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Project Manager Resume Profile

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Artist Vividly creative Hybrid programmer Pragmatic


  • I am an observer of people. I am fascinated by human nature. I have a colorful imagination and I see creative images photographically. I have the unique ability to blend strong technical and artistic sides.
  • Branding products for the likes of Pearson Scott Foresman, Simon Schuster , Sears, Anixter and Snapper has me well positioned for an exciting new endeavor. The total sales for products I have designed, or helped create as a team effort, is in the billions of dollars. There's a decent chance that you, or someone you know, has used one of them.
  • Solutions that successfully help define my client's product are a common thread to my work.


  • I continually reinvent myself for the times, bringing my base creative energy across different media. For the last six years I have been angling to get completely out of print design and expand my digital capabilities. Most work has been apart from a full-time job, trying to develop my own software. In the process, I have learned viable programming skills, learning to problem solve my way through complex algorithms. But my true goal is to take these skills to a dynamic company and be part of a collaborative team in a fun and challenging position, that I can not only contribute to, but can utilize my wide-ranging experience help catapult to the top edge I don't shoot for mediocrity . I currently operate out of my own company, Visioncanary, Inc., to cultivate products and business.
  • If you need a technical guru to overhaul your software, I can't help you out. If you need a free spirit look for your users, with the technical expertise to develop, I can.
  • Software expert-level 10 years : Programming mid-level 3-5 years :
  • Adobe Creative Suite CC HTML 5
  • Adobe Photoshop CC CSS 3
  • Adobe Illustrator - SVG CC Javascript
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quark Xpress Programming junior level 1-2 years :
  • jQuery
  • Software junior-level 1-2 years : Responsive Web design for mobile - RWD
  • Animation in various programs User interface / User experience - UI UX
  • iMovie SASS
  • Adobe Flash PHP
  • Microsoft Excel AJAX
  • Manager Corporate owner, Project manager, Independent contractor, Freelancer
  • Illustrator / artist Editorial, Icons, Buttons and tabs, Maps, Fonts, Data visualization
  • Graphic designer Branding, Logos, Brochures, Websites, Newspaper, Navigation
  • Product designer Industrial design, Concept sketches, Engineering drawings
  • Copy editor Headline writer, Proofreader
  • Sales Company sales, Presentations, Proposals and estimates, Invoicing, Bookkeeping


Project Manager Resume Profile

  • For the last five years I have been developing Web applications aside from my full-time job. Most of my effort has been developing and prototyping the following:
  • donutag Concepting a software product that takes a menagerie of tagging systems and pulls them together under one roof. This product opens up the possibility of tapping into about 75 percent more Web content than is currently in circulation. It treats commercial and
  • noncommercial as equal. It easily dances fluidly between inter- and intra- business. One system for both information and commerce. One system for both retail and management. http:// visioncanary.com/donutag
  • Bright House Networks Tech Mahindra Enterprise Solutions Inc.


Visual Designer / UI UX

  • Front-end development for an internal enterprise product. Created an overall product look-and-feel, and corresponding header, menu and forms. Produced numerous SVG illustrations.
  • Teton Media Works, Inc. formally Jackson Hole News Guide, Inc.


Layout artist / Copy editor

  • Work was done for the Jackson Hole Daily newspaper and media circulation 12,000 daily . Days were split between a layout artist copy editor AP national news and local editing, writing headlines and proofreading ad configuration and Web posting. Approximately 12,000 pages laid out and 6,000 headlines written.
  • Being a strong team player and having a passion for putting out an exceptional product, being a natural leader and mentor, having an appetite for world knowledge, a willingness to make changes, a good sense of humor and impeccable attention to detail are some of the traits that helped me thrive in this fast-paced environment.


Partner / Visual Designer / Sales and marketing consultant / Branding consultant

  • Design services included graphic design and production, Web media development and illustration.
  • Responsibilities involved project management, visual design, final production, company sales and corporate and project management.
  • Projects included the cover designs and implementation for Scott Foresman's classroom Science books and related materials a huge program. For Prentice Hall I designed the prototype and wrote comprehensive template specifications for their Realidades Spanish teachers' edition book for multiple large fulfillment houses to follow. I also designed and produced a number of packaging components such as DVD cover inserts and produced the covers for their high school Geometry and Algebra programs, which are still used in schools nationwide.


Independent Contractor / Senior Product Designer / Graphic Designer

  • Designed the Sears Craftsman snowthrower. This product design was picked up by many other major brands and remained in stores for over ten years.
  • A colorful and dynamic point-of-purchase catalog booklet, signage, and leave-behind brochure I designed for Sears Outdoor Furniture helped increase in-store sales in that department 60 in the U.S. in one year.
  • Produced over 50 point-of-purchase cellphone graphics display cards and advertising graphics materials for StarTAC cellphone, for Motorola. Also designed recruiting brochures and numerous icon design/illustrations, including three that were trademarked.
  • Design and accompanying data visualization illustrations for numerous brochures for Anixter, Inc.
  • Layout for The Americans, an American history book, and the four-book series The Language of Literature. Illustrated over 70 world maps for textbooks.
  • Editorial illustrations for Chicago Tribune.


Senior Industrial Designer

  • Responsible for the product design and product graphics of consumer and commercial products. Areas of expertise included lawn tractors and power tools. Disciplines included product design from concept through engineering part drawings.
  • Highlights included the Snapper riding lawnmower and Sears Craftsman power tools.

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