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Project Manager Resume Profile


  • Successful Project Manager and Business/Systems Analyst with diverse hands-on experience in Project Management, Business Analysis, Web Development, software validation, Application Development, Data acquisition, Web Layout and Design, Human Factors, Systems Analysis, Web Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, Metrics, and Web Application Programming.
  • Experience in an Agile Development Environment and working in SCRUM teams as well as waterfall
  • Effective communicator, both individually and in groups, across all levels of management and enterprise departments.
  • Experience in J2EE and .Net development environments. Project converted from a .Net environment to a J2EE/ jBoss environment
  • Experience with web content management tools such as Documentum, Tridion, SharePoint, Plumtree, and Vignette as well as several home grown systems.
  • Interfaced with business users to create portals in SharePoint and Documentum.
  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated professional who pragmatically manages customer expectations with strategic vision, operational effectiveness, and the highest level of integrity.
  • Experience in eBusiness and Business Process Re-engineering to improve workflow and streamline the business process.
  • Emarketing experience working with marketing groups and brand teams to set-up marketing campaigns, track effectiveness of the campaign, voucher redemption tracking, and working with 3rd party fulfillment vendors.
  • Business Analyst/Project Manager experience includes defining projects and writing requirements, gap analysis of systems and produce documentation, project tracking and reporting status to top management, creating and maintaining project plans, tracking labor and expenses, and documentation. Projects included Business Analysis and Project Management of 51 web sites world wide in native language HP Financial Services and Compaq and managed the global enhancement of Schering Plough.com and SPHERE Schering Plough intranet for the Marcom VP.
  • Develop business requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements JAD sessions, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, gap analysis, task and workflow analysis.
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Projects were managed throughout the SDLC.
  • Work proactively to meet goals and deadlines
  • Liaison between business, technical development, database support, marketing, and Internal and external customers, third party vendors, and off-shore development
  • Experience with web analytics using Web Trends, Omniture, and Web Side Story.
  • Specific experience includes development of global web sites and global application development for Fortune 100 companies. Tasks include site design, site architecture, language translation and localization, infrastructure, system implementation, quality control, user sign-off, web site metrics and search engine optimization.
  • Experience also includes working with users worldwide, spanning many languages and cultures, managing and mentoring internal teams as well as managing offshore resources.
  • Managing offshore resources and managing the local outsource managers Cognizant, StarPoint, TCS and IBM as well as working in a virtual environment. WEB Programming/Development tools includes JAVA, JSP, ASP, SQL, PHP, .Net, VB, C , JavaScript, HTML, XML, SQL Server, Documentum, SharePoint, Veeva iRep Oracle and DHTML. Portal environments include Plumtree and Vignette.


Eisai Manager confidential

  • Support Marketing campaigns and initiatives by working with agencies and in-house staff to assure accurate delivery of assets, assure database tables were updated to accommodate registration changes, support email campaigns and dataflow for metrics reporting.
  • Oversee the Eisai offshore development team Digital Factory run by Eisai to assure there is a thorough understanding of the business requirements, the estimates for delivering the Web Sites and/or updates were not overestimated and meet with Marketing's objectives. Additional responsibilities review of technical designs and to assure the proper creation of test cases.
  • Coordinate the delivery of web site assets with internal teams and 3rd parties for production release as per project plan and facilitate the production release process.
  • Provide weekly updates to Senior Management on the progress of projects

Project Manager, National Basketball Association NBA January 2013 to January 2014

All projects are managed in parallel.

  • CRM Project managed the migration from PeopleSoft CRM to Microsoft Dynamics. The project required gap analysis and working with 3rd party development teams to customize the Microsoft Dynamics to include the most used features from PeopleSoft. Worked with all levels of management at the NBA including the commissioner's office.
  • Team Financial Reporting and Team Promotions submittal Worked directly with the NBA marketing and financial departments to create Business Requirements documents for enhancements to both systems. The financial reporting application is the interface where each of the NBA teams report their revenue from the team sponsors to the NBA. The Team Promotions application is the interface where teams submit special promotions for approval by the NBA. I was responsible for creation of the project scope, timelines, budgets, manpower allocation and monitoring the project for adherence to the set goals.
  • Electronic document project. The NBA legal department has rooms full of contracts, proposals and Board of Governor's meeting minutes dating from the 1930's. Since floor space in NYC is a premium, the NBA is investigating the scanning, OCR and Document Management System for these documents. This project requires working with the NBA legal department to create the Business Requirements and selecting the outside vendor to perform the Scanning, OCR and Document Management System. The project started with a pilot program to determine the amount of post scanning corrections. This project also required the creation of the project scope, timelines, budgets, manpower allocation and monitoring the project for adherence to the set goals.

Project Manager / Business Analyst, confidential

Accomplishments and responsibilities:

  • In the temporary role of PM/BA, worked on 2 short term projects.
  • One project is the update of a endoscope system to provide dual language support French and English. Responsibilities included creating the business requirements and creating the work breakdown structure.
  • The other project is to update the current system to address current security issues. Responsibilities included writing business requirements and related documentation along with working with the development team to draft the design documents, Validation protocols, test plans and working wit the development and business to create a work breakdown structure to determine the delivery date for initial customer testing.

Project Manager / Business Analyst, confidential

Accomplishments and responsibilities:

  • Specific responsibilities included:
  • In the role of Senior Program Manager at Merck, involved in advancing Merck's movement into the healthcare market via mobile technology.
  • Working with a new client marketing team to develop a new product for patients to monitor their health care after leaving the hospital
  • Working with the sales team to create interactive sales tools using interactive media on the iPad
  • Managed a project for providing documents to sales representatives. Each representative would have access to only the documents based on product line, region, need to know, etc.
  • Managed a project for an interactive iPad sales tool for live demonstrations of a product in the concept phase.
  • Managed a project for a sales document delivery system, via digital content, that will monitor the office where the representative delivered transferred the documentation.
  • Working with 3rd party vendors to create a single business plan and single set of SDLC documentation
  • Working with the Chief Strategy Officer, VP New Business Ventures and Director of Marketing as well as 3rd party technical staff, Merck and Preventice technology teams for the creation of business timelines, WBS, and deliverables at each stage in an agile development environment

Project Manager, Roche Pharmaceuticals confidential

Accomplishments and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the project management of new applications and new web sites releases. All development work is in .Net with migration to jBoss.
  • Project Management duties included working with users in marketing to determine business requirements via JAD sessions, developing Functional Requirements Specifications, developing Software Application Specifications, working with internal developers and managing off-shore development resources, coordinating third party vendors , QA, develop release plans and project schedules, develop budgets, software code revision control, project documentation, and developing plans for the end users to monitor project success.
  • All projects delivered on time and within budget.
  • Projects included oncology, cardio, and immune/Hep C product sites.
  • All projects required adherence to DDMAC marketing guidelines, electronic data acquisition and submission, FDA compliance as well as in-house legal review.

Project Manager Consultant , confidential Accomplishments and responsibilities:

  • Completed an upgrade and release of a Construction Bidding Application on time and within budget. The Application was developed by a third party developer and required liaison between Product Management, Application Developer, QA, Security, Customer Support, in-house development, and management.
  • This project also required several applications to migrate users from the existing system to the upgraded application.
  • Additional responsibility included writing the Business Requirements Document, Gap Analysis of the existing application to the new application, and the Functional Requirements Specification QA.
  • QA involved review and writing of test scripts and creating a test team.

A second project, completed simultaneously with the Bidding application, was a migration project delivered on time and within budget.

McGraw-Hill had a 20 year old desktop application for performing searches for construction projects, and was migrating to a web based system that has been available for several years.

  • The conversion project required applications to be developed for migrating the client search data stored on a local computer of the old application, to an online database.
  • This project required Project Management to maintain tight schedules and included Business Analysis responsibility for writing the Business Requirements Document, and the Functional Requirements Specification, test script generation, and QA.
  • All documents required approval from all business groups.
  • The project BRD required interfacing with several business groups to resolve details.
  • Requirements Documents were created using Rational RequisitePro.

Project Manager / Business Analyst Consultant , confidential

As a Business analyst / Project Manager, was the liaison between the business and user community and the technical teams to implement the request. Successfully completed all Software Requirement Specifications on time. Specific projects included Client Collaboration tools, Client Simulation and Centralized Client Support.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Analyze business requirements and write Software Requirement Specifications Take the requirements from the various business groups and convert them into Software Requirements Specifications that will be used for developing the application, application certification, testing and a traceability matrix back to the Business Requirements Specification.
  • Interface with technical teams such as Infrastructure Framework, Systems Architecture, Security, Content Management, User Experience and Application Development to determine the optimal approach to solve the business requirements. This also included determining the technical approach that can be completed within schedules.
  • Develop Use Cases for development testing and application development certification.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the various technical groups to arrive at a solution. Many meetings required in-depth technical discussions to develop solutions in other technical areas.
  • Developed and maintained project plans, and presented project status reports to management.
  • Develop QA test plan and write test scripts from use cases and functional design documents.
  • Member of SCRUM team to deliver projects.
  • Worked with technology to develop prototypes and incorporate new technology. There were many projects occurring simultaneously and the impact on the other projects had to be accessed along with the technical manpower to complete the projects.
  • Implement scope change from business groups and determine the impact on technology, as well as the impact on meeting the project due dates. A cost-benefit analysis was completed to determine the impact.

Project Manager / Business Analyst Consultant , confidential

As a lead Business Systems Analyst, direct a group of Systems Analysts to provide support to the business/ user community, gather business requirements, and write the required specifications for development and implementation of a Tridion Content Management System.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Analyze business requirements - Take high level business requirements and convert them into technical requirements for each planned release. Determine the impact of current business requirements on planned future releases.
  • Interface with the development team to determine feasibility of implementing the business requirements.
  • Provide support for UAT, QA testing and user interface development.
  • Incorporate new technology and determine the impact of existing technology on the new platform such as search, Geo-Location and metrics.
  • Developed use cases to develop a project scope document for Web Services. Also developed a presentation to describe Web Services and how Web Services can be used to retrieve content from the Tridion Content Management System to applications hosted outside of the platform. Also member of a team to develop a Web Services working demo to present to business groups planning to host content on the Tridion Content Management System.
  • Develop support documentation for system performance, transition documents for project release from IT to production, and the system blueprint.
  • Developed a strategy for web analytics using Web Trends, Web Side Story and in-house developed analytic tools.

Project Manager confidential 2007

Assumed responsibilities for a project manager while on maternity leave. The environment was a Trip Rewards system to monitor and award Free Night Stays. Responsibilities include:

  • Managing off shore resources Cognizant, StarPoint, MindTree, and IBM and the on shore project manager for web site updates, system enhancements, and new development.
  • Manage projects to improve the billing system and enhance information presentation between Wyndham Worldwide and the properties supported
  • Managed production enhancement projects and supported Marketing, Customer Service, Business Analysts, QA, Development, Database and Data warehouse groups, IT Management, and external data collection and data processing companies.
  • Document all projects and make sure all design documents, functional specification documents, and business requirement documents were accurate and complete.
  • Maintain budgets for existing projects. Niku/Clarity is used for labor tracking, monitoring and reporting.
  • Prepare weekly status reports and make presentations to top management.
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings with development, database management and Product Managers.
  • Review financial reports before releasing to management.

Project Manager confidential 2006

Assumed responsibilities for a project manager while on maternity leave This is not a copy and paste error . There was minimal transition time due to the project manager leaving early. This required learning the environment and systems with minimal assistance.

Responsibilities included:

  • Managing off shore resources Cognizant, StarPoint and IBM and the on shore project manager for web site updates, system enhancements, and new development.
  • Business liaison for marketing, finance, HR, operations, security, compliance and Global IT. This involves learning the existing business practices, developing user requirements, and writing SOWs for IT development and hardware infrastructure managers.
  • Managing the development of internet and intranet sites for business units world wide, and assuring resources are available to meet launch deadlines.
  • Managing the enhancement of SP.com and SPHERE Schering Plough intranet for the Marcom VP.
  • Extensive documentation of systems and applications
  • Interface with users to define a data structure for content and create portals in SharePoint for various business units.
  • Managing enhancements to existing systems. Enhancement projects are upgrades to the content management system and enhancing the intranet search capability
  • Documenting the existing system workflow and document projects for hand-off to the returning project manager

Portal Project Manager confidential

Projects included designing, creating and implementing Plum Tree portal communities for Compliance and Marcom groups, as well as analysis of present web sites for conversion to new BMS standards and Plum Tree Portal version 5.Project Manager, confidential

Projects included:

  • Implementation of Web Trends Page Tags Responsibilities included working with portal owners, e-Metrics, and IT. Tags changes involved JSP and JavaScript. The nature of the project required an understanding of WebTrends, Web Analytics, Omniture tagging, Search engine optimization, JSP, and Vignette Portal to co-ordinate the efforts between IT groups.
  • Management of an update release of Merck Portals Merck Medicus and Merck Services. Responsibilities include working with portal owners, IT, GUI Design, e-Business, Business Analysts and Quality Control to resolve issues and to assure the release meets the schedule.

Project Manager / Business Analyst Consultant and Employee , confidential

  • A financial services company that specializes in all areas of leasing computers, peripherals, and software with offices in 51 countries.
  • As a Project Manager, demonstrated the ability to manage multiple, simultaneous efforts on a regular basis, and often under stringent time constraints.

Responsibilities included:

  • Creating and maintaining project plans, preparing and presenting project status to top management, as well as tracking expenses and labor.
  • Liaison between IT for marketing, Marcom United States as well as worldwide , operations, legal, sales, accounting, and business development.
  • As a business analyst, executed system requirements gathering workshops and user interviews to determine business requirements of new applications and enhancements to existing systems in addition to system implementation, and consolidate the financial operations process. The goal was to minimize the number of data sources and improve work flow, thus improving the time to post payments. All projects were successful due to the involvement of the user community in the information gathering phases and presenting working prototypes to users and management. This methodology allowed projects to be completed ahead of schedule.
  • Business process re-engineering to improve data flow between departments and to reduce the time client payables were posted.
  • Additional projects included the development of e-commerce applications for automated credit verification for loan applications.
  • Provided Web Site analytics using tools such as Web Trends, Omniture tagging and monitoring marketing campaigns.
  • Conducted web site compliance audits to assure sites are compliant to HP corporate standards.
  • Also was a member of the standards team that determined the standards for HP web site look and feel.
  • Facilitated the definition and documentation of the HP Financial Services web sites as well as the determination of the future model for a new content management/ rendering system. Performed system gap analysis.
  • Interface with business units to define data structures of document in a SharePoint data repository.
  • Managed the design and development of the current HP Financial Services websites developed in their native languages for 51 countries. Development tools utilized were HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, Visual Basic, XML, Java, Access Database and SQL. Part of the project was to review the site architecture. The result was one person was required to manage the site, where in other HP business units a team of four or five is required.
  • As a member of the Plum Tree implementation team, was the site architect for efficient information flow, segregation of pages and data for security purposes, as well as load balancing sites.

Business Analyst / Project Manager Consultant , confidential

Responsible for web site redesign including, updates and publishing, new page layout, creating standards for a uniform corporate brand, generate graphics for pages, assure the site is user friendly for downloading files, designed registration forms for programs and seminars with edit checking and posting results to a database, implemented methods to monitor site statistics as well as system performance. The main focus was to assure web performance with an emphasis on web page loading time and download time. Page loading was monitored along with analysis of web hits reports. Multiple servers were utilized to improve page loading time.

Business Analyst/Web Developer Consultant , confidential

In this position, was responsible for business analysis and development of intranet pages for various internal groups. The position required attention to detail, accuracy and quick response to posting the new pages or revised data. Tools used were HTML, DHTML, Excel, ASP, JSP, PERL, CGI, JAVA, SSI, and JavaScript. My experience in engineering, sales and technical writing aided in the business analysis, and web page development, by designing pages that had a consistent look and feel and not a collection of postings by many authors. Having the ability to understand the data being presented allowed significant time savings by asking the appropriate party about possible changes or revisions before they were posted to the intranet.

Business Analyst/Web Designer, confidential

Was responsible for business analysis, design, and development of an intranet for displaying engineering information and manufacturing procedures to the production floor. Graphics included AutoCAD and SolidWorks engineering drawings and assembly drawings. Tools used were MS Word, Dreamweaver, HTML, JavaScript, JAVA, ASP, Adobe Acrobat, and Netscape. All web pages were tested to run under Netscape or MS Internet Explorer.

Business and Systems Analyst Consultant , confidential

Member of the design team responsible for implementing a new web-based Clinical Supply Online Processing System. Responsibilities included systems analysis, business analysis, determining the impact of the change on the requirements document, writing procedures for user acceptance testing and conducting the UAT. Assignment also included modifications to system programs as proposed by the user community via user acceptance testing using JavaScript and JAVA SilverStream . During the user acceptance testing process, was responsible for conducting feasibility studies to determine optimal information flow.

Project Manager / Account Representative, confidential

  • SDRC develops and markets CAD/CAM software.
  • Responsibilities included writing high level proposals after interviewing key personnel to determine needs assessments. Sold software and services to Fortune 500 companies. Career highlight was making President's Club my first year by achieving 145 of quota.

Manager of Technical Services, confidential 1996

Responsibilities included selling tablet manufacturing equipment, application development, and services to major pharmaceutical companies. Provided post sales support with responsibilities that included technical support of computer and system validations to conform to FDA guidelines. Developed applications for laboratory data collection and reporting Support also included interfacing the tablet press data recording to existing data recording systems for product analysis. Completed an equipment and a computer validation protocol for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer for submittal to the FDA while the company was under FDA shutdown.

Independent Consultant, confidential

  • Projects included feasibility studies, writing system requirements, database analysis, human factors, programming, custom machine development for assembly of medical devices and fluid delivery systems, and analysis of existing systems. Clients included Cosmair, Chanel, BrunsPak, Huls America, Oryx, American Standard, Warner Lambert, Kahle Engineering, Becton Dickinson, Tyco, Schering Plough, Unisys, Colorstone, Merrill Lynch, and Red Devil. Manager of CAD Design/Engineering and Manager confidential
  • CTI is a CAD Design/Engineering firm. The emphasis was on reducing the cycle time from design and development to manufacturing by focusing on manufacturability during the design process. This reduced product design lead time from 120 days to 66 days.
  • Responsibilities included new product design and development of microwave signal sources, along with performing statistical analysis of failures.
  • MIS responsibilities included system responsibility for Engineering, Manufacturing and Testing, new system design and implementation, LAN, programming, user support and designing a work order system to track orders through production and test.

Production and Support Engineer, confidential

Supported programming for new products and programs. Designed and implemented programs for cost modeling, interfacing test equipment and test equipment forecasting.

Industrial Engineer, confidential A member of a systems analysis and implementation team for an MRP System Conserve AMAPS . Responsible for update and conversion of existing data for Item Master, Bill of Material, Process and Routing, and Shop Floor Control. Additional assignments included user training, member of the transition team, pilot program testing, user training, and developing user documentation


Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Visio, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Home Site, Documentum, Sharepoint, PlumTree Portal, Tridion Content Management, Visual Studio .Net, c , .Net, Visual Basic, VBA, Fortran, Cobol, C, C , Java, JSP, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Unix, LINUX, Windows 2000, Windows Xp, Windows Server 2003.


PMI member PMP certification currently in process. Completed 35 hour course work. PMP exam is scheduled.

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