managed upgrades to software and hardware ( Confidential )
  • Handled all hardware upgrades and problems.
  • Handle all Database and software errors, resolving all issues.
  • Created and maintained MS Access Databases since 2003. Versions 2003/20 .
  • Converted to .
  • Extensive VBA code to handle all situations within all written applications.
  • Data Sets include: Customer, Inventory/Product, Master Invoices, Orders, PO, etc
  • Datasets were either defined in Access as .accdb or MS SQL and linked to Access with ODBC.
  • Text files from legacy system were also linked in and imported into Access Database
  • Many complex queries with multiple joins and keys used in generating Forms and Reports.
  • All queries were written using Access Query tool to generate SQL statements.
  • Created and maintained imports from various data systems.
  • Created and maintained various exports into Excel
  • Validation procedures for all data.
  • SDLC/Project Manager on all Computer software updates

Environment: Thoroughbred Basic (Business Basic), Access 2003/2007/2010 , VBA

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Automotive Parts Distributor


  • Maintain current legacy systems
  • Freight Check In, Invoicing, Accounts, Receivables/Payables, etc.
  • Data conversion/QA II to the new TAMSII system.

Environment: Sun UNIX, Windows 98/ NT/ XP

Confidential, Eustis, FL

Project Manager


  • Added case Labeling.
  • Added Shipping Reporting System.
  • Added pallet labeling.
  • Added MS Access data sets to handle shipments and GL reporting.
  • Project Manager of conversion to new Mapics system.
  • Handled all hardware problems and upgrades.

Environment: AIX, Windows 98/ NT/ XP Access, VBA

Confidential, Bluffton, IN

Project Manager


  • Worked with all Management and production people, from CEO to production worker
  • Added R.F. bar coding
  • Added case labeling
  • Added pallet labeling
  • Added automated production reporting.
  • Started project for automated product sorting and palletizing
  • Automated equipment
  • Enhancements to Physical Inventory and Inventory Control.
  • Insured all hardware problems were handled in a timely fasion

Environment: AIX, Thoroughbred Basic (Business Basic), Windows 95/98

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