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Senior Manager Performance Management

A proven track record running team orientated projects throughout the entire project life-cycle using to deliver quality products to meet strategic objectives via increased sales, greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and a positive customer experience using analytics and developing technical and business requirements and solutions.


Extensive experience in the project lifecycle method from initiating, planning, developing functional and business requirements as a BA and managing BA's, executing, monitoring controlling, to implementation and closure. Communicates concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences, asks probing questions, draws valid conclusions to secure needed information, identify risks, develop processes, identify resources, create a scope statement, work breakdown structure identifying key work packages, list activities, critical path, cost and risks assessment, perform quality control, and UAT. Expert in project management best practices, and competent using the latest methodologies including CPM/PMbok PMI Certified , Agile/Scrum, and SDLC. Extensive use in all projects employing Digital Asset Management DAM software including Cognos, OBIEE, Documentum, SharePoint, Siebel, and SAP extending smooth and elegant workflows with integration in all preferred tools and systems including taxonomy development, vocabularies, and ontology i.e. metadata descriptions of the data being organized in a database structure/warehouse in order to improve analysis and integration to develop customer facing solutions . Understand business case scenarios to plan in order to implement projects for IT, sales, marketing, operations, and various other business groups in delivering a variety of stakeholder focused initiatives using various business and technical modeling tools.

Agile/Scrum, SDLC

PMI Certified

Implementation Management

Business Analysis, Web Development

HR Benefits, Healthcare

Digital Asset Management, CMS, QA, UAT, Implementation

Oracle 10g Mgmt./Development, UML, SQL-PL/SQL

PeopleSoft, Siebel. Salesforce.com, SAP, Business Objects

Process and Performance Management

BI Solutions: OBIEE, Cognos

Planview, SharePoint, Visio, Access, Excel, Project, Toad




Senior Project Manager Innovative product/IT service delivery, business intelligence, and process efficiencies employing project management, business leadership, and information technology resulting in measurably improved, customer facing sales and marketing applications, business analytics, forecasting, and growth resulting in higher stakeholder net income and return on equity.


IT Project Manager

  • Developed and managed SharePoint sites employing a dashboard to communicate real-time progress, risks, risk response, and status to the PMO, and to key stakeholders. The site maintained all documents, workflows, and project information from the charter, to the project plan, and all of the other plans included for all three methodologies: PMI, SDLC, and Agile/Scrum. The site improved communication by 100 , since previously a workflow process did not exist electronically causing issues with version controlling, approvals, and information dissemination. Project budget costs management was stabilized as scheduled float, and risks were reduced allowing for a shorter critical path and improved resource allocation. The result was a significant percentage drop in digital chaos as all information was available via one platform. Managed multiple projects using the Waterfall methodology ranging from IT infrastructure, finance, sales marketing initiatives, and global trade compliance portfolios employing IT technologies such as SAP, Business Objects for reporting, while recommending and presenting OBIEE as a strategic analytics platform, Salesforce.com and multiple middleware technologies to develop customer web based user interfaces to reduce Avaya operating costs and to enhance the customer experience. Globally managed teams of developers, business analysts, quality, and information architects forecasted and maintained actuals on budgets within 10 of original estimate, conducted business analysis, recruited and managed resources and communicated with business stakeholders resulting in clear project definition, development and closure.
  • Innovative product delivery, business intelligence and process efficiencies resulting in measurably improved analytics, forecasting, and growth meeting an average of 10 net revenue increase or net savings per initiative.


Project Manager

  • Successfully managed the QA, UAT, development, and implementation teams for Cushman Wakefield's global HR Benefits program rollout using a PeopleSoft platform. Multiple methodologies were employed PMbok, Agile/Scum, and SDLC to meet an aggressive planned timeline while providing a high quality employee facing web based interface. Planned the final phase of the project by identifying activates from the project plan to ensure user login, benefit packages, and costs were within the scope and quality baseline. Managed the final phase of the project through twice daily team meetings, and weekly meetings with the Benefits program stakeholders. These planning and decision meetings were held to finalize the implementation plan, update the issue log, and the risk register to create action items and to analyze and resolve identified risks using quantitative and qualitative risk management to either mitigate or accept a risk depending on the probability, and any potential impact to the project's milestone. The UAT team, and the stakeholders approved the Benefits site for implementation to production and formal roll-out on schedule and within budget.
  • Participated and managed meetings for both governance and benefit steering committee teams to monitor the project to ensure that deliverables were being implemented on schedule based on the project plan, and to address any issues and risks while communicating general status and action items required to meet key stakeholder expectations.


Senior Manager Performance Management

  • Managed the development of SharePoint, and OBIEE sites with deliverables ranging from dashboards to display real-time KPI data using performance charts, and project baseline data against actual progress data such as cost, schedule, and resource usage. An office 365 approach was employed to take advantage of the entire MS Office platform. Managed the site as a document repository platform with workflow, electronic document approvals, and PMO best practices that increased productivity by maintaining all information in a central repository and by increasing communication between stakeholders and the project team . Employed Siebel to communicate digital data with helpdesk sites, teams, stakeholders, HUD, and landlords by migrating from a paper based system to an digital platform therefore reducing costs and improving processes and procedures and delivering on-time correct electronic documents and customer data.
  • Managed the process redesign project successfully improved processes and performance for inspections, lease renewals, customer service, regulatory compliance, and process efficiency using a Siebel platform, and the human interaction with Siebel. Taught my Senior BA staff how to gather business requirements and develop flowcharts to find pain points in the current processes and procedures. Additionally, teamed with IT to construct and implement the OBIEE platform as a data analysis and reporting tool to improving performance and forecasting. The Agile/Scrum method was employed by sending the IT team technical requirements giving the team a baseline to plan and develop a sprint backlog by telling stories to define tasks and to meet specific deliverables.
  • Weekly sprints were executed to implement one report per week. The process was monitored with formal sprint planning, and daily formal/informal status updates, risks, and any issues that may cause a delay in
  • Completing a task on schedule. Fifteen reports were successfully developed and implemented giving our management team a valuable tool in assessing daily/monthly performance baseline metrics for the Section 8 unit. The project successfully improved lease renewal turn around rate from 6 months to 1 month, reduced lease renewal backlog by 75 saving upward of 11 million in annual retro-payments to Landlords, and continued to improve the inspection rate on properties toward 90 .


Project Planner/Manager

  • Upgraded and managed the PMO Planview and SharePoint sites giving real-time data access to all stakeholder, and teams, via two ERP systems that reduced paper distribution and minimized duplication saving time and effort while improving communication amongst all parties. Finally, all documentation was available for Project Management i.e. MS Project Plan Template streamlining processes and procedures minimizing mistakes and improving productivity.
  • Involved with multiple projects, within a PMO structured organization, budgeted at 500,000 to one million plus. Two projects, for example, had a milestones to reduce claims being paid to Providers by 15 . To achieve the cost savings, all current and future product line, business line, and market segments were analyzed and codes updated to reflect the percentage that each level, or type, of individual Providers were able to bill based on their specialty. These two project, for example, were driven to identify yearly cost reductions, or IRR, in claim payments of 10 to 15 , and to realize an ROI of 1 million per project aggregated over a 5 years period.


CSIT Project Manager

  • Successfully developed, and executed, and monitored a project plan with the deliverable to upgrade 80 application and database servers within a 4 week period. Segmented all in-scope production servers by adding both development and staging environments to the existing hardware infrastructure while updating security script and protocols on all the application and database servers to meet compliance and audit guidelines. Developed a quality assurance and control plan to ensure the procedures were followed by the IT team located in Phoenix. Developed a communication plan outlining the process for UAT that the stakeholders had developed adequate testing scripts so that their applications operated post upgrade as expected. This was accomplished by continuously monitoring the project plan, and to presenting daily reports to senior management of status through formal meetings similarly, daily formal and informal planning and status meetings were conducted with my team to monitor any change requests that may trigger the use of our integrated change control plan. A risk management plan was available so that any identified risk during planning was responded to quickly to maintain the scheduled delivery dates. Phase 1 of the project was completed successfully, on schedule, and within the approved budget.
  • Developed a SharePoint site to mainly maintain documents for version control and information dissemination. This reduced confusion as all project plans, documents were sent via email without versions control.


Project Planner/Manager

Throughout my career at BASF I had the opportunity to work on many projects including Digital Asset Management DAM , Documentum, SOX, BI Solutions, web development Oracle, J2EE, XML, HTML on a WebSphere server platform , and budget planning using PMI PMbok , SDLC, and Agile/Scrum methodologies. All of these technologies improved processes and procedures to meet tactical and strategic goals


  • Successfully initiated, executed, and closed a yearly project involving senior management, regulators, auditors, programmers, and database managers to deliver internal and external IT Sarbanes-Oxley audit compliance by improving processes, SOP's, and increasing productivity with the use of new technologies such as Documentum, improved coding controls, version controlling, and risk management.
  • Once in the planning stage for Sarbanes-Oxley a work breakdown structure was created based on the scope statement, a cost estimate/budget was developed based on assumptions on cost, schedule, and resource allocations. MS project was used to track the all task, manage resources, and milestones in order to meet the deliverables as defined by the stakeholders. Meetings were held weekly with the team process improvement were identified a risk management plan was developed using quantitative and qualitative analysis, and risk responses/mitigation for each task that was considered a key control. The project was closed yearly on schedule, within budget, and with formal acceptance from the division's Vice President.

Cognos/OBIEE BI Solution s

  • Multiple year review and viability of implementing OBIEE, or a Cognos solution based on existing Oracle data warehouse structure, SME input, schedule, quality, risk, and cost of potentially developing a new Oracle data warehouse to consolidate all existing data sources Oracle, Sap, Access, and Excel across all BASF business units.
  • ROI and IRR evaluation and presentation to PMO/Portfolio Managers with scope, requirements, plan, and cost estimate to develop and implement an analytical intelligent platform based on stakeholder requirements and organizational strategic goals to improve marketing, sales, financial, and production forecasting.
  • Successful re-design of the Oracle data warehouse to support the Cognos BI solution.
  • Successfully developed quality assurance, audit, and control plans to ensure the quality and consistency of the data.
  • This project increased productivity by 80 by providing improved tools for business analytics, dashboards, and reporting for use by management, procurement, financial, marketing, and the sales team.

SDLC and Agile/Scrum Application and Web Development

While employing the SDLC method, mainly in the technical design and coding phase, Agile/Scrum was employed starting with a determination of the product backlog based on stories. Using the backlog, sprint planning was conducted resulting in plan for a given sprint. Four week sprints were the general length resulting in a product that was ready for UAT by the product owner, implementation upon acceptance, and delivery to the client. This method reduced time from inception to full project closure by 15 . This also improved productivity and reduced time too product implementation by rates of 25 on average while reducing risk, and fostering a team atmosphere of participation and accomplishment.

Budget Planning and Controlling.

  • Managed the IT application development group's three year project portfolio budget forecasting plan in order to limit any variances at completion by monitoring the value of the work, actual costs, and planned costs. Communication was key with each project manager to ensure that risks had been identified and logged, and that any changes in scope were reflected when a stakeholder requested a change causing a potential variance to the budget at completion. A weekly status report with visual aids was presented to key stakeholders. This increased productivity by 5 per year and reduced overall cost by 10 per year due to improved resource allocation, cost and schedule control, risk management, and improved change control processes.
  • The Scrum methodology was also employed to allow the developers a certain amount of autonomy. It was an iterative process using a burn chart to manage scope and to track work progress to develop improved processes, and understanding of the requirements based on reviews of previous sprints to develop stories and a print backlog to plan the next sprint. This method increased productivity by 25 on average during the entire lifecycle of the project while maximizing ROI, and increasing the value of the delivered product to the product owner.
  • Developed the statement of work with the sponsor and stakeholder to identify, and justify the business need, define the scope, while developing a summary budget. On average, 80 of business cases, and the subsequent charters were accepted for new initiates ranging up to 500,000.
  • On average stakeholders verified scope, and formally accepted the delivered product in 80 of the web based solutions using the WebSphere application server, Oracle Dbase, J2EE platform, XML, and HTML.
  • Partnered in business continuity planning, site moves, logistics, and infrastructure changes with a 100 success rate while reducing costs, and increasing productivity by replacing old equipment and infrastructure.


Planning Analyst

  • Planned and managed projects to develop novel web based applications to improve processes and research goals at BASF.
  • Planned and managed 3 projects per year in the development of web based applications to improve productivity for Marketing, Sales Reporting, Human Resources, and Operations by gaining formal approval to implement sections of CRM, and an improved Bulk Manufacturing inspection process.
  • Developed business cases, project management plans, requirements, work breakdown structure, activities, managed risk, resource allocation, and a knowledge base with a hand off complete product rate of 75 for each yearly project.
  • Implement WebSphere platform for BASF in NC to manage and serve customer facing web content.
  • Developed customer facing web applications employing the J2EE development platform interacting with an Oracle dbase, XML, and HTML.

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