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Project Manager Resume Profile


Infrastructure, Application and Network Project planning, implementation DC Migrations


Seasoned program and solutions delivery manager with 23 years professional experience:

  • Delivery of large scale 10M IT infrastructure programs that enhance business value to major Fortune 500 and transnational corporations, governmental agencies, financial services, communications, pharmaceutical, education and utilities.
  • Program management of globally dispersed multi-project teams of technical architects, engineers, and integrators in requirements definition, solution architecture design and development, implementations' deployment
  • Proven leader in managing complex business value initiatives in compressed time frame to budget and scope.
  • Strong client relationship and communications skills in interface with senior level management on strategy and program steering and stakeholder change coordination
  • Extensive domain expertise in network telecommunications and IT infrastructure technologies in delivery of complex and globally scoped productivity initiatives inclusive of major consolidations and large scale data center migrations, integrations, and build outs.
  • A team builder with a proven track record of setting benchmark results by specialized training and committed mentoring process. My expertise is both tactically strategically focused.


  • Managed and developed formal project plans, including associated financials and all resources need for all transition activities for a major data center migration using the lift shift method. Project managed the migration and all activities for a business critical products including network, storage, database and application platforms. Managed 10M budget that included relocation and consolidation, from McGraw Hills data center that lost power from the super storm Sandy for all the Financial and Education departments and moved the infrastructure into two different data Centers and got them back up to fully operational in a short timeframe.
  • Managed the development and the implementation of a Global Active Directory Root Domain where all new and existing applications will reside with all security policies in place.
  • Managed and developed ramp up and formal project plans, including associated financials, for all transition activities for a major data center migration using the seed swing and seed feed method. Project managed migration activities including network, desktop, Mainframe, SharePoint, and Exchange. Managed 11.1M budget for the Data Center Integration project that included Call Center Transformation, Real Estate relocation and consolidation, from a Legacy Merrill to Bank of America's Data Center, and back office facilities.
  • Managed application designs working with application development and infrastructure engineering teams, infrastructure build outs, application install and testing, development stage, Q/A, Pre Prod, and Production and DR build outs, all phases through project close out.
  • Managed the design and implementation of a project to refresh over 250 VMware instances based servers that were out of scope and non-compliant The project was the first corporate implementation of Boot from SAN BFS . Outdated host servers and instances were decommissioned without any issues and the project was completed ahead of schedule saving engineering costs.
  • Managed a successful implementation of 300 Production, DR, Dev, and QA, UNIX and Intel server migration from a client acquisition into 3 separate locations, providing quick delivery and reduced cost.
  • Managed a Multiprotocol Label Switching MPLS project, upgraded Routers and Consolidating Circuitry, which dramatically reduced circuitry costs, and increased performance.
  • Managed large network/communications upgrades for two multi-state business having 25,000 employees each, from the datacenter backbone to the desktop thus normalizing capability/productivity in-line with leading products supporting the Infrastructure and Data security, for insurance/banking markets and a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Team leader for national ISP asset consolidation project to identify and decommission unused circuits in the billing system. This consolidation streamlined and cut waste, allowing the company to realize substantial communication cost savings.
  • Saved 31M. In annual operating expenses for JP Morgan Chase in Network/Voice services, in setting the stage for efficient management and capacity planning of Voice Services.



Position Sr. Project Manager confidential

  • Reported to the Director of IT Services and assigned to several I.T. infrastructure projects ranging from 100K to 9 M. All projects were considered domestic and consisted of application and infrastructure refreshes on new OS for Wintel, LINUX, Solaris, SQL and UNIX platforms. Migrated from physical to virtual as always 1st priority to help reduce footprint. Completed three RFP's from phase 0 and moved to project status. Methodologies included working with a blend of different products such as ITDCR, CMMI, HP PPM, Agile, and additional tools being used were Services Now and Business Objects.
  • Assigned seven Projects Activities and deliverables listed below 1. Assigned to project scope and architect for four phase one of the seven projects which ranged from 100K to 500K infrastructure and application refreshes, also requested engineering resources to develop Documentation Project Management Plan PMP that covered all details of the project. Cost and Estimation C E , that included resources and timeline. Project Infrastructure Requirements PIR , that covered all requirements needed. 2. Received approval from the Delivery Manager DM and Sponsor to move forward to Assigned engineering resources to perform their work. Order Hardware, Software that gives Implementation services and third party vendors the financial approval to perform their work. 3. Manage and Provide Setup weekly and bi weekly meetings with project team and sponsors and provide weekly status reports and meeting minutes to project team including assigned third party vendor, DM and sponsors. Manage any issues and risks that may occur and mitigate to stay on track Manage all financial and reported monthly forecasting, actuals and accruals to make sure there are no financial impacts Managed all risks issues and contingencies that could impact budget scope and timeline. Completed all 4 Projects and got signoff from the DM, Sponsor and Operations Mgr. and moved into production and then project moved into the ninety day warranty phase to make sure there are no outstanding issues and report any lessons learned if needed. All 4 projects were completed on schedule and on or under budget. Assigned to Project Scope and Architect for three phase zero of the seven projects which ranged from 1 M to 9 M. infrastructure and application refreshes and also requested resources to develop Request for Proposal RFP
  • Assign team procurement, vendor management, engineering operational, I.T. security and in some cases multiple sponsors from multiple departments for the development of the RFP.
  • Setup meetings for the development of the RFP that covered all requirements needed to send out to the multiple vendors selected.
  • Developed a timeline that covered the full lifecycle of how long it would take to select a vendor and had all agree. All had requirements needed for the development of the RFP.
  • Procurement managed the relationship between the selected vendors and our assigned team. There will be some interaction between the assigned stream members and the vendors to make sure we were all clear on all requirements needed to receive the RFP back completed in the timeline agreed upon.
  • When RFP is received back from all assigned vendors through procurement the whole assigned team stream members will have time to review and then meeting will be setup to review.
  • Questions and answers will be asked from the assigned project stream members back to the vendors to clarify any questions needed.
  • Developed a scoring matrix for the down select, and when all project team stream members agree that we are down selected to two vendors, we invite the selected vendors come onboard through procurement for a meet and greet and let them do a dog and pony show and ask a few more questions. The selected project team stream members go back to complete the scoring matrix and select the winner.
  • Procurement will request references from the two down selected vendors and will not let the selected vendor know till all references were checked out by our project team stream member to investigate all information will be added to the scoring matrix.
  • Vendor management will also be working with the down selected two vendors to make sure they meeting the SLA terms and conditions requested from the business and will also be added to the scoring matrix.
  • All assigned project team stream members review the completed scoring matrix and get everyone to agree and approve who the assigned vendor of choice would be and have procurement relay the news.
  • This completed phase zero of the project and moved project into phase one.
  • Working with the assigned project team stream members and newly selected vendor, that helped me in the development of Project Management Plan PMP that covered all details of the project. Cost and Estimation C E , that included resources and timeline. Project Infrastructure Requirements PIR , that covered all requirements needed. Received approval from the Delivery Manager DM and Sponsor to move forward to Assigned engineering resources to perform their work. Order Hardware, Software, Implementation services and third party vendors to perform their work.
  • I turned these projects over to the newly assigned incumbent Infrastructure project management vendor to deploy the work I put together and provide proper turn over.


Position Program Manager confidential

Environment: Data Center Transformation

  • Moved 700 physical / virtual and big iron servers and fully restored including all backups and monitoring. This consisted of 130 Application platforms for the financial services segments like S P Ratings, Cap IQ, CCM, EMEA and other departments in the financial arena from 55 Water Street NY. Servers needed to be relocated to Secaucus and East Windsor NJ, with a 1.3M budget and managing 40 engineering resources. Due to massive devastation and power loss from super storm Sandy downtown 55 Water Street NY, the financial segment was forced to shift some of their production environments to East Windsor and Secaucus NJ. This effort was more of a strategic move by using a lift and shift methodology. The business segments chose which data centers, where the servers needed to be moved and business applications have been running without DR for at least 6 months. This environment consisted of Wintel / Solaris and Unix servers, were moved, racked and stacked and connected, all storage associated and validated, brought back up to the OS level and turned back over to the business for application start up and remediation.
  • Brought back up VMware and Unix LDOM instances to the OS level all storage associated and validated turned back over to the business for application start up and remediation.
  • Managed and developed project plans for application platform transfer between two data centers, or even application load balancing between two data centers for application end state, between application Operations and application owners. Tested and validated and got proper sign-off from the business, and handed back over to production support.
  • Project managed between engineering, application operations and application owners for testing, validating and signoff. Developed all project plans that had resource activities and timelines, dependencies and predecessors before turning back over to the business for application remediation.
  • Provided updated asset information for all physical, virtual servers and applications end state that was updated into ITAM for operational support.
  • Provided all project reports, to the CTO's, DR Council and all management reporting.
  • Reviewed and approved all stream member's time and expenses.
  • Managed the budget and reported every month on the actuals verses forecast.

This Project was completed on budget and on of schedule.


Position Program Manager confidential

Environment: Data Center Transformation

  • All activities are the same as listed above.
  • Moved 400 physical / virtual and big iron servers and fully restore including all backups and monitoring. This consisted of 60 Application platforms for the Education division from 55 Water Street NY that needed to be moved to Secaucus and East Windsor NJ with a 755K budget and managing 30 engineering resources. Due to massive devastation and power loss from super storm Sandy downtown 55 Water Street NY, the Education department was forced to shift some of their production environments to East Windsor and Secaucus NJ. This effort was tactical move by using a lift and shift methodology. The business applications have been running without DR for at least 6 Months.
  • This Project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.


Position IT Director Sales and Marketing

Environment: IT Infrastructure Services including assessments, sourcing, migrations, consolidations, implementations and services improvement, include:
  • IT Infrastructure Cost Reduction Financial Management
  • Infrastructure, Network Transformation Turnarounds
  • Data Center mainframe, large server environments and global networks
  • Help Desk, Desktop Refresh and Management
  • Active Directory and Single Root Domain
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Architecture and Process Improvement ITIL
  • Shared Tenancy Virtualization
  • Selective Sourcing Outsourcing Cloud alternatives
  • Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategies IaaS/PaaS/SaaS .


Position Project Managing Lead for Active Directory

  • Reporting to the IAM Program Manager and Managing Sponsor of IAM Program Application and Service Delivery team, assigned to project manage active directory current and future state globally, and provide the support of 4 global program initiatives. Data Center Consolidation DCC , Identity and Access Management IAM , Messaging and Collaboration M C and Global Core Load 5 GCL5 . In addition managed the global rollout of Active Directory Rights Management system AD RMS , which is an encryption tool for Authentication to support Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Developed project charter, vision and scope, project plan, dependencies and predecessors, reporting all project status and financial reporting for a 15M Budget.
  • Environment: Managed infrastructure, Application development on Active Directory/Domain Controllers Globally
  • Project managed the global development and implementation of Active Directory Root Domain which lead to the consolidation of 28 existing domains into one Root Domain. Along with significant cost savings, this also simplified maintenance, and enforced all countries to become fully compliant with existing company polices.
  • Worked with SME's on the development of Global Architecture design document for an AD Windows 2008 R2 Deployment Kit, also the development of an AD Windows 2003 to 2008 R2 migration document for E Y's current state. Leveraging the DCC team on collapsing AD from in country to regional data centers or data rooms. This migration had a cost savings by reducing foot print. Windows 2003 OS will run out of support by the 1st quarter of 2015.
  • Managed the build out of new AD Windows 2008 R2 servers globally to support Exchange and SharePoint effort that needed to be migrated off their legacy systems or there would have been additional support costs associated due to applications that needed to be upgraded. Identified and managed the dependencies, risks and issues between the program work streams.
  • Managed the build out of AD RMS globally to have an encryption tool in place for user authentication.


Position Global Program Manager for Network Service Delivery GNSD

Environment: Data Center Centralization and Globalization

  • Reporting to the Managing Director of Service Delivery and the Sponsor of GNSD that reports to the CTO, program managed the program called Network Simplification, including the development of Executive Level Decks ELT , Steering Committee Decks NSSC , 12 projects in the 5 program Stream, managing 115 resources globally, 5 self sufficient regional data Centers globally. All financial reporting and responsible for a 15M budget.
  • Worked with stakeholders and Project Mgmt. Team Subject Matter Experts PMT SME's in the development of a global strategic architecture design and all baseline assessments, budget and scope for each project in the 5 independent regions to provide a globalized solution for Network Simplification. This helped provide a centralized global solution and reduced the footprint to reduce costs.
  • Program managed projects like Global DNS and IP Address Mgmt., Global Backbone Routing and WAN Strategy, Data Center Architecture, Global QoS, Wireless, Return to Base, Central Firewall Mgmt. Consolidation, Globalize Mgmt Network, Shared Services Operating Model, Standardize IPS and Policy's, Domestic hub Architecture, Compliance and Policy and also collaborated with another work stream called Workplace, also carried eight projects of their own with network involvement.
  • Directed global teams on the following domains, Workplace, Network, and Security Architecture in delivery of transnational initiatives.
  • Developed the Simplification program from the ground up, assigning PMT Lead SME's and TS OPS Stream members, Security and Network Architects of each of the 5 Regions. Reviewing the global Architecture design developed for each of the 12 projects in the 5 streams End User Network, Transport, Management Network, Data Center Network and Policies. Reviewed and added additional input from the regional stream members and redefined Architecture design doc to the GNDA Architecture team which became the global solution for each project. All stream members assigned to each project in the region also conducted a baseline assessment.
  • Developed a project plans for each of the 12 projects to track.
  • Developed a Power Point PPT project dashboard for each of the 12 projects.
  • Developed a 2 page dashboard with activities, accomplishments, risks, mitigations and next steps.
  • Developed a resource tracking template for each of the 12 projects, and how much time vested and tracked financial FTE and Non FTE spend from the project level built up to the program level with the program dashboard.
  • Developed a project implementation predecessors and dependencies mapping, on prioritizing tasks that needed to be accomplished which led to identifying critical path 1st.
  • Developed all budget and scopes, Business cases, also was involved in all product selections and cost analysis and negotiations. Managed all Issues, Risks, and Mitigations, provided solutions to resolve before it needed to be raised to higher levels, and even bartered. Always looking out for the best interests of the company. Streamlining and reducing footprint, even proficient in soft saves.
  • Expert in forecasting down to the detail, and staying on track and ahead of schedule. Always giving money back for Management to move to other projects not managed by myself that missed their target.


Position: Transition Program Manager

Environment: Data Center Integration and Transition

  • Reporting to the Director of Data Center Transition, project managed all data center activities, including the development of the scope document, project plan and management financial reporting.
  • Working with stakeholders and Enterprise Technology Delivery ET D Partners of Bank of America BOA in the development of all DCI Requirements.
  • Partnered with all engineering management to develop a ramp up plan on resources and funding, used for migrating to strategic target Data Centers. This includes 2500 Servers Stand alone, Blade, and VMWare instance UNIX Solaris and Linux and Windows environments.
  • Developed GWIM Wave Platform along with the migration plan Seed and Swing , which consist of 25 Release Platforms with 50 to 500 associated servers per platform.
  • Using Microsoft Excel and Access implemented a reconciliation process that improved the accuracy of two diverse server inventory databases from 60 to well over 90 .
  • Managed consolidation of the Network Transformation from the Merrill Lynch Data Highway to the BOA Baronet which consisted of 624 back office and Branch sites.
  • Managed the Data Center Network Transformation from Legacy Merrill's Data Highway to the BOA Baronet Data Center Core and DMZ build out. The project included upgrading to the latest 3 DNS product and migrating from load balancing Netscaler's to the BOA standard of F5's.
  • Served as GWIM's point person for all escalations between CTS and ET D on all Data Center Integration activities, and any ongoing internal projects.
  • Responsible for GWIM executive management reporting of all Transition Projects. Provided PowerPoint slides to the PMO that were presented to the GWIM CTO and higher, the slides included project status, financial outlook and risks and risk mitigation.
  • Reported all weekly data center activities for the Desktop, UNIX, and Window's engineering teams. Based upon resource requirements, developed statement of works SOW for labor only.
  • Project managed the Desktop Migration initiative which covered approximately 80,000 Global Desktops. The project covered migrating from legacy Merrill standards to BOA standards.
  • Managed the Mainframe Migration from Legacy Merrill to BOA DC locations and Standards.


Position: Program / Solutions Delivery Manager

  • Program and Project managed over 100 projects since joining AIGGS. Managed an average of 25 different infrastructure, Application, and Network projects at a time. Projects followed standard project management practices which included scope and SOW development, managing project issues and risk, developing project budget and managing multiple technical resources. Interacted with Senior Management, and also top level client relationships, also involved in new cutting edge projects, for example Solaris 10 with Oracle Rack 10G Clustering, VMWare instances, Active Directory Servers built on Site and also shipped and racked and stacked on Client external sites, SQL 2005 Clustered, and had Servers built from boot with San BFS replicating from Production to DR sites.
  • Environment: Managed infrastructure, Application and Network Technology.
  • Managed the design and Implementation of a VMware refresh Project, hardware, software upgrade and the repurpose of stand alone servers, and also the decommissioning of out dated VMWare hosts and instances, while building the new environment on Boot from san BFS , on the Production, Development and DR environment. Keeping the client in production status, by providing swing space, of 250 VMWare instances and stand alone servers, with many moving parts for my client, without any issues and completed the project ahead of schedule.
  • Managed an MPLS Project in Latin America, by tying in all circuits through a hub in Mexico.
  • Global XP migration of approximately 25,000 desktops and also a software application called Safe boot for all Laptops.
  • Managed deployment of Global Investment Groups CRD Trading Platform which was a multi- million dollar project. Completed ahead of schedule.
  • Project managed various Network Infrastructure projects that included VPN, Circuit and Router upgrades.
  • Managed the implementation of a 100 IBM blade Environment, with four Chassis clustered.
  • Managed the Implementation of 300 Production, Dr, Dev, and QA, UNIX and Intel Server Migration from a client acquisition into 3 separate locations.


Position: Project Manager

Environment: Phone Billing System and providing information for Capacity Management.

Performed nationwide telephone audits to reduce costs resulting in substantial monthly savings.

Environment: Wide Area Network WAN and Local Area Network LAN

Managed the development of a Network survey of LAN WAN circuitry. Validated logical drawings and all information pertaining to the sites. Updated, standardized and loaded all documentation onto a new Domino database.


Position: Project Manager Network Services

Environment: Wide Area Network WAN and Local Area Network LAN Inventory and Development of Site documentation package SDP

Managed the development of a Network survey, logical design and Site Development packages SDP's of LAN WAN circuitry, which IBM used as guidelines for full site support and maintenance.


Position: Project Manager Network Services:

Environment: End-user/Data Center Locations' Wide Area Network WAN and Local Area network LAN

  • Manage site surveys and installations of existing, and new, network backbone infrastructures. Supported the growth and performance of existing and new network environments. Worked with vendors to create a budget for the project and to obtain financing approval. Managed all vendors and ensured all equipment, deliverables and milestones were delivered on time or ahead of schedule. Worked with facilities management of various sites to document their needs and to perform site surveys on LAN/WAN. Worked with design and engineering teams on new and existing sites to design networks that adequately supported the unique needs of the each sites. Using the SOW I developed, obtained required financing for the implementation of
  • Network equipment routers, switches, and servers
  • Desktops printers
  • Data Cabling data cabinets, racks, patch panels
  • Voice Cabling
  • MDF and IDF upgrades, and also cable removal.
  • Work with site electrical engineering contractor to provide up to date specs, and electrical redundancies and UPS for new Network equipment in the MDF, and IDF rooms. Managed all vendors to ensure timely delivery on equipment and project deliverables/milestones. Also held responsibility to approve vendor invoices for payment. Managed work for two to three sites at a time consisting of an average of four to six hundred users.


Position: Program Finance Manager

Environment: Wide Area Network WAN and local Area network LAN

Managed the network installation for the five boroughs of New York 175 high schools, 400 Annexes, 700 cable and IDF upgrades that provides intranet access for the students and faculty. Managed a 200mm budget and act as finance liaison between vendors and school board officials: NCC Officer, Operations Officer, Purchasing Office and E-Rate State Funding Officer. Managed a 200mm budget allotted for NT Support Design, Desk-Top Support, Wide Area Support and Design groups and all equipment integration, cable installations, circuit installation. Responsible for project progress tracking and reporting. Key player in design and implementation team on existing and future projects. Worked with state-contracted vendors and state funding programs to maximize discounts. Processed vendor quotes and prepared orders to secure state funding and non-state funding for the purchase of equipment, integration, cable installations, and circuit installation. Processed vendor invoice for payment.



Nuclear Submarines Fast Attack out of the West Coast. Joined Special Projects, was a Torpedo-man and worked with nuclear weapons, high explosives, demolition trained small arms. Boat qualifications: Drove boat, torpedo-room watch lookout range-master below deck watch when in port. Accomplishments include E-5, Second Class Petty Officer Received 2 Presidential Unit Citations, 4 Battle-E Award 2 Navy Expedition Medal and also was awarded an Honorable Discharge. The USS Parche was decommissioned in 2005 and was the Highest Decorated vessel in US history.

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