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Administrative Office Assistant Resume Profile

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Project Coordinator

  • Effectively communicates in writing, over the phone and in person with supervisors, coworkers, sales representatives and manufacturing points of contact on a daily basis to relay mission critical information and to address issues
  • Prioritizes tasks based on the current needs of projects, and re-prioritizes tasks as needed
  • Independently manages the manufacturing logistics cycles of many different complex computer boards at any given time to include purchasing and acquisition of components, sending raw materiel to assembly houses, receiving finished goods, and shipping final products to customers
  • Conducts quality assurance on finished computer boards to include physical inspection and electronic hardware tests in a fast paced environment to ensure deadlines are met
  • Employs analytical and evaluative techniques to investigate customer hardware problems
  • Takes on more complex tasks such as diagnosing specific points of hardware failure with circuitry knowledge and increasing the efficiency of quality assurance testing with programming knowledge learned on site


Administrative Office Assistant

  • Analyzed and verified information in order to resolve issues regarding admissions processing
  • Prepared official correspondence and provided customer service to academic and professional clients
  • Data entered new applications, assigned unique user ids for incoming students as needed
  • Managed the work load delegated to a supervised unit
  • Supervised the back office work flow for confidential admissions materials
  • Facilitated the admissions process in accordance with established guidelines and protocols


Office Assistant

  • Utilized office equipment to provide support for and distribute application materials to admissions staff
  • Created and maintained digital admissions records using a scanning imaging system, to provide admissions material to academic review committees
  • Verified student records for provisional audits on a semester basis and communicated provisions to students as needed
  • Used working knowledge of the Oracle Peoplesoft database to find reports, application materials, and information on applicants
  • Worked with admissions staff in handling correspondence with students, tracking application documents, performing quality assurance on student records and back office logistics


  • Ability to adhere to established procedures and guidelines
  • Adapts to new working environments quickly
  • Effective communicator both in writing and in person
  • Strong sense of self direction

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