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Program Manager Resume

Mclean, VA


  • A dynamic and results - driven IT Consultant with over 17 Years of experience in areas of Project Management, Risk Management, Software Delivery, Change Management, Business Analysis, Software Validation and Technical Documentation.
  • Significant experience working in a fast paced IT Project Management area in both Federal and Private sector to provide timely support through project planning, implementation and quality controls with emphasis on Risk analysis and Compliance.
  • Proficient in conducting presentations, product Demoes, holding stakeholder meetings and documentation.
  • Expertise in maintaining appropriate Project Documents with emphasis on compliance with company policies and guidelines.
  • Strong knowledge of Software Tools: ServiceNow (ITSM, SAM, HRSD, ITBM, Custom Application Development), Remedy BMC Change Management Tool, Microsoft Office tools, Jira, Rally and Quality Center.
  • Strong knowledge of implementing AGILE and SAFe methodologies for software development.
  • Comfortable working independently within competitive and demanding settings; Strong skills in problem identification, analysis and resolution.


Confidential, McLean, VA

Program Manager


  • Successfully implemented the SAFe methodology for software development utilizing the SAFe application available on ServiceNow platform for the USDA Client. Provided the Product owner a clear Kanban progress board to track the various Features, Epics, Sprints, User Stories and defects.
  • Interfaced with project stakeholders twice a week to go over the project status, raise risks, prioritize tasks and discuss overall vision of the clients.
  • Working with the ServiceNow Development team and the end users ensured that the Hardware and Software asset data is kept up-to-date in CMDB.
  • Using metrics, dashboards and reports, helped asset owners visualize and manage Software Asset utilization throughout the organization.
  • Monitored the Change requests, Incident and problem tickets to track the health of the software assets.
  • Formalized a change control process to ensure that the enhancements and releases followed a standardized process. This not only ensured that the change control practice aligns with the Organizational values, reduces costs associated with poorly managed change and creating consistency in the process.
  • Oversaw the first Robot Process Automation effort in the company by leading the team in building the “Zoe” BOT to help the HR Classification team automate some of the mundane recurring tasks and help them focus on doing other value add work.
  • Successfully Implemented 12 applications for USDA FPAC by utilizing both out of the box and custom code on the ServiceNow Platform.
  • Lead the first ever USDA FPAC Employee Care Center Portal, built on the ServiceNow platform that would assist over 32,000 employees to reach out to HR and other teams for support.
  • Performed several System/application demoes to senior USDA leadership (CIO, CHRO, COO and others). Most recently did a demo of the RPA BOT to the FPAC Under-Secretary.
  • Managed the entire program budget, resources, hiring, for the USDA FPAC program, including invoicing, Sprint planning, Weekly and Monthly status reporting.
  • Provided project AGILE metrics (Team Velocity, Burn-Down Charts, ART, Releases etc.) to the project sponsor and the USDA COR, to enable them make quick management decisions.
  • Facilitated and documented Sprint and Project retrospectives and presented the findings to senior USDA leadership.
  • Facilitated numerous Requirements and GAP Analysis worships with key USDA personal to bring about a solution that would improve process efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Trained junior Project Managers on AGILE and SAFe approach for other projects within the organization.
  • Mentored numerous Business Analysts, Testers, project staff during the course of the projects.
  • Actively participated in various ServiceNow events, including Knowledge 18, 19 and 20. Participated in the FedNOW summit in DC and exchanged ideas with various ServiceNow Account reps, Managers and other partners.
  • Provided Program level leadership to the team during various deployments and releases by representing at the Stage Gate review and ensuring that the team receives ATO on time.
  • Worked closely with the Enterprise Architecture, Quality Assurance, 508 Compliance, IT Security teams at USDA to ensure the projects are in compliance with the mandated IT guidelines.
  • Documented various project artifacts like Completed User Story list, RTM, Test Docs, Architecture doc, Project Management Plan etc.
  • Provided input to the proposals team with respect to the design architecture, Software development approach, resource needs and other items as required.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Senior Project Manager


  • Worked on Multiple teams over the course of several years including Capital Markets, Financial Modeling and Change Management groups.
  • Coordinated Application releases with 11 down-stream financial applications and external vendor Blackrock (Aladdin) to ensure all the testing/shakeout activities are completed on time.
  • Also coordinated weekly Blackrock releases with the Confidential Operations, Technology and Front Office teams to assess impact, perform appropriate shakeout and other activities to ensure zero impact to Confidential operations.
  • Provided project leadership to the team during release activity, including: production timetable, status reporting, stakeholder/project team/UAT coordination and quality assurance (Capital Markets, Cash Flow Application, Securitization, Trade Service)
  • As the Scrum Master facilitated the daily SCRUM calls by utilizing the KANBAN board to track project progress.
  • Oversaw the Sprint planning sessions by ensuring team adheres to the forecasted team Velocity while prioritizing the user stories.
  • Ensured that the appropriate User Stories in Rally tool have owners assigned, has a suitable acceptance criteria, points assigned and also update the status based on the feedback from the daily scrums/sprint planning sessions etc.
  • Worked closely with the assigned Product Manager, Development manager and Business users in prioritizing the backlog items.
  • Engaged the SCRUM team during the Sprint Retrospective sessions to gather valuable lessons learnt from previous sprints to help with the future sprints.
  • Provided periodic updates to higher management/stakeholders with the status of the projects in hand by utilizing reporting feature of Rally Tool.
  • Effectively managed multiple Application releases in parallel and saw it through the various SDLC milestones.
  • Worked closely with the customers to assess the impact of the release. Also worked with the Integrated Downstream users to assess impact once the release notifications were sent out.
  • Worked with the development, system test and requirements gathering teams to develop a detailed project plan and create a detailed risk list. Monitored the status of the risks at every stage of the project.
  • Updated the project task completion status in the project plan, created the project Risk List and updated the risk mitigation strategy for the identified risks.
  • Developed a detailed Deployment Traceability Matrix and keep track of the project deliverables required at various Project Quality checkpoints.
  • Engaged with the Change Review Board group during the initiation phase of the project to go over the feasibility of the assigned scope items for the release.
  • Facilitated dialogue between the various development teams of the underlying application by engaging them in the Weekly Development meetings. Documented and distributed the Meeting agenda and ensured the key milestones and deliverables are highlighted.
  • Worked with the Technology architect to build out the required infrastructure to support Web Services component for the application.
  • Worked with the Technology Recovery group and the production operations group to update the Technology Contingency Plan document.
  • Guided the Development team, System test team and users with the documentation effort so that the project artifacts are in compliance with Project Quality guidelines.
  • Managed the project milestones and ensured that the key deliverables from the assigned personnel are obtained, reviewed and submitted to various compliance departments like, PQO, APT, MRM, SOX, ARB, EDG, Technology legal etc.
  • Engaged the relevant stakeholders during the Production Readiness Review meeting towards the tail end of the project upon successful completion of system and UAT testing.
  • Acted as the project Release Manager to create the required Release Change tickets and ensure the tickets go through the approval process and get appropriate representation in the CAB, Super-CAB meetings.

Confidential, Farmington, MI

Business Analyst


  • Was accountable for day-to-day operational Change Management activities, including: executing established Change Management policies, processes and procedures; communicating/maintaining Change schedules; updating related Change Management artifacts; tracking Change Management metrics; making recommendation on Change Process improvements; and participating in change process efforts.
  • Was responsible for reviewing proposed Requests for Change (RFC) and making recommendations to mitigate risk and/or improve the change quality or viability of the RFCs.
  • Assessed change(s) for impact on related Configuration Item (CI), technical feasibility, and degree of coordination required to effectively implement change(s).
  • Coordinated, convened, and assisted in facilitating change review meetings, both internally and with customers; record decisions made during change review meetings; maintain a schedule of approved and tentative system changes.
  • Verified the completeness and timeliness of changes entered into the change management system; followed up non-compliant changes with the responsible parties to bring it back in compliance.
  • Updated and ensured that the on-going data integrity of the change management database and change processes. Maintained the Change Management documentation and submitted the information to authorized CAB for approval.
  • Acted as the point of for questions, problems, suggestions, and complaints about the change management system; recommend needed adjustments to the change system, as appropriate.
  • Assembled and maintained change, incident and problem history records; prepare statistics and trend reports for use in review of the change management process.
  • Resolved change management scheduling conflicts and deviations according to established practices, and obtain advice when precedents are unclear or unavailable.
  • Assisted in managing and improving Change Management efforts and overall processes; developed detailed specifications for implementation and communication of change process.
  • Ensured current and accurate change documentation; coordinated and or performed testing of process modifications; and developed, and coordinated process, al tools, and materials.
  • Tracked and communicated key metrics to ensure compliance for Change Management standards and policies.
  • Attended as requested change planning reviews and release control gate meetings.
  • Participated as requested in change scheduling and Production Readiness Reviews for major changes.
  • Utilized technical knowledge and subject matter expertise to understand business and technical issues, and potential impacts of the proposed change(s).
  • Ensured that all customers, support staff and Service Desk staff are trained and provided with the appropriate Change documentation and information where needed.
  • Assessed the task versus the Risk level and ensure all Change Requests are in compliance with Confidential Corporate Change Management guidelines. Ensured coordination and communication of all Fast Tracks and After the Fact tasks to minimize impact on daily operations.

Confidential, Lansing, MI

Model Office Business/ QA Analyst


  • Participated in the by-weekly meetings with Management, Users and Customer Service Representatives to finalize the Business Requirements for the application.
  • Worked closely with requirements managers and project manager. Conducted interviews, developed questionnaires and initiated brainstorming, or role playing sessions to get a better understanding of client business processes. Gathered requirements accordingly.
  • Worked with designers and software developers to understand application functionality and navigational flow and keep them updated about the sentiments of the business owners.
  • Developed business flow diagrams and Sequence diagrams so that developers and other stakeholders can understand the business process.
  • Performed feasibility, adaptability study and risk analysis to identify the business critical areas from User perspective.
  • Created traceability matrix to track the requirements to business needs and features.
  • Organized weekly meetings with the review teams for consistent improvement of the QA process for the application development.
  • Used power point presentations to conduct walkthroughs with the stakeholders.
  • Conducted Design Walkthroughs with end users, developers, managers and analysts to gather the Modification Requests (MR) and to upgrade or change the business specifications for the product.
  • Developed test cases for requirements coverage based on system design specifications, Page Flow documents and State Transitions.
  • Ensured that the test plans are signed off by the appropriate management personal depending on the risk level, and stored appropriately as part of the Organizational Process Assets for future .
  • Reported and documented bugs using Test Director and conducted walkthroughs to make the development team understand why it failed to meet the requirements of the users.
  • Performed back-end database testing by running queries on the mainframe.
  • The Digital printing system had the unique ability to automatically invoice customers on pending payments and issue checks in case of over payment. Conducted daily testing of this system to ensure no unintended bugs crept in.
  • The FORMAKER and CYBERLIFE applications utilized an automated system to print forms and insurance policy updates depending on the requirements of the policy holders. Worked with developers and users to ensure the business requirements and always kept updated and any changes are followed up with the change management system.

Confidential, Kalamazoo - MI

Graduate Assistant


  • Updated the departmental website with the course updates, jobs etc utilizing the Macromedia Dreamweaver.
  • Utilized the Optical Character Recognition scanner to gather and update departmental course material.
  • Gathered Faculty evaluation reports from the students and create evaluation charts for assessment. These charts would help Management better understand the deficiencies in the coursework and improvise on the Physician Assistant program.
  • Accessed the WMU Mainframe database and navigated through different student data to gather their demographic and academic details, to assist the Student Advisory Board member.
  • Evaluated various tutors and faculty using data provided by students, through the use of MS-Excel.
  • Evaluated student grades and analyze student performance by using Pivots, Pie Charts and Histograms.
  • Organized the feedback received from various students and presented it to management; who in turn would use this to optimize the course outline for the students.

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