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Project Manager,resume Profile

Inwood, AvenuE


Database developer with over 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector. Expert in problem analysis and solution development. Experienced in all phases of the software development life cycle SDLC . Known as an effective communicator with technical and non-technical customers and colleagues. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Multilingual - Bilingual in French and English Fluent in Italian Conversant in Spanish. Demonstrated ability to learn non-native languages quickly. Dual citizen US and European Union France . Expertise includes

Application Development

Web Development

Database Development

Data Conversion

Database Design

Data Analysis Reporting

Business Process Analysis

Requirements Analysis

CRM Implementation


Languages ColdFusion CFML Visual Basic S1032 PL Pascal-like C PAL Paradox Application Language Fortran Pascal COBOL

Database MySQL MS SQL Server MS Transact-SQL Oracle Oracle PL/SQL XML MS Access System 1032 DEC OpenVMS-based RDBMS Paradox Dbase

Web HTML CSS JavaScript

IDE Eclipse Toad Oracle SQL Developer Subversion MS Visual SourceSafe CVS


ColdFusion Developer


Working at SRA International maintaining and enhancing a large ColdFusion regulatory process management application for the Food and Drug Administration in ColdFusion 9 and Oracle 11g. Participating in government-mandated SDLC processes.


Self Employed

ColdFusion web development MySQL database development Salesforce implementation and customization.


Community IT Innovators

Application Development

  • Designed built and maintained ColdFusion applications starting in 2000 using successive versions of ColdFusion. Enhanced application functionality with JavaScript HTML CSS SQL.
  • Built custom online applications CMS support and customization CRM implementation report generation intranet development built membership systems client tracking systems federated systems.
  • Created data entry forms with JavaScript validation provided user interfaces to maintain and query databases supported public-facing websites and password-protected business applications wrote interfaces to payment gateways generated emails enabled downloads in HTML PDF and CSV formats.

Consulted with small to medium-sized non-profit customers to build websites and develop customized online database applications.

Designed developed and implemented custom database applications in ColdFusion MySQL and MS SQL Server including

o A management system for collecting outcome data from savings-based micro lending women s groups in Africa.

o A mortgage counseling and education tracking system for a national network of organizations helping disadvantaged persons become homeowners.

o A volunteer and client management system for a national network of agencies coordinated by a major national organization.

o Searchable databases of resources and a system for vetting publicly submitted resources prior to online publication.

Wrote ColdFusion code to extract data from a MySQL database reformat it into XML and transmit it to a credit score checking service.

Used the Oxygen XML editor to build an XML schema from which an online data entry form was generated.

Delivered online database applications on time and within budget using the Agile development methodology.

Performed CRM database implementations and conversions using the cloud-based Salesforce.com platform with the Non Profit Starter Pack and Convio Common Ground.

Used DemandTools to import 40K contacts and organizations and 15K financial transactions into Salesforce and Convio Common Ground from a custom-built SQL Server database.

Configured the Salesforce.com platform and the Non Profit Starter Pack to support nonprofit operations.

Database Application Developer


Developed a database reporting infrastructure for Singleshop.com an on-line shopping engine

  • Designed and built a graduated commission calculation procedure for the Singleshop order system. Implemented in Oracle PL/SQL. Obtained requirements designed the table structure developed the algorithm wrote stored procedures prepared reports.
  • Using Oracle Developer MS Excel and ODBC delivered reports graphs and data extracts to external clients.
  • Wrote in-house data analysis reports using Oracle Discoverer to support the database access needs of the Marketing and the Customer Support departments.
  • Worked closely with Java developers to ensure a tight coupling of front-end and back-end processing.
  • Obtained user requirements and designed a new order database using Oracle Designer.
  • Designed and developed a system of tables for capturing and analyzing user behavior on a web site.
  • Analyzed the Marketing Business Development and Customer Support department reporting requirements and identified data sources for reports.

Project Manager


Customized and deployed off-the-shelf association management software ABLAZE Enterprise Manager

  • Wrote SQL Server scripts and oversaw the writing of MS SQL Server scripts to perform data conversion.
  • Used MS Transact-SQL to analyze data to be converted and to verify the accuracy of data conversion.
  • Wrote MS SQL Server stored procedures to customize the product.
  • Led requirements-gathering meetings with clients. Formulated solutions to client business problems. Wrote design studies describing client requirements and proposed solutions.
  • Acquired in-depth knowledge of client business processes. Designed custom solutions based on client business requirements features of the software and custom modifications.
  • Led clients in the redesign of their business processes to make efficient use of the new system.
  • Managed a staff of developers and implementers. Assigned tasks monitored progress provided guidance controlled quality.
  • Led customizations of the off-the-shelf product Data conversion mapping assignment of custom fields writing of custom searches development of custom reports.
  • Delivered customized product to client.

Director of Applications


Led the conversion from a custom-written association management system to several off-the-shelf packages

  • Built tools in System 1032 and MS Access to control and automate the conversion process.
  • Worked with vendors to integrate iMIS association management with Keep In Touch PAC and grass roots and SpaceMaster advertising management .
  • Obtained user requirements wrote a request for proposal met with all the major vendors of association PAC and government affairs management software analyzed proposals selected packages iMIS and Keep In Touch directed contractors on customization and integration and executed data conversions.

Senior Systems Analyst

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors formerly NALU

Designed developed and enhanced a 200-table 1 200-program 120-user association management system for a 100 000-member federated trade association featuring membership management for four interrelated organizations a 2 million PAC grass roots contact support meeting event and rooming management magazine circulation auditing and fulfillment order processing and inventory control. Wrote the software in System 1032 a DEC OpenVMS-based RDBMS. Some additional highlights

  • Enhanced a Visual Basic and System 1032 API client-server database application to provide a GUI interface to an antiquated RDBMS.
  • Designed and implemented banking interfaces through the Automated Clearing House service Monthly bank draft of membership dues PAC contributions and foundation donations resulting in a regular inflow of cash twice-monthly reimbursement to state and local associations of the portion of dues collected on their behalf assuring them timely access to their income.
  • Integrated an off-the-shelf shipping system with a custom-written order-inventory application using bar code technology and DEC Pathworks file services. Increased productivity eliminated data entry errors and made stand-alone PC data available to all users.
  • In order to fulfill the government relations department s need for timely updates of members congressional districts wrote a daily zip code and congressional district updating procedure using Kermit scripting and C.
  • Wrote a Vax OpenVMS VT terminal-based GUI-like entry point in C to the Lexis/Nexis research service that allowed users to know who was using the service.
  • Used OmTool fax software to enable the instant faxing of meeting confirmations from the registration screen a several-minute operation was reduced to a single button push.

Systems Analyst


Performed requirements analysis design and implementation of departmental business applications for private industry and for international organizations

  • Analyzed and enhanced an Oracle database under DEC Vax VMS for the Center for International Agricultural Research Secretariat.
  • Designed and implemented a business intelligence system for Marriott Corp. s Hotel Development Planning Department in Paradox on a Novell LAN
  • Converted a stand-alone Dbase application to a multi-user system running on a Novell LAN for Marriott Corp. s Business Travel Programs Department.



Wrote meteorological data analysis programs and atmospheric dispersion model post processors in Fortran on Vax and Borland Turbo Pascal on PC

  • Designed and implemented an atmospheric dispersion model post-processor in Fortran summarizing in table and graphic form the daily impact of over 100 emission source points across 1 600 receptors. Used NCAR graphics utilities to produce isopleth maps.
  • Developed a PC-based interactive air quality model with graphics output in Borland Turbo Pascal for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  • Enhanced and maintained a Fortran air quality monitoring data processing system on an HP 9000 microcomputer for the Hess Oil Company.
  • Installed and enhanced a meteorological data processing system in VS Fortran and JCL on an IBM 4341 under OS/VS and Roscoe for the Montgomery County Government.

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