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Technology Lead Resume

Atlanta, GeorgiA


  • Accomplished Information Technology professional having successfully implemented and supported IT projects/applications in domain of Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics.
  • Have lead, coached and mentored team of 20 plus for project implementation.
  • Acquired in depth technical & business knowledge in field of work and endeavored for continuous improvement.
  • Expertise with IBM Mainframe, mid - level & client server in application design, development, enterprise wide, cross platform SOA application integration, Sysplexing and building Proof of Concept.
  • Applied SOX for application stability & PCI compliance for card encryption.
  • Performed SEI CMM level 5 & ISO standards quality processes for great customer experience.
  • Strategic thinking and thought leadership and constantly motivated team members to identify and improve process efficiency.


Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia

Technology Lead


  • Re-faced, Reservation and Delivery System (RDS) for Big Ticket sale from green screen tendering, reservation and delivery system to n-tier technology having .Net front end served through mainframe backend via CICS TS and also interfacing the Smart Point of Sale system. Resulted in having a modern GUI front end enhancing end user experience.
  • Re-hosted, Pricing at Location Level, from legacy Datacom to partitioned DB2 relational database. In the process developed the largest transactional DB2 tables at Macys having 468 partitions, 5 billion rows and 1.30TB size. Application helped individual store POS to access most current price on the day of sale.
  • Activities included identification, planning, architectural design, conceptual, logical & physical database design in DB2 & Teradata, data extraction transformation and load, application modernization to use new databases. Unit, integration and performance testing also done with new databases.
  • Several dry runs were performed to see stability and build end user confidence. Detailed Hour-by-hour planning with fallback planning was done for rollout to production and all stake holders were communicated on cutoff date to new application. Window for final roll out to production was done on a non-busy long weekend. Issues were monitored and addressed and closed to all stake holder satisfaction.
  • Enabled the Enroute phase of Availability to Sell (ATS)/OMNI channel for store level stock transfer tracking & monitoring involving SOA architecture. Resulted in accurate inventory status for fulfillment.
  • Seamlessly attained consolidation of regional division into one MyMacy’s, this required changes to database, application, OLTP, batch, processes and more.
  • Solved a DB2 table partitioning by date issue based on IBM’s white papers.
  • Enhanced application by redesigning & restructuring programs and operation flow in Logistics to reduce CPU & run time, resulting in cost savings of $1,000,000 in two year period. For online CICS programs adapted a unique TSQ method to avoid repeated query of DB2 or Oracle tables.
  • Built generic Abend and XML parser routines, for standardization, its reusability, it helped reduce lines of coding and development time in cross platform integration projects using XML and MQ/SOAP.
  • Created unique design with available IBM i-o routines to produce correct output data names which would route the file to correct divisional processes, which helped avoid major overhaul of application.
  • Created Proof of Concept for use of Materialized Views and Temporal tables in applications.
  • Created Proof of Concept to change hand held Scanners from Telnet to open system WSDL architecture.




  • Highly complex project constrained with timeline, requirements and many inexperienced programmers in a very large team with an unusually high number of stakeholders to be periodically updated.
  • Initiated finalizing requirements with onsite partners and client, while negotiating a feasible timeline for every phase. Identified three technical teams leads based on their core expertise and assigned team members to them delegated most daily routine to be managed by them; which allowed for delegation of daily routine.
  • As a result, we had better time management and could focus on core functions and critical issues. Project was considered highly successful, with good quality and a timely delivery.

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