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Project Leader Resume

Pensacola, FL


A responsible and challenging database administration position that utilizes database design and development skills.


Programming languages used: Ada, Java, JavaScript, C++, C, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, MIX (Knuth's assembly language), BASIC, LISP, APL, Z80 Assembler, PC Assembler, PL/SQL, SQL, Pro*C, Visual Basic, Transact SQL

Database management systems used: Oracle, dBase II, dBase III+, dBase IV, Sybase, Paradox, FoxPro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL

Development tools: Sablime, Telelogic DOORS, Vitech Core®, Oracle Application Server, Cadre TeamworkAdministrative tools Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, FrameMaker, Appraisal Wizard


Confidential, Pensacola, FL

Project Leader


  • As the Project Leader I was responsible for overseeing the administration of each of the four databases.
  • I wrote the Segment Specification for the Software Engineering Center.
  • I am a Confidential certified instructor and lead appraiser, and have taught the Introduction to the Capability Maturity Model Integration more than ten times.
  • I participated in three Standard Confidential Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) assessments for the following projects at Confidential - C.
  • I was the lead appraiser assessments for seven organizational units, both commercial and government.
  • I developed and taught Requirements Management and Measurement and Analysis Workshops for Confidential -C.
  • I taught the Configuration Management and Process and Product Quality Assurance Workshops developed by Confidential .
  • I worked as the Measurement Analyst, Configuration Manager and Requirements Manager for the CICS project and wrote the CICS System Specification and the SecureD Subsystem Specification. Later, I assumed responsibilities as project Systems Engineer.

Skills Used: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, SQL Server, SharePoint, Visual SourceSafe, Appraisal Wizard

Confidential, Fort Meade, Maryland

Database Administrator


  • I designed and implemented the Jackpot Database by working with others to establish the requirements for the database.
  • The database was designed primarily to support the collection and analysis of software measurement data.
  • The database used Oracle products, including a Web Server, Developer/2000, and Net8. My initial work accomplished in 12 months what the previous contractor could not do in two years.
  • The Jackpot Database provided a solid foundation for establishing process improvement procedures throughout the agency.
  • I expanded the Jackpot Database to provide the tools to support the collection and analysis of data about the agency's diverse software systems using web pages maintained in the Oracle database. This effort involved designing a web-based questionnaire, collecting the data and analyzing the results.
  • While the analysis is still on going, the initial prototype was built in three months. When I left, data had been collected on over one thousand systems almost half of the total inventory.
  • As a result of this effort, the agency has established a foundation upon which decisions can be made to eliminate or keep the systems.
  • I generated several ad hoc reports in response to requests from Congress.
  • After building the database, I was assigned three contractors from other companies to build additional reports and data entry forms.
  • I was responsible for assigning tasks and overseeing the quality of the product and data.
  • The Jackpot effort had over 1000 objects, including tables, views, and packages.
  • During this time, I was responsible for upgrading the database from Oracle version 8i to Oracle version 9i, and for introducing the Oracle Application Server.
  • I also created an automated process for generating a spreadsheet compatible output on a daily basis so that it could be used by some of the analysts that were uncomfortable with accessing data directly in a database.
  • I was tasked to generate a quick reaction capability to meet critical mission needs.
  • The current developer was not able to provide the necessary functionality so the customer asked the Software Engineering Center if we could deliver the desired capability.
  • In three weeks, I led the effort to design, implement, test and deploy a web-based capability that would allow users to enter either requirement information or personnel information to allow the customer to track this information, and make appropriate assignment decisions.
  • The customer was very pleased with our responsiveness and quality of work.
  • I added additional tables to the Jackpot Database to capture information about an effort to move UNIX applications to an NT environment.
  • I also designed and helped implement a set of data entry forms to capture information about legacy databases. This information was provided to other contractors to help them migrate the data from the old databases to a new, more up-to-date database.
  • Once again we were only given two months to deliver an initial capability. Our initial prototype was quite successful. Because the customer was not ready to collect data when the initial prototype was delivered, he asked for additional modifications that we added without any problems.

Skills Used: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, FrameMaker, Oracle database, Oracle Application Server, HTML, Sablime, Microsoft Office, Telelogic DOORS, Vitech Core, Unix

Confidential, Inc., Pensacola, Florida

Technical Director


  • I was responsible for managing the technical aspects of all development and maintenance efforts.
  • I developed the company's design and coding standards. I was responsible for developing and implementing the company's configuration management procedures.
  • As a Senior Software Engineer, I was responsible for performing Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) on the development of the TACINTEL II system. The TACINTEL II effort was designed to migrate the initial system from assembly-level code to Ada code. Documents that I reviewed included: Software Development Plan, System Specification, System/Segment Design Document, Software Requirements Specification, Software Test Plan, Software Design Document, and Software Test Description. The TACINTEL II system was developed using the Shlaer-Mellor object-oriented analysis and design methodology.
  • I developed all the database lab sessions for the above database course.
  • These labs covered skills ranging from accessing the database to actually designing and building simple databases.
  • I designed and implemented a database to support the Air Force's Housing Information Management System.
  • This effort involved converting an un-normalized Microsoft Access database into a normalized ORACLE database.
  • These database modifications resulted in queries taking only minutes instead of hours.
  • I designed and developed the database for NSG's System Security Plan software.
  • This effort involved converting an un-normalized dBase III application to work in a FoxPro environment.
  • Additionally, I designed and developed data entry screens using FoxPro's tools.
  • I provided guidance and assistance with the analysis of data collected by Confidential Pensacola.
  • This analysis has resulted in several reports on the metrics effort at Confidential.
  • I developed the Confidential ’s process manuals to support the Software Capability Maturity Model.

Skills Used: Microsoft Project, Oracle database, SourceSafe, Microsoft Office, Telelogic DOORS, dBase, FoxPro, Microsoft Access database, Sybase database, Unix, VMS, Cadre Teamwork, Ada programming

Confidential, Hampton, Virginia

Database Administrator


  • I lead a team of software engineers responsible for developing the Confidential Decision Support System (JDSS).
  • This effort required the development of requirements, specifications and an implementation plan.
  • The first prototype was developed in less than nine months with a minimum staff and very few resources at the beginning.
  • I analyzed the existing ORACLE databases and developed a method of accessing the data elements to make them available to the Confidential staff using a Motif-based interface and the Common Mapping Program.
  • I was responsible for analyzing the database design, SQL*Forms and query structure and recommending, implementing and testing improvements.
  • During this project, I was responsible for upgrading from Oracle version 6 to Oracle version 7.

Skills Used: Microsoft Project, Oracle database, SCCS, UNIX, SQL*Forms

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