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Project Manager Resume

Alexandria, VirginiA


  • Internal Control / Quality Manager with 25 years of Confidential experience, adept in delivering on time results within budget constraints.
  • Collaborates with executives and decision - makers, including Confidential officials, to outline and advance program objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to increase productivity and efficiency through process optimization and policy development.
  • Contributes guidance, establishes milestones, priorities, and recommendations using sound judgment while briefing senior management and collectively interpreting regulatory guidance.


Internal Control Congressional Responses Confidential Human Resources Risk Identification Problem Solving Program Assessments Status Reporting Productivity / Efficiency Quality / Process Improvements Stakeholder Development Research / Data Gathering Performance Analysis Strategic Planning Regulatory Compliance


Microsoft Office Suite: Word, SharePoint, Black Board


Confidential, Alexandria, Virginia

Project Manager


  • serving in the capacity as the organization’s Internal Control Quality Manager responsible for improving operating efficiency and effectiveness of the Confidential and the Confidential ’s Warrior Care and Transition Program.
  • Advises the Chief, Resource Management Division, and senior management on a broad range of management programs to improve operational efficiency and readiness.
  • Provides guidance; establishes milestones, priorities, corrective actions, and recommendations to ensure optimum management strategies.
  • Resolves complex problems affecting Confidential Warriors with in-depth coordination and congressional reporting.
  • Formulates policy changes for implementing the Financial Managers’ Financial Integrity Act, and the Confidential ’s program requirements for the Mangers’ Internal Control Program.
  • Develops, coordinates, and maintains the Confidential General Management Control Plan.
  • Advises the Commander and program managers on the development of templates/checklist to supplement the Confidential ’s required evaluations for use during staff assisted visits and inspections.
  • Conducts briefings, meetings, identifies training requirements, and evaluates subordinate command program implementation for compliance to established polices.
  • Identifies material weaknesses and develops the annual Statement of Assurance reports submitted to Congress.
  • Coordinates the establishment of corrective action plans, tracks and monitors material weaknesses and ensures plans are validated by the appropriate office/agency.
  • On-site Project Manager responsible team assessments, team building activities, brown-bag meetings, counselling, mentorship and submission of the weekly activities report to the Chief, Resource Management.

Confidential, New Carrolton, Maryland


  • Recouped more than $15 million dollars of funding for re-use on mission critical requirements by identifying unliquidated obligations in the budget system and sub-committed to Business Offices;
  • Authored the Confidential instructions which established policy, responsibilities, instructions, and implementation guidance for the national veteran reintegration program;
  • Conducted efficiency identification to improve product and services, or program performance objectives;
  • Facilitated brainstorming and strategic planning sessions with leadership of the Confidential Components to assess and resolve issues pertaining to specific needs of service members (e.g., service referrals, and proactive outreach opportunities throughout the phases of reintegration);
  • Team Lead responsible for development and methodology to introduce processes, verification/validation checkpoints that increased compliancy and reporting.
  • Conducted Gap Analysis of inputs/outputs and developed activities required to document and correct missing elements;
  • Led multiple data collecting efforts to assist leadership in developing and executing planned performance measures in response to Congressional mandates;
  • Worked with members of the Confidential Staff, Congressional Committees and Congressional Staff, and other departments of the federal governments for coordination and oversight of activities across multiple organizations;
  • Developed the Business Analytics DARPA Tool Kit for Business Analytics Team
  • Provided quantitative and analytical information to assist financial scientific, engineering, and technical Assistance via collaboration across service offerings by providing education, tools, tips, and templates that assist users in consistently delivering quality work products to the customer.

Confidential, Lorton, Virginia

Quality Assurance Manager


  • responsible for optimizing program efficiency to meet the established objectives of the President’s Management Agenda. Managed the directorates International Organization.
  • Utilized Lean and ISO principles to propose, refine, publish, and maintain management tools to meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Authored the QA Management Plan, Integrated Test Plan, and Factory Acceptance Plan to validate customer specifications.
  • Reviewed scheduled milestones with team leads, utilized the corrective action database to conduct program audits and managed the day-to-day activities of quality in a Research & Development (R&D) program.
  • Risk Coordinator responsible for providing critical information to the Vice President, Program Manager, engineers and executive staff which allowed leadership to make informed decisions.
  • Conducted peer reviews with hardware and software engineers to determine risk impacts to project schedules.
  • Led productivity and efficiency through optimization, including translating established policies and procedures into terms comprehensible by all parties;
  • Conducted site inspections to evaluate performance against goals and objectives;
  • Audited QA and Quality Control (QC) surveillance areas to ensure vendors performance was fully documented and complied with contractual provisions and regulatory requirements;
  • Created an environment of continuous improvement methodologies by promoting efficiency through planning, inventory, tracking, auditing, accountability, corrective actions and peer reviews.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Information Quality Assurance Manager


  • Provided day-to-day leadership and oversight of the Information Quality Assurance Managers at four Confidential classified sites.
  • Developed and implemented quality systems and process improvement initiatives within the organization.
  • Worked with key executives, stakeholders and clients to propose new business practices and refine existing processes and procedures to improve performance, increased productivity, eliminated inefficiencies and ensured compliance of established methodologies.
  • Developed the QA standards and measures for the information technology services.
  • Defined key benchmarks and data collection strategies, compiling accurate, relevant, and timely reports.
  • Delivered unsurpassed outcomes through continuous quality improvements, tracking performance across all stages of the project lifecycle to drive client satisfaction.
  • Conducted routine status updates, tracking and addressing clients’ evolving needs.
  • Consistently met ambitious project goals through stellar communication and leadership;
  • Directed workflow activities of QA Department at four classified sites;
  • Identified deficiencies, implemented corrective actions measures, and improved processes to enhance mission effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Trained staff on QA/QC practices, tracked performance metrics against the acceptance criteria of 97%.

Confidential, Alexandria, Virginia

Senior Consultant


  • Provided consulting services to Defense Integrated Human Resource Systems client to improve the data mapping strategies of legacy systems.
  • Responsible for the expansion of the Confidential Legacy System Analysis which allowed the Confidential to analyse data elements from 76 systems dollars in maintenance cost.
  • Monitored team progress against client requirements on a continuous basis to apprize the team and stakeholder of deliverable-based accomplishments.
  • Tracked changes of the Configuration Control Board and Information Requirement ensuring consistent, repeatable and documented processes for prioritization.
  • Served as the inter-agency liaison between the Confidential Joint Requirements Integration offices and the Program Management Office.
  • Worked with Confidential clients on inputs/outputs and interfaces of 76 legacy systems:
  • Collaborated with leadership in strategic planning sessions;
  • Facilitated “Tiger Team” meetings between multi-Services

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