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Agile Coach/scrum Master Resume


  • Certified SAFe Agilest, Certified Scrum Master and Certified SAFe Scrum Master with 10 years of experience in end - to-end SDLC with expertise in agile implementation and project management.
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate, organize, lead and coach Scrum teams across multiple locations, with a verifiable track record of managing complex projects while delivering on time, under budget and above expectations.
  • Coached organizations through transformation from waterfall to Agile methodology as a Scrum Master/Agile Coach with specific frameworks like SAFe, Scrum and Kanban in SDLC.
  • Excel at turning individuals into teams that work efficiently and exceed expectations.
  • Team player with excellent communication skills, organizational skills, servant leadership skills, multi-tasking skills, problem solving skills and presentation skills.
  • Agile Implementation
  • Agile Coaching
  • Scrum/Kanban
  • Scaled Agile-SAFe
  • Jira / Confluence/Azure DevOps
  • PI Planning
  • Training / Presentation
  • Cross-functional Team Building
  • Offshore Development
  • Vendor Management
  • Program/Project Management
  • Coached SAFe at team and program-level with focus on Scrum, Kanban and Program Backlog.
  • Led multiple teams as part of an enterprise transformation to Agile/Scrum.
  • Team coaching included initial Scrum training, Scrum Master and Product Owner roles and responsibilities, relative size estimating and user story workshops, backlog refinement objectives and practices, acceptance criteria, Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, emphasis on finishing work vs. starting it, and using retrospective results to inform sprint planning.
  • Introduced & taught principles of Scrum, and engineering practices such as paired programing, continuous integration, refactoring to the team which resulted in timely delivery of project and reduced process waste caused by lack of common understanding.
  • Introduced best practices like CoP, Lean Coffee and other Agile events that were adopted across the program.
  • Proactively communicated any risks, design and quality issues, or increases in scope/time required to ensure projects remained on track.
  • Organized agile games during various ceremonies to create a fun-loving environment thus promoting interactions among individuals creating cross-functional and self-organizing team.
  • Reduced ‘Lead Time’ by creating a separate KANBAN board and training production support and shared services.
AGILE COACH/SCRUM MASTER Confidential Responsibilities:
  • Project involved development of a Point of Sale kiosk for Venues channel which supported the Superbowl ’19 in Atlanta and Superbowl ’20 in Miami.
  • Organized and facilitated sprint planning, daily stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, release planning, demos and other Scrum-related meetings for globally diverse teams.
  • Collaborated closely with product owner on backlog refinement to keep product backlog relevant and prioritized, ensuring acceptance criteria were agreed upon and stories were ready for sizing.
  • Protected development team from outside distractions, impediments or team conflicts, and maintain focus on product backlog and project timeline.
  • Organized and facilitated the weekly Scrum of scrum meeting.
  • Effectively tracked team’s progress, including burn down, velocity and release forecasting.
  • Created, managed and presented team level financial budgets to leadership and assisted in budget forecasting.
  • Apart from being an agile coach, wore multiple hats as and when needed to support the team. Responsibilities include remote support, setting up devices in stadiums, upgrading the versions, monitored sporting events and facilitated resources for urgent fixes etc.
SENIOR SCRUM MASTER Confidential Responsibilities:
  • Facilitated Scrum ceremonies and improved team velocity by incorporating capacity planning and story slicing into sprint planning sessions.
  • Reduced average impediments resolution time to 2 days by managing impediment log and involving senior management resulting in increased throughput.
  • Mentored and guided development teams for practicing Agile.
  • Worked with immature teams, ranging from 10 to 16 members, in the transitioning from their current software development processes to Agile principles and best practices.

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