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Change Manager Resume


  • Seeking a Senior Analyst - Project/Change Manager/Office Administration or related business development position.


  • Senior Analyst/Project/Change Manager with 10+ years’ world-class experience in highly competitive, market driven industries.
  • Developer of strategies and operational concepts that drive technology, people, and resources to achieve optimum results in cost-sensitive environments.
  • Readily transferable professional skills include:



Change Manager


  • Maintained and created report for Program Level TAR List, and posted to Sharepoint and Intralinks, Assumptions/Decisions List posted to Sharepoint and Intralinks, Dependencies List, Business Justification List, Critical To Quality Scoring Worksheets.
  • Maintained a tracking log for all Change Controls, sent requests to tech to determine if deep dives are needed.
  • Facilitated Deep Dives, Business Requirements Walkthroughs, and HLD/LLD Walkthroughs as needed.
  • Updated/maintained Clarity for Change Controls, Tasks, Status, Issues, Risks, Key Accomplishments and Financial updates.
  • Wrote requirements for Change Controls once they had been approved for review and approval to be incorporated into the Business Requirements Document.
  • Updated Project Charter as new Critical to Quality, Features/Functions or scope changes occurred.
  • Posted all required documents to Nexus once approved. Loaded documents to Discovery according to Project Document Repository Site Map once approved.
  • Prepared Release Change Review documentation and attend RCR meetings.
  • Prepared Steering Committee slides as needed.
  • Operated as Control Room Defect Tracker and Control Room Coordinator for releases.
  • Attended all training and testing summit meetings.
  • Monitored Bacardi Server Refresh labor to date costs as part of PCM Project.
  • Ran the weekly placemat reports for executive management.
  • Created and maintained contact lists for projects. Maintained the Distribution Groups for Projects.
  • Maintained “Scorecard Tracker” for Audit Quality Assurance.


Senior Analyst/ Project Manager


  • Identify, assess, and document business requirements and functional specifications, recommending priorities, and advising business on options, risks, and costs versus benefits of various solutions.
  • Responsible for working with the business to analyze business requirements, providing technical expertise, and producing specifications for any new/change in applications.
  • Single Execution Lead for conversion projects, responsible for budget control, forecasting, documentation of challenges and resolutions, accurate and timely updates to the Systems of Record (PCM Web, Clarity, and Nexus/Detar).
  • Converted Fifth Third Bank portfolio, a complicated TSYS2 conversion resulting in 27K consumer accounts valued at $4.6 million and 1,571 professional accounts valued at $5.4 million (using Post More mapping documents). Additional conversion projects included E*Trade (122K accounts valued at $57.7 million), Clout Financial Services (166K accounts valued at $201.0 million) and various “new add” (conversion process for small portfolios under 50,000 accounts) conversions.
  • Developed End to End conversion process - “Conversion Bootcamp” - step-by-step instructions of the conversion process from project initiation to post conversion activities.

Project Liaison/Analyst



  • Integrated newly acquired portfolios from FDR, TSYS, and FIS onto the corporate proprietary system.
  • Liaised/coordinated with Technology Trailing Transactions, FDR to complete the switch approval paperwork for both MasterCard and Visa for timely bin switches at time of conversion.
  • Converted several midsize and small portfolios.

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