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Sourcing/project Manager Resume

Columbus, OH


  • A proven Logistics & Compliance Professional, with a record of leadership in facilities management, implementing cost containment efforts, while continuously providing customer excellence in delivery and value.
  • Accomplished, multi - faceted logistics manager; achieved Compliance Manager Status with the Professional Association of Compliance Managers.
  • Engaged in a cross-section of versatile transportation and logistical management to support inside and outside sales, inventory, purchasing, vendor sourcing and relations, and imports and exports.
  • Organized teams of up to 80 and shipments valued at $20 million, improving on time performance to 99% accuracy within restricted timeframes.
  • Decreased labor costs by 21%, while increasing revenue and margin dollars; identified opportunities to streamline the workforce, without sacrificing quality and while winning new bids on additional routes.
  • Diminished inventory losses from 8% to less than 1% in one year by implementing new receiving and shipping procedures that reduced damages to product; decreased onsite inventory value by 35% through the establishment of consignment inventory agreements with customers.
  • Expertly trained in the areas of customer broker preparation, import/export operations, and compliance.


  • 3PL Warehouse & Operations
  • Project Management
  • New Operation Start up
  • Sales & Business Development
  • LEAN Principles & Kan Ban
  • Sourcing/Procurement
  • C - TPAT/US Customs
  • Team Development & Supervision
  • Policies & Procedures



Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • A manufacturer providing food and specialty retail merchandising.
  • Provide logistics, inventory control and procurement management support for assembly.
  • Project management to include domestic and international daily purchasing for manufacturing processes, collaborating with engineers and sales teams; sourced vendors, scheduled shipping, controlled inventory and supported customs clearance.
  • Developed and managed warehouse for import/export of product to Mexico location.
  • Budget and PNL control, price and contract negotiations for all outsource programs.
  • Negotiated cost savings of $1M annually with local suppliers of metal, wood and glass.

General manager of transportation

Confidential, East Liberty, OH


  • Provide logistical support for 3PL transportation operations in the automobile industry; oversee container delivery and rail shipments direct a team of 80 drivers and 13 office personnel, and participate directly in client management in Mexico.
  • Recruit drivers, supervisors, and administrative staff; supply teams with energy and positivity to generate superior performance, motivating personnel with incentive programs that recognize results.
  • Negotiate pricing for tractors, maintenance, and fuel; attained a reduction in tractor rental costs of 18% and implemented a preventative maintenance program that saved $50,000 annually, decreasing downtime and meeting Confidential and Confidential 2010 regulations; leveraged a new onsite fueling program, saving $24,400 annually.
  • Steered a project to implement LEAN Principles; composed work instructions for all warehouse processes to track metrics including on delivery, injuries, and lost work time.
  • Develop and manage annual budgets and monthly forecasts for four transportation contracts valued at $20 million, and schedule transportation maintenance and repairs; incorporated the previous year’s results, projected sales, and client forecasts into cost estimates.

Director of operations

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Executed domestic and international daily purchasing for manufacturing processes, collaborating with engineers and sales teams; sourced vendors, scheduled shipping, controlled inventory, and supported customs clearance with teams of up to 12.
  • Established a Kan Ban program with a significant supplier, reducing on-hand inventory holding costs and overall inventory value by 35%.
  • Budget and PNL responsibilities for division.

Division manager

Confidential, Sylvester, GA


  • Led a team of 22 in a regional distribution division of lumber wrap and roof packaging; guided domestic and international purchasing, competitive pricing, sales, inventory control, shipping, receiving, and budgets.
  • Combined operating and labor cost reductions of 25%, while continuously improving performance; reorganized facilities and implemented new receiving and shipping procedures.
  • Promoted to Division Manager after one-year of leading operations.
  • Budget and PNL responsibilities for division.

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