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Project Coordinator Resume

Weldon Springs, MO


Mid/Senior multifaceted IT Professional in Technology/Project/Vendor/Customer Management, 800 - 8YY Advanced Features SME, Network Support, Tech Writer/Trainer/Application product development, Business Analyst, Change Management, Call Center, and Non-Profit Ministry Director. Experienced manager, customer and process focused, high integrity work ethic, visionary, resourceful, self-educated. Action/Detailed-oriented with strong ability to communicate effectively with technology, executive, and business audiences.


BMC Remedy Maintenance, SCOPE, DRUM, JIRA, Confluence, IMOP 2 & 3, CM Portal, SharePoint TNO, Panorama, SharePoint- P1 Project Tool, NGRE & IPAG/7609 SS; NEMA, BITS, Order Track, VIP-VPS order; SPOT; eLogic; CO Dashboard; GFS Provisioning, Ryder Trac/Active Suites, CATS, WFA/EDGE, Telco Tools/Customer Care tools; Microsoft Access, MS Office Products; MS Project, MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Route-IT, ADV8, CTP, ACD, EBS Portal, Netscope, CTP2, TIRKS, MSR-GTN, MSRTS, MPS, SOTS, Wats-Sop, DSAS, 10DRSS, SSA, GSS, GTN, NSS, Basic8, SMS, 8YY Services, MS Office Products, Qlink (IM), Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, SalesLogix, MS I.E, Mozilla Firefox, Quicken, MyDeluxeINvoices, Knowledgelake Tablerock DB, Avaya Callmaster, Acronym finder. USB flash drives, Printer Applications, Compact digital cameras. BITS, CTS, EDGE, Greta, Remedy AOTS, BMP, BMP web portal. Citrix Windows Help/Support Tutorial, KMS, ITIL, APEX Documents, Process Aids, Adobe Systems Adobe Illustrator, Corel Paint Shop Pro. Windows XP Pro, XP Home Edition, Windows 7, 8, 10… Typing 90 WPM, Data Entry 8500 Alpa, 13500 Numeric


Confidential, Weldon Springs, MO

Project Coordinator


  • Supporting 3 lines of business- responsible for making sure that all upgrades run smoothly- detailed project, large amount of data transactions, working closely with technicians, the customer- making sure the project stays on time, devices are there, everything is documented, and detailed organized.
  • Home city locations- swapping out devices- going to thin clients Admins- coordinate on-site support- only sending hardware Care sales- implementing an entirely new software- entire new configuration- new devices, printers, etc Run technical teams- taking in info from technicians- direct what technicians are responsible for within all of north America, Canada Rental, administrative group, car sales (dealership) Multiple projects, timelines

Confidential, MO

Change Control Analyst


  • Guide, instruct, and train vertical team technicians & management in change management & network compliance issues.
  • Communicated and provided user product training of Change Management tools and processes to ensure standardization to all verticals using Skype, phone or video conferencing.
  • Worked with Project Management for enterprise launches/rollouts of maintenance activity, process implementation, training and communications as deemed necessary
  • Ensure Remedy maintenance tickets were accurately submitted with required data to meet compliance and were designed to improve the stability of the network or provide controlled expansion or addition of service and/or network equipment and adhere to Change Management standards, methodology and practices. Verifying through CM Portal, remedy reports, SharePoint
  • Coordinated and facilitated scheduled network maintenance tickets through Remedy to minimize risk and exposure to the Charter Network and revenue customers. Coordinated with verticals Video Operations, ISP, OSP, Engineering and Telephony to identify the impact.
  • Verify, confirm residential and commercial fiber customer impact through CM portal, SCOPE, DRUM to meet require SLA timeframe.
  • Commercial fiber impacting open an internal ticket for customer notification.
  • Actively and consistently supported all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience
  • Facilitated the Network Protection Policy to minimize risk and exposure to network and revenue customers
  • Provided analytic oversight of maintenance tickets and its MOPs to manage and alert to resource or cross service collisions, analyses the overall impact to customers across a converge network, MOPs either attached to tickets, SharePoint, IMOP2/3 or JIRA.
  • Recommended changes to procedures and operations suggests enhancement to systems used by the Change Control Office and presented proposed solutions with requirements in a detailed format
  • Responsible for the observation, communication and alert of non-compliance of the Network Protection Policy to drive proactive, preventative maintenance and influence effective and efficient performance management practices.


IT Professional Services Project Manager


  • Utilized Agile/Waterfall PMBOK based program/project management processes and methodologies for the IT community to ensure projects were delivered on time, for Network Capacity Org. Managed and drove e2e/cradle to grave delivery / operations projects for PMO programs- Fiber/Time Division Multiplexing Cost Avoidance and Migrate off MD Equipment (T1C De-load/D5 Migration) and Remote Retirement/Switch Decommission (replacement) and Line Grooming (DSL/POTS). Cisco 7609/IPAG Link Augment, IPAG-IPAG Rehome, Next Generation IPAG Card Swap. VPLS MX960 card and cable swap, and IPAG 4x10G to 16x10G Card Swap within 22 state Central offices.
  • Write program manuals and flow project charts for users to describe installation and operating procedures and provide user training
  • Hold Kick off Call (KOC) audio/video call communicating/planning with Product Owner Capacity Management, GFS- Global Field Services, OCO-Over all Control Office, CO-Central Office Managers and Technology Engineering Mtce Control Office and PMO Project Specialists to ensure project scope has clear direction, discuss scope of project, dependencies and set completion of baseline date. Confirmed OCO/CBB had notified customer of impact to adhere to SLA requirements and established Disaster Recovery
  • Built project into Database of Record and use administrative skills and data extracted from multiple internal systems to build and manage accurate reports, project status and contacting primary contact when necessary in the DBOR: NEMA (Network Engineer Management System), BITS (Business Integrated Tracking System-MS Access), SHAREPOINT or Excel Spreadsheet
  • Prioritized and organized effectively and managed multiple projects and assignments
  • Monitored and reviewed progress against plans and schedules; analyzed, exposed and resolved deviations that output adheres to program standards and stakeholder expectations. Conflict risk management and resolution, identified road blocks and escalated/expedited to appropriate organizations for timely solutions, proposed and influenced business solutions, facilitated communication, negotiated deliverables and requirements across multiple IT business customers or organizational teams. Utilized various systems, TIRKS, WFA, Dashboard, Billing/auditing, for conflict resolution.
  • Utilized various methods; WFA- Work Force Authorization, GFS Provisioning website, Order Track/Vendor Management, Ryder Trak/Active Suite, EBIZ/eLOGIC; TEO Scheduler, EHB(Engineering Handoff Binder), to track Cards and other material related to the project, responding to technicians notes, monitor/manage completion of material to the project, communicating with various organizations/vendors with conflict resolution and return of defective/outdated product back to warehouse.
  • Liaison and communication between all departments; network planning/engineering/workforce to resolve all conflict, road blocks, process technical documents and job aids.
  • Provided daily/weekly project status and completion Notice to Confidential & Confidential Program/Project Management Team, Current Planning, Capacity management and other depended business partners Confidential established intervals, via Outlook/emails, or DBOR comment field.
  • Utilized existing formal jeopardy and /or change control process.
  • Used Administrative/data entry skills to keep all tickets and progress reports up to date

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

Network Service Support Escalation Project Manager


  • 2nd level, Tier 2 Escalation/Expedite Manager and Member of 24/7/365 Access Intervention Management Call Center Support team, responsible to interface with access suppliers ILEC, CLEC, RBOC, the highest level of escalation to resolve customer troubles and access T3 troubles.
  • Responsible to interface with both customers and vendor suppliers in pursuit of restoration of service.
  • Trained peers on use of product system tools and established internal procedures/policies
  • Supported all maintenance work centers in this capacity, including Confidential & Confidential Mobility.
  • Proactively managed work list, customers, and suppliers and to follow through to final resolution. Managed any conflicts, road blocks to completion
  • Established and participated on customer/technical conf. bridges for expeditious resolution of outages.
  • Partnered with maintenance work centers and suppliers to ensure effective, efficient interface and processes as well as developed and managed initiatives to improve performance and productivity.
  • Updated all tickets in BMP (Business Management Platform), AOTS (Remedy-ATT online Ticket System), CTS (Centralized Ticket System) with current service status, and validated service restoral.
  • Worked with DS0, DS1, primarily DS3, OC circuits
  • Used Administrative/data entry skills to keep all tickets and progress reports up to date.

Confidential, O’Fallon, MO

Network Operations Technician


  • Provided technical support for MasterCard’s OCC operations environment.
  • Maintained performance of MasterCard MIP machines, utilizing mainframe, run continuity test to routers for optimization. Analyzed information to determine MasterCard performance and areas of improvement.
  • Identified, tracked, and resolved any service conflicts and verified the MasterCard infrastructure to ensure it met specifications and requirements Major Accountabilities: Mainframe, Production Control, Debit, and MIP Network
  • Managed, monitored and took corrective action of road blocks while minimizing customer impact. Call to Customer for analysis, re-route of service, using ATT Language Line for translation when needed.
  • Vendor Management- Engage external vendor for troubleshooting/repair resolution.
  • Created and/or updated internal tickets to document monitoring and recovery steps, Citrix Ticket System.
  • Performed routine maintenance procedures as required by policy or Method of Procedure (MOP).
  • Maintained metrics as defined by management
  • Used Administrative/data entry skills to keep all tickets and progress reports up to date.

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

IT Project Manager


  • Maintenance Release Management Change Control Management, Call Center support, incoming IVR/VRU phone calls, handle according to office ITIL process and SLA, resolved complaints and escalated accordingly
  • Coordinated with Product owner and system admin for development of CBUS (Customer Business Update System) Software application, development for product creation and enhancement including testing, development, and deployment of product application to be used by cross functional organizational team/departments.
  • Tested software product by running various jobs for reliable outcome
  • Identified need for initial or supplemental project resources.
  • Trained new/existing users to use new/modified MRG website and ticket/tracking systems- BMP and AOTS.
  • Managed project execution e2e/cradle to grave to ensure adherence to scheduled and scope loaded on website.
  • Managed, resolved conflicts and road blocks
  • Initiated, reviewed, or approved modifications to project plans or Method of Procedures (MOP).
  • Monitored or tracked project milestones and deliverables.
  • Prioritized and organized effectively and managed multiple projects and assignments
  • Performed risk assessments to develop response strategies.
  • Conferred with project personnel, technical teams and client contacts to identify and resolve problems.
  • Planned, coordinated and implemented network change control requests between Network Control personnel and end users, working with all levels of Network services.
  • Scheduled and facilitated meetings related to information technology projects.
  • Developed or updated project plans for IT projects including information such as project objectives, technologies, systems, scheduling and staffing requirements
  • Notified/coordinated change management between Network Group and end client, via phone call, or outlook email with scripted text message.
  • Utilized Toll Free 8YY Advanced Feature Skills to provide ticket resolution, answer customer inquiry. And used NANPA (LERG) to resolve NPA/NXX issues.
  • Used Administrative/data entry skills to keep all databases and progress reports up to date.

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

Network Engineer


  • Proactively monitored, identified, resolved, and/or escalated network repair tickets/issues according to procedural documentation for resolution/completion within Telecom SLA. Prioritized and organized effectively and managed multiple repair tickets.
  • Answered incoming IVR/VRU call center calls, responding to customer complaints status or repair and escalation for trouble resolution. Assisted customers; end user or NOC personnel on Cisco product trouble/failures by either utilizing product manual, redirecting to customer NOC support- includes locating such or redirecting to customers Confidential & Confidential Service Manager
  • Provided user support by diagnosing network and device problems and implementing technical or procedural solutions.
  • Ran various test patterns for initial trouble isolation/direction as well as circuit continuity upon repair resolution and confirmed with internal/external customers.
  • Engaged adjacent support Tiers 2, 3, 4, NOCs or external affiliated telecom companies for resolution/escalation to assist in resolution of complex network issues.
  • Provided timely status, escalation, and resolutions to our internal/external customers.
  • Used Administrative/data entry skills to keep all tickets and progress reports up to date.
  • Primary Point of Contact for 12 large Global accounts such as: MasterCard International, Certegy, Deluxe, Capital One/Norfolk Bank, Best Foods Dist.
  • Utilized Toll Free 8YY Advanced Feature Skills to provide ticket resolution, answer customer inquiry, complaints and escalated accordingly. And used NANPA (LERG) to resolve NPA/NXX issues.
  • Utilized Audit and Billing/auditing skills for conflict resolution. Directed customers accordingly to resolve billing conflicts.
  • Delivered excellent customer service through professional and timely communications for all Maintenance incidents through phone and/or ticket system methods.
  • Primary contact to monitor and resolve all Planned/Scheduled maintenance MRG repair ticket for customer flags for status inquiries or escalations with status and/or contacting Requestor
  • Referred unresolved customer grievances to designated departments for further investigation.
  • Worked with: 56K, ATM, IPFR, IPL, BVOIP/VOIP, ISDN, DS0, DS1, DS3, OCs, FTS2000/2004, Masterline, Readyline, POTS, DSL, Dedicated/Switched services, ADL
  • Used Administrative/data entry skills to keep all tickets and progress reports up to date.

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