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Configuration And Release Manager Resume


  • More than 15 years experience in Quality Assurance, Process implementation & improvisation, Quality & Configuration audits, Quality metrics implementation, release planning and manual & automated testing of Software products, managing the product and defect life cycles in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
  • As Systems Administrator for Quality center & Tracker, Managed the access authorizations, controlled multi rolls, multi groups, user defined fields, groups, roles were created and conducted defect analysis.
  • As PVCS CM supported SCM, Performed status accounting activities, identified & maintained base line integrity in PVCS, responsible for processes following mostly agile processes and version control.
  • Multiple products were tested with multiple test groups and defect reports were submitted. Test planning, resource allocation, scheduled deliverance were prioritized. User defined groups, roles and status transgression were created.
  • Saved PBGC annually $3.5 million by guiding the support team to reduce the Mean Time to Resolve an Issue (MTRI) by 3 person - days through weekly and monthly incident resolution statistical analysis audit reports and creating team awareness to the metrics.
  • Reduced the risk of poor quality release. Provided management with predictability (total vs predicted defects, defects by Severity, defect spread by module) & cost effective ways to improve the product quality through a Risk Management plan.
  • Led & motivated team members in Black box testing methodologies, progressive & negative testing, automated regression testing, and test case prioritization issues. Mentored, guided on test case development, automated script development, Developed templates for test scenarios, Plan etc. for Financial, Microchips, Motor Vehicle Title, Registration & Insurance domains.
  • Interacted well with the users, clients and senior management for requirements clarification, documentation review and user acceptance verification.
  • Conducted technical screening interviews and assisted the Division Manager & Project Managers to select & recruit employees for QA Analyst positions
  • Recommended Requirements Prioritization Number (RPN) methodology for prioritized testing effort & effective test coverage, effected measurement of Test Effort Estimation process, analyzed the QCM & TQM processes.
  • Suggested Test metrics by Defect Resolution Efficiency Ratio (DRER) across the modules, testing groups & others - system-testing DRER was 97%.
  • Managed test effort through several defect statistical measures and identified & studied the release process related metrics (Planned Vs actual tests, Defect arrival rate, Mean Time to Detect defect (MTTD)) and their inter-relationship.
  • Extensive experience in Black box testing methodologies (boundary value, equivalent class, Cause & effect and intuitive methods) through both manual & automated test tools (WinRunner, Test Director, QARun & QA Director) for sanity & regression testing.
  • Designed, Developed, Documented & Executed test plans, test procedures & test cases.
  • Generated & studied bug reports and tracked their status in Clear DDTS, PVCS tracker & Test Director
  • Managed, coordinated & interacted with the off shore team (program & test) through frequent webinars & teleconferencing.
  • Very strong interpersonal, written, communication and management skills - interacted well with the product & programming groups.


Automated Test Development: WinRunner, QuickTestPro (MercuryInteractive)QARun (Compuware)

Change Management Tool: HP Service Manager 7

Test Management Software: Test Director, Quality Center (Mercury Interactive), QADirector (Compuware)

Configuration Management tools: PVCS Version manager, PVCS tracker, Subversion, Team Foundation Server, SharePoint

Defect Tracking Software: Clear Case, Clear DDTS, ISSU & Test Director

Operating Systems: MS-Windows 2K/03/XP/NT/95, UNIX, Mainframes

Applications: MS-Word, Excel

Databases: Oracle, MS-Access

Program Languages: TSL, C, PL/SQL, QARun

Project Management Tools: MS Project



Configuration and Release Manager


  • Responsible for software configuration and release management. Maintained multiple environments, communicated configuration policy regulations and procedures effectively with the team, conducted configuration audits, worked with the team to resolve the deviations, suggested process improvements, and verified the regulatory compliance., worked in Agile environment.
  • Contributed significantly to standardize Release Management Process SOP documentation
  • Experienced with Release Management, Change Management and Software Quality Processes; well versed with tools as PVCS, Team Foundation Server, Subversion and SharePoint.
  • Baseline identification, version control, Release specifications, ensuring the right builds and assist the team with release and configuration actions were the chief responsibilities.
  • As SharePoint Project Administrator - stored, organized, version controlled, securely access controlled project release documentation and guided the team on good naming conventions, processes and releases.
  • Improved the Build and Release process in agile methodologies, reduced the time lines, increased the Quality gates and introduced the Test, Field environments before final release to the end client.
  • Prepared training materials for Continuous Integration and Application Lifecycle Management process orientation. Established Quality Metrics, Analyzed project quality data and reported quality statistics.
  • Appraised the management with status, progress reports by conducting pre-release and phase wise Software Configuration Audits and Quality Audits.
  • Developed documentation and assisted in standardization operation procedures of release process and their implementation.


Sr Quality Analyst and Change & Configuration Manager (CCM)


  • Participated through out the Project Development Life Cycle. Provided guidance to design, develop test ware and execute the test cases from Quality Center (QC).
  • Appraised the management with status, progress reports by conducting pre-release and phase wise Quality Audits and Software Configuration Audits.
  • Managed the access authorizations, controlled multi roles, conducted defect analysis as Quality Center Administrator.
  • Maintained various QC modules for requirements, Test plan & Test Lab and Defects; maintained groups, granted access and roles specific authority, defect status transgression authorization, created user defined groups, roles and transgression regulations
  • Assisted the team members, when required, with testing, automation prioritization, test results review and understanding the business objectives.
  • Planed, designed, developed the testing strategy and conducted software Quality Audits, introduced Quality Metrics, submitted pre-release audit reports to the management.
  • Saved PBGC annually $3.5 million by guiding the support team to reduce the Mean Time to Resolve an Issue (MTRI) by 3 days through weekly and monthly incident resolution statistical analysis audit reports and creating awareness to the metrics.
  • Reviewed the requirements documents, Test plans, test cases, test results for different environments and development processes like agile, waterfall and hybrid at times.
  • Led team members in requirements prioritized testing, developed test ware templates.
  • Tracked defect resolution, test effort of PAMT of PBGC Applications listed below in Quality Center:


Sr Quality Analyst


  • Automated tests and maintained Mercury Interactive Quick Test Pro
  • Managed the version control with PVCS, Tracker & Quality center and Mentored and trained the staff members as needed within the application groups.
  • Helped the team of about 82 members with Change proposals, Change Requirements, their defense through Change Approval Board and Change/Release/Build efficiently and accurately through best practices of software configuration management (SCM).
  • Interacted with the Client, programmers & management for requirements and implementation of quality processes, system testing methodologies & defect metrics.

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