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Project Manager Resume

Morton Grove, IL


A consulting position as an I.S. Specialist involving the development and implementation of strategies to assure effective client operations.


An accomplished I.S. Executive with a broad range of experience that includes IBM and H.P. computer equipment. Adept at implementing and managing systems hardware and software, data networks at all levels. In a consulting role, successfully formulates business decisions with the selection and integration of technology - based solutions. An effective team builder sharing with other staff by communicating across all company levels, building upon and utilizing staff strengths.


Computer Hardware: IBM and HP Mainframes and Unix/AIX systems, PC’s

Application and Software: Office 2000, Business Basic, Thoroughbred Basic, COBOL, CICS, DL/1, MS Access 2003/2007/2010 , VB, ACCUCOBOL, CIMPRO, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7


Project Manager

Confidential, Morton Grove, IL


  • Managed new development in MS Access 2010.
  • Created numerous databases to handle production and shipments.
  • Inventory Control and product traceability using Lot codes.
  • Many reports ranging from Freezer capacity available, Physical Inventory to product tracking.
  • Handling all database and software errors and resolving all issues to the satisfaction of end user and technical staff of staff and system documentation along with program documentation.

Confidential, Portland, ME

Project Manager


  • Managed upgrades to software and hardware
  • Handled all hardware upgrades and problems.
  • Handle all Database and software errors, resolving all issues.
  • Created and maintained MS Access Databases since 2003. Versions 2003/20 .
  • Converted to .
  • Extensive VBA code to handle all situations within all written applications.
  • Data Sets include: Customer, Inventory/Product, Master Invoices, Orders, PO, etc
  • Datasets were either defined in Access as .accdb or MS SQL and linked to Access with ODBC.
  • Text files from legacy system were also linked in and imported into Access Database
  • Many complex queries with multiple joins and keys used in generating Forms and Reports.
  • All queries were written using Access Query tool to generate SQL statements.
  • Created and maintained imports from various data systems.
  • Created and maintained various exports into Excel
  • Validation procedures for all data.
  • SDLC/Project Manager on all Computer software updates

Environment: Thoroughbred Basic (Business Basic), Access 2003/2007/2010 , VBA

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Automotive Parts Distributor


  • Maintain current legacy systems
  • Freight Check In, Invoicing, Accounts, Receivables/Payables, etc.
  • UBL (Universal Business Language).
  • Data conversion/QA II to the new TAMSII system.

Environment: Sun UNIX, Windows 98/ NT/ XP

Confidential, Eustis, FL

Project Manager


  • Added case Labeling.
  • Added Shipping Reporting System.
  • Added pallet labeling.
  • Added MS Access data sets to handle shipments and GL reporting.
  • Project Manager of conversion to new Mapics system.
  • Handled all hardware problems and upgrades.

Environment: AIX, Windows 98/ NT/ XP Access, VBA

Confidential, Bluffton, IN

Project Manager


  • Private labeled and co-packed for major pretzel companies.
  • Worked with all Management and production people, from CEO to production worker
  • Added R.F. bar coding
  • Added case labeling
  • Added pallet labeling
  • Added automated production reporting.
  • Started project for automated product sorting and palletizing
  • Automated equipment
  • Enhancements to Physical Inventory and Inventory Control.
  • Insured all hardware problems were handled in a timely fasion

Environment: AIX, Thoroughbred Basic (Business Basic), Windows 95/98

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