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Project Manager Resume Profile

Project Manager/Coordinator

Highly proficient, analytical, and performance driven Certified Geographic Information Systems GIS technology professional with more than 20 years of experience. Eager to contribute exceptional project management skills, technical resources, writing, training, communication, environmental assessment, and database development/analysis knowledge towards supporting operations of an organization. Able to provide all facets of project management based on PMP training and computer support troubleshooting, installations, operations, maintenance related to ArcGIS Desktop software. Excellent interpersonal skills including communication and presentation capabilities with the ability to translate technical data into language appropriate to varied levels of stakeholders from senior executives to individual contributors to the general public.


  • GIS Certified Professional GISP 61193 and Master's in Geology
  • Completed Project Management Professional Certification PMP classroom hours, sitting for test in August 2012
  • Obtained 450,000 in grant funding for surrounding rural localities for the 911 call centers over two year period
  • Responsible for numerous small to medium projects
  • Developed RFPs and project scope management plans for 911 grants
  • Eliminated 100's of staff hours creating maps by developing cartographic standards and map templates
  • Increased membership participation in Regional GIS User's Group by almost 200 within one year
  • Successful recruitment and hiring of GIS Manager for a new position created in a rural locality
  • Trained approximately 125 county employees in ArcGIS and saved localities over 65 of the cost for the class per student
  • Taught over 900 students at the Community College level
  • Eliminated excessive geodatabase file duplication by approximately 50 on the server by redesigning and administering a new geodatabase file architecture, development, and management processes for over 800 databases. Tested file structure and integrated into daily use amongst end users.
  • Created over 500 maps showing planning, transportation, environmental issues, and business development


  • Extensive ArcGIS desktop suite knowledge of processes and techniques including but not limited to data development, data input, maintenance, analysis, geoprocessing, and cartographic processes, coordinate systems/projections, FGDC and SDSFIE standards, ArcGIS versions 3.X - 10.X.
  • Knowledgeable in use of orthoimagery and overlaying datalayers
  • Extensive knowledge in technical research, database development, writing, documentation, and presentations
  • Knowledgeable in project management lifecycles
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Photoshop
  • Advanced knowledge in technical training for both internal and external staff
  • Skilled in data analysis, time management, organization and multi-tasking
  • Beginning knowledge of ArcServer concepts, Model Builder, ERSI JavaScript API, python scripting, ArcObjects, ArcSDE, SQL Queries, Oracle, Community Viz, and MS Project
  • Proficient in technical and environmental backgrounds
  • Strong communication written and verbal skills and experience with customer interaction and presentations
  • Background in PMP standard concepts, practices and procedures through both practical and textbook exposure



Spy Pond Partners Massachusetts

  • Roadway Problem Assemblages, research and document problems, ensure compliance in the databases and come up with answers so that final approval and County resolutions can be obtained, removing problems from the database.
  • TIB review of VDOT applications, interview and document information from technical and non-technical users


  • Provided training class for PowerPoint Basics
  • Study leader for the Career Readiness Certification Course
  • Completed PMI's Project Management Professional Certification PMP class with anticipated PMP certification by July, 2012


Richmond Regional Planning District Commission RRPDC : Richmond, VA.

  • Obtained and managed project resources for geospatial projects such as cartographic templates, geodatabase coordination, geodatabase development/analysis, database administration, technical documentation and GIS program development. Executed development of maps for projects. Maximized and improved team performance by training and mentoring employees. Executed grant projects by creating charter/scope plan coordinating with consultant and stakeholders looking at available resources and data per project scope.
  • Regional liaison for local and state agencies amongst nine localities
  • Maintained all GIS software/hardware, testing of new software, training of staff, and development of documentation
  • Trained over 120 students internally and externally in ArcGIS
  • Worked with rural localities on tax parcels updates, readdressing homes for E911 call center, created mapbooks
  • Strong verbal, written, and technical communication skills
  • Conducted research, provided technical oversight and developed standards for business activities for GIS products/services
  • Responsible for coordinating and holding quarterly meetings for the Richmond Regional GIS User's Group, approximate attendance of 50 - 75 per meeting, increased attendance within the first quarter



  • Cartographic project manager working with Business Development Project Managers on creating a variety of maps showing businesses from all over why they should relocate their headquarters to Virginia. Also responsible for development, management, and maintenance of statewide geographic data sets from federal, state, and local agencies used to create maps for encouraging relocation of business prospects to Virginia.
  • Created a map set for Governor George Allen of Economic Development Announcements for each House and Senate representatives
  • Created a series of maps for the Lower James River showing the location of water quality limited segments that were classified in the 303 d water report to Congress. Summarized the process with PowerPoint presentation to DEQ staff on how the maps were created and the data used to create them.
  • Created a map for use by Home Land Security showing all of the DOD and associated facilities found in Virginia and their distance to Washington after the 9/11 incident. Responsible for and primary contact for numerous sets of statewide databases for the Prospect Decision Support System of VEDP


  • Geospatial Services Engineer Air, Water, and Waste Divisions April 2000 to August 2001
  • Environmental Engineer Senior January 2000 to April 2000
  • Environmental Engineer Senior/Wetlands Permit Engineer May 1997 to January 2000
  • Environmental Engineer Senior/Water Resources Planner September 1988 to May 1997
  • GIS Coordinator for the Air, Water, and Waste sections at Tidewater. Provided technical support and training utilizing GIS software and VDEQ's policies and regulations. Team member of Virginia Water Protection VWP Permit Section. Reviewed and evaluated wetland permits for determination of environmental impacts by assessing the physical, biological, and chemical alterations to state waters. Conducted site investigations and coordinated permit processes with consultants, applicants, local, state, and federal agencies. Project manager for database development, EPA's 305 b Bi-Annual Water Quality Assessment Report to Congress, Regulation 11 Annual Water Withdrawal Report, TMDLs, BMPS, and other special projects. Responsible for database design and maintenance of 305 b EPA's Water Body System WBS , shellfish closures, VPDES facilities and monitoring stations. Designed computerized office filing system for approximately 20,000 files for the Air, Water, and Waste departments and developed guidance manuals.


October 2007 to March 2009 Richmond Regional Planning District Commission concurrent w/ full-time job

ESRI Certified Instructor

Provide specialized training to approximately 125 county employees


Adjunct Professor of Geology

  • Instructor in Physical Geology, Historical Geology, and Water Quality for college students and for natural and environmental science courses for gifted secondary elementary students.
  • Designed/conducted lectures, reviews, and tests on technical/non-technical aspects of geology/water quality

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