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Telematics Validation Team Resume


  • Analyzed Firewall and IDS logs provided by the Bank of Money and determined security issues and operational concerns occurred within the enterprise during the timeframe of the breach
  • Designed a visual analytic environment, detected botnet behavior patterns, infected hosts, protocol/IP traffics and illustrated the security trends with Tableau
  • Planned a risk assessment program to protect the client’s assets and the risks posed by IT infrastructure and developed the risk profiling categories (or risk metrics) and criteria including risk scoring and prioritization
  • Recommended the implementation strategies for remediation actions or regulations related to risk management and estimated the controls/risk mitigation factors and the expected residual risk


Languages: CSS, HTML5, JAVA, JavaScript

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe XD, iBM i2 Analyst Notebook, NetBeans, SPSS Statistics, Tableau, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visio



Telematics Validation Team


  • Researched interactions between users and vehicle infotainment system by understanding user manual associated with the standards, policies, and guidelines of security and safety
  • Critiqued user interface modules and Virtual Communication Platform of safety and security services on GM OnStar Telematics
  • Executed test cases based on Software Requirement Specification supported by GM and monitored real - time rendering techniques of media
  • Validated input controls of the AVN system and in-vehicle infotainment system performance on the required outputs for improved quality assurance


Digital Media Team Lead


  • Administered social media accounts of the organization and shaped the organization of design, multimedia
  • Utilized Adobe Photoshop to create content of social media campaigns, fundraising events, and flyers for recruitment depending on different types of social media platforms
  • Evaluated the performance of the campaigns/events and reported every project to a representative of Association for supporting the SDGs for the UN
  • Raised $300 for charity every 6 months and successfully promoted 12 social media campaigns as a total

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