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Lead Consultant/project Manager, Sr. Software Analyst Resume

New Haven, CT


  • A senior solution oriented IT Professional with extensive experience of project management, application design & development in banking & financing industries (ETL data migration/transformation for banking data warehouses), On - Line e-Business and many other industries; with proven accomplishment in transnational corporations and small start-up companies; thorough understanding of ab initio full life cycle software (SDLC) architecting and OOPS/Top-down algorisms and methodology; both Windows and UNIX platforms; strong business abstraction and data modeling background, including creating XML business object schemata and transformation into software class objects.
  • Great flexibility from diverse skills and background; strategically sharp sensitivity of new development of science, technologies and industry trend, creativity & fast learner benefit from extensive education and training; wonderful teamwork, self-motivated; highly logical and detail-oriented working enthusiasms, and solid Software Quality Assurance (SQA) experience earned the track record of over 100 continuous major software releases without a single roll-back.
  • Financial industry security clearance background check passed. HIPPA trained and certified.
  • Phylogenetics; phylogeography computations. Build own k-language based general purpose neural network.


Hardware Platform: PCs, IBM Main Frames, VAX workstations, Sun Workstations, Cray Supercomputers, SGI workstations.

Operating System: Windows 2008, XP, 2003, Vista, VM-CMS, UNIX (Solaris, BSD, Linux, AIX).

Programming: SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Java, C#, ActiveX COM Technology/Objects, DCOM technology, VC++, J2EE, ODBC, JDBC, Perl, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, XHTML/XML, XSD, XPATH, Ajax, FORTRAN, REDUCE, LISP, OOPS, OOA/OOD, SOA, SOAP, ASMX, UNIX shell programming. REDUCE/LISP, Mathematica, Maple, and MatLab, k, Scala, Hadoop.

Development IDEs: Oracle Developer/2000 Forms (4.5/5.0) and Reports (2.5/3.0), Microsoft Visual Studio (VB6, VC++, Visual InterDev), Visual Studio.NET, C#.NET, ASPX.NET, TFS, ETL, ADO, MVC trained, VBA, Eclipse, J-Builder, Microsoft Office system, Excel, Access and SharePoint.

Cloud environment: AWS Big Data Processing Service Spark/Scala interface; AWS E2 service; MS Azure.

Web Servers: IIS 7 & 8, Apache

Business Intelligence: Neural Networks Machine Learning, MS Power BI

Database: Oracle 10g, Packages, Stored Procedure, PL/SQL Designer, Oracle Server 8.0, Oracle Web Server 3.0, MySQL, SAP Business 1 database, 1010-k dbm, Teradata data warehouse. Oracle PL/SQL programming certification; Oracle DBA Certificate, Microsoft SQL Server Replica service replication.

Scientific: Bioinformatics, DNA sequencing manipulation computations; phylogenetics; phylogeography computations.


Confidential, New Haven, CT

Lead Consultant/Project Manager, Sr. Software Analyst


  • Develop and integrate cardiology graphic AI diagnosis system web based application, using MS SQL Server using T-SQL, and Stored Procedure, using Windows server and IIS 8 web server, ASP.NET and C#.NET. Maintain and support Windows server, web server, SQL database and graphic processing platform.


Lead Sr. Consultant, Sr. Software Analyst


  • Maintain and support health care billing system with On-Line Web application User interface, Web Service Middle Tear and Oracle database using PL/SQL, MS SQL Server using T-SQL Server Stored Procedure, Function, IBM DB2, Oracle and PL/SQL, MS IIS Web server, SharePoint as document manager, SSIS, SSRS, MS BI Dev. Studio, MS ASPX.NET, C#.NET.


Lead Sr. Consultant, Sr. Software Analyst /Program Manager


  • Design and develop Airline Flight data Processing system and data warehouse, Oracle database as mission control database using PL/SQL, Stored Procedure and SQL Loader, Amazon RedShift as data processing engine, MS Azure Claud service and MS Power BI as data processor.
  • Managed the development of web application for Jet engine blade dynamic measured data visualization system to help engine research, development and manufacture quality control, and predictive maintenance research. Tools used include Teradata data warehouse, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft T-SQL, Stored Procedure, Microsoft SharePoint, SSIS and SSRS, BI Development Studio, TIBCO Spotfire and MS Report developer.
  • Joined the self-learning system development project using Tensor flow library and fussy neuro-network method. The system is used for artificial document recognition.

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