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Senior Project Manager Resume


  • Seasoned and innovative Project Manager with proven track record managing projects, requirements, business analysis, development, testing, release and on - going maintenance using multiple methods including: Agile, Scrum, Spiral, Waterfall and PMBOK.
  • Enterprise-level experience leading engagements of budgets in excess of $17M with local, remote and offshore teams of 40+ members.
  • Excellent project management skills, including budget, schedule, risk, resource, and change management.
  • Focused on quality management of project deliverables and driving accountability for work product/final outcomes.
  • Highly effective oral and written communicator with vast experience at facilitating team and executive stakeholder meetings. Pre-sales experience with high success at change order sales. Many positive mentoring and experiences with an insistence on collaborative efforts across all project activities.
  • Experienced at both IT infrastructure and all stages of SDLC management, including acceptance criteria management and transition to steady-state support.


Project Management

  • Microsoft Top Talent Program for Project Managers
  • Microsoft Project (expert level)
  • All aspects of Software Lifecycle Management
  • PMP underway (through Velociteach)
  • ITIL (volume 3) certified
  • SCRUM-based and Agile Project Management
  • Critical Chain Project Management / Event Chain Methodology and Project Management application of the Confidential
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server


  • Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 : SharePoint Designer, system planning, information architecture, content management, line of business integration
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Master
  • Microsoft Office development including Access and InfoPath
  • SQL programming including complex queries, stored procedures and functions.
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SQL Analysis Services
  • Microsoft SQL Database Management and Maintenance
  • Microsoft Office integration with SQL


Senior Project Manager



  • My projects were recognized nationwide for their technical and financial success and I presented seminars on several aspects of them for national Microsoft conferences.
  • National Project Management Excellence office adapted my project operations cadence and system as standard for all complex engagements.
  • SharePoint, Azure, and SQL based solution with custom ASP web parts.
  • Strict financial management, change-order management and acceptance criteria management enabled delivery on time with a margin of 22%, in excess of originally forecasted 13%.
  • Top scores on Customer Satisfaction survey with specific call out for the executive-stakeholder-level reporting and guidance provided by project manager.
  • All aspects of SDLC were covered including high-touch for marketing team executives who acted as ultimate owners for the project.
  • Project written up as engagement success story; I was asked to present stakeholder and financial management lessons learned at two national conferences.
  • Project scope include Configuration Manager 2012 upgrade and 50K desktop upgrades to Windows 7.
  • Demonstrated project scheduling agility and management with many last minute geographical changes to deployment schedule.
  • High degree of accountability to C-level management with highly customized status reporting required, showing a variety of KPI and forecasting.
  • Volatile political landscape with 6 Project Sponsor changes in one year.
  • Major vendor management requirements to coordinate across 3 outsourced organizations
  • Parallel project ran to create software solution for management of desktop inventory, proper toll-gate management of desktop preparedness and scheduling of deployment (see separate summary).
  • Responsible for development of all business requirement definition with primary goal of streamlining collaboration and increasing efficiency on complex and risky projects.
  • Organized all Action, Risk, Change, Issue, Decision and Reporting management into daily/weekly cadence with clear RACI-driven assignment to roles across the engagement team.
  • Process and requirements supported by SharePoint and Microsoft Office hybrid solution working beta developed by me then turned over to community change control and management.
  • Final solution adapted by international Microsoft teams and used as Project Recovery tool for engagements in crisis.
  • National and seminars given on its use and requirements behind its development
  • In support of national infrastructure process (summarized above), I was asked to run a parallel initiative to qualify the gaps in all known third party tools used to manage, monitor and schedule desktop roll outs.
  • No third party tools existed to allow the management of diverse desktop inventory across multiple infrastructure environments with no AD or Org Unit standardization that also allowed for Application Compatibility monitoring, schedule and reporting.
  • Using 2 junior resources and less than half the budget allotted for tooling and BI development, I designed SharePoint-based solution for use by international team for inventory, management, scheduling and complex KPI-based reporting to executives. My team and I then delivered the final solution in 3 weeks with later, in-place upgrades as iterative requirement development continued.
  • Subsequent attempts by vendors to match the solution with packaged software continually failed.
  • Also developed quality control and wiki-based for use by other teams.
  • National Center of Excellence for desktop upgrades is currently analyzing the solution for use across many different engagements.


Project Manager, SharePoint Solutions


  • Developed all enterprise-wide standards for management of SharePoint development projects.
  • I was also responsible for all stages of the software development lifecycle including code management and versioning, quality assurance, deployment and change management for production SharePoint Sites.
  • All project management activities, except budgeting, were handled by me across these initiatives.
  • Consistently ranked as top performer and praised by business owners who recognized the rigor brought by the standards I authored and managed. Initiatives included:
  • Software to standardize Care Management across 103 hospitals nationwide and increase Patient satisfaction scores with Confidential .
  • In this role, I was responsible for working directly with CEOs and Directors of Case Management at all hospitals to understand the various processes used at different hospitals.
  • I then translated these to requirements and lead the development and organizational change management to roll out.
  • Managed entire Business Analysis, Development, rollout and initiative nationwide.
  • Portal integration with Microsoft Dynamics to provide Regional and National Sales Directors with daily sales numbers.
  • This data existed in CRM but was only visible once a week after the fact. I worked with these executives to understand what they needed to see to manage sales and designed a SharePoint portal that presented daily data from CRM. Project was praised by Regional Sales Directors as “game changing”.
  • Compliance and policy retention project for Sarbanes - Oxley compliance with stakeholders at the national, regional and local levels of the hospital management organization.
  • Business-Development Initiative Management system to provide management and KPI reporting of all corporate business development units into a unified system that allowed roll-up reporting to the director level. All aspects of business consulting, requirements development and subsequent development management were handled by me.


Chief of Project Operations


  • Responsible directly to owner for all aspects of project management, reporting and invoicing. 19 direct reports within the company and up to 4 off shore reports.
  • Migrated entire PMO related operation from a series of small “one-man show” projects with no standard development, testing or source control procedures or reporting to large, multi-million dollar projects distributed across team of specialists, each managing an aspect of the development cycle: from process/workflow scripting and documentation, to prototype development, to agile development with source code and unit testing, comprehensive quality control testing and standardized deployment procedures.
  • Project Management processes incorporated both Agile/Iterative concepts with Confidential approach to projects.
  • Grown intranet supporting software development cycle from 1 server and 4 PCs to 8 server-hosted network with SQL and IIS applications hosted for 4 companies as well as supporting software deployed at 4 other companies. Implemented complete source control system using Subversion. Completely responsible for developing project management process and cycle that is influenced by agile development, complex adaptive systems and ROI monitoring for projects.
  • Also responsible for development of internal SQL/SharePoint/Office solution used for all project management, ROI monitoring of projects, billing and employee work tracking.
  • During the course of this job, I was responsible for over a dozen projects, many of which ran simultaneously.
  • Complete management of all software related IT projects, managing 20 people across three organizations.
  • Report directly to General Manager of corporation on all aspects of project and work management.
  • Responsible for mapping out corporate IT strategy for all areas except Disaster Recovery.
  • Since inception, this project has been directly responsible for growth from 16 locations to 23 with only 2 personnel being added at corporate level and only a 2 man IT staff at corporate office.
  • Margins increased while inventory levels have been dropped significantly.
  • Company recently topped 100 million/year mark.
  • Development and ongoing support of Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Customer Web site, and corporate reporting infrastructure for 23 locations, corporate office and 1000s of customer's Client/Server applications using SQL, Visual Basic, and Access. Web-based OLAP reporting using custom output in ASPX page (pre SQL Reporting Services). Web-based OLAP and SQL based reporting making extensive use of 2005 SQL Reporting. Intensive integration of isolated SQL databases through batch processing with near-zero fault performance.
  • Managed all aspects of testing, documentation and implementation.
  • Co-managed team consisting of 32 people across 5 organizations.
  • After initial rollout, assumed complete management of software development and co-management of business relationship and corporate software strategy.
  • Managing migration of complicated web application to WinForm application while supporting ongoing use of web app.
  • Responsible for SQL development and data loading for initial application rollout. Data load was performed across three disparate systems with no data key links. Goal was to provide company with its first database that could track and report Master Coil steel inventory. Initial data load was checked by a manual inventory of all steel in the yard. Data load reconciled 50 million pounds and 14 million dollars of steel to the penny and to the pound.
  • Developed SQL 2005 Reporting infrastructure using SharePoint services for security and user experience enhancements and developed all management reports for new software system.

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