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Senior Project Manager Resume

San Jose, CA


  • 10+ years of experience in Software Engineering and IT project Management in Fortune 500 and startup companies like Apple, Confidential, Yahoo, SanDisk, Disney, Charter, Bright House, KLA - Tencor and others .
  • Developed go-to market commercial software, managing high-value talent and budgets for integrated global systems and teams.
  • Background includes interfacing with Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Manufacturing, Operations, and Upper management when delivering large-scale technologically complex projects; in addition to interfacing with clients on process improvement and systems recommendations.
  • Knowledge encompasses structuring and defining requirements, work breakdown, task definition, scheduling, project control, uncertainty management, software processes, Vendor RFP/RFI and Project Lifecycle Expertise (PLC) as well as evaluating, planning, managing and verifying processes, project execution and risk identification/mitigation.
  • Large scale Project Portfolio Management, Project initiation, planning and requirements, work breakdown, task definition, scheduling, project control, uncertainty management, software processes and lifecycle expertise.
  • Experience on Tableau dashboard and backend financial tools to manage 10M to 20M projects and budgets.
  • Created and improved internal tools and spreadsheets to analyze backend data sources.
  • Data Lifecycle management processes and procedures
  • Establish SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to maintain and improve data quality and to maintain and manage data supply chains
  • Assisted with creation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and measurable metrics.
  • Managed project priorities de-prioritizing resources utilization on less critical areas and re-directed efforts to deliver the greatest impact and results.
  • Reviewed operational issues and determine if a technology solution is required or a process correction needs to be made
  • Establish SOP to maintain and improve data quality and to maintain and manage data supply chains
  • Extensive validation skills of the gathered data for veracity, consistency and completeness
  • Provide day-to-day coordination and quality assurance for projects and tasks.
  • Used data, research, and collaboration to identify operational pain points and opportunities to improve business practices
  • Worked to foster a culture of data driven decision making


Apple iOS 10, VoIP, Store Routers and Switches, Managed circuit installations with domestic providers such as AT&T and Verizon; as well as international providers like BT, Eurofiber, Telefónica, Orange.

IT infrastructure for Voice (Copper, PRI), and Data (DSL, T1s, DS3, Fiber, MPLS) and Hosted IP Telephony solutions.

MVDC, DWDM (ONS-15454-MSTP), VMware ESX, UCS, Unified Communication, MPLS, BGP, EIGRP, NMS/SNMP.

DC Security layer experience using Confidential and Juniper, including Server Load Balancing and Applications.

Juniper Firewalls, Ciena Optical, Infinera, Infinera Network Solutions, Nokia, Confidential ASR-1K, N7K, ASA-5585 Firewalls, DNS, IPv4/IPv6.

Implementation and deployment of Docker, Microservices, Pipeline, Kubernetes, Orchestration/Cloud Solutions, SaaS, IaaS, AWS, SAP HANA

Apple Collaboration technologies Slack, Quip, Box, ConnectMe, Confluence, Kanban Boards and estimations. Familiarity with Machine learning, Sales Force CRM systems as well as Siebel and Vantive.

MS Office, Skype, SharePoint, UNIX, Collaboration Services (WebEx), SQL.

Waterfall, Iterative and Agile/Scrum GIS GIRA, Kaban boards, Sprints, SW Methodologies, SDLC, UAT Environments, QoS, Lifecycle Expertise using back-end tools including Oracle Projects, GPPD-GPPR, Smartsheet, Box, and others.


Senior Project Manager

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Analyze and report on the configurations of devices for common services. This data should be made available in a database for InfoSec to ingest into their own systems, and where a dashboard can be built utilizing the data to provide meaningful, easy to access reports.
  • Focus on ensuring the device database within NSO is up to date with the information on infrastructure held in ESP (Enterprise Service Platform).
  • Second phase of the project will focus on automated remediation on errors identified.
  • Project utilized the Confidential Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) for both reporting and the automated remediation phases.
  • Scope of the ACS migration is to be able to decommission the current ACS infrastructure. All migrations will be done in two phases. Phase one will be to deploy the new configurations retaining the ACS configuration on as a back-up. Phase two will be to remove ACS configurations from devices, and ISE will become primary.
  • Scope to structure and automate Network Security Zones as Primary and Secondary Network Zones The process objective is to classify the subnets to be automated, and restrict the fields used in ESP to agreed accounts to prevent erroneous updates from users that fall outside the agreed classifications.
  • Restrict access to Update Network Security and Secondary Network zones to specified trusted generic accounts.
  • Clarify direction on location tagging and classifications.

Senior Project Manager

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Conference Room Infrastructure Development.
  • MDM based to monitor, manage and secure employees' mobile devices that are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organization.
  • Project comprises of feature set for in-room check-in.
  • Out-side comprises of feature set for out-of-room check-in.
  • Responsibilities include regular scheduled support and comms with all supported locations.
  • Work with architecture, design, and development teams in SCV and India teams using Docker, Microservices, Pipeline, Kubernetes, Orchestration/Cloud technologies .
  • Track Schedules, Deliverables, and SW development using Agile methodologies.
  • Rooms POC Mobile proxy features developed in early 2019 to integrate with Apple Directory.
  • Data Services and Integration Services
  • API Services, BFF Service (Back End / Front End) and Platform services

Sr Project Manager

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Setup environment for Operations to do a Ciena production deployment for Americas/EMEA/APAC of the EQNX Product for Dense Metro Connect - Miami Metro Lab setup to enable operations deployments for Infinera DTN Platform and Network Management Suite for the DTN-X family of products.
  • PM on addition of the Digital Network Administrator (DNA-M) multi-layer network and service management system for the Infinera XTM Series.
  • Upgraded Nokia Devices 7450/5620SAM SW/Firmware.
  • PM for the prep installation of production co-located / redundant Nokia 5620Sam systems on VM/Linux.
  • PM to refresh Arista devices IX service using NSO to Implement Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) and simplify operations, replacing the high-touch management model with an Orchestration real-time, automated programmability system Confidential /NSO.
  • Project management for test plan to validate 2 Juniper Line cards upgrade to Junos software version.

Confidential, San José, CA

IT Sr Project Manager / Business Analyst


  • PM Experience with large Subscription projects across multiple Confidential verticals with budgets of $10,000,000+ that include Confidential R/S, Voice, Security, and Wireless technologies.
  • Worked on multiple transaction builds like the Wireless deployments and retail Apple LTE Labs project in Cupertino, which included Small Cells and Wireless technologies
  • Worked on setup Apple retail stores/offices ranging in size from 5 to 20 users to flagship stores using redundant firewalls, switches and routers for larger flagship installations.
  • Extensive Business Analysis work in BI and IT PMO for portfolio planning and management for high profile Confidential customers including Disney, Apple, eBay, PayPal, and Bright House/Charter.
  • Working PM for Charter Transaction project on ASR-CRS Upgrade/Migration - Phase1 and Phase2, which included multiple sites nationwide.
  • Provided backend financial and staffing support for Disney, Charter and Bright House with expertise on Planning using Primavera WBS and budgeting.
  • Managed Project Portfolios of 50+ projects for delivery trough Confidential Lifecycle: Pipeline, Pre-Sales, Active, and Delivery Close phases.
  • Managed Production and Inventory DTCC Order Returns for Charter locations nationwide.

Confidential, San José, CA

Project Manager / Business Analyst


  • Managed Apple team of Engineers, organized weekly meetings internal and external communications, using Software-defined networking (SDN) network technology as well as virtualized server and storage infrastructure utilized in today’s data centers.
  • Business Analysis for Project Portfolios with teams of a 100+ engineers for customers Apple, Disney, eBay and PayPal.
  • Managed Scrub processes for Apple Nexus 4K, 5K, 7K, 9K, 6500, Catalyst, WLC, CUCM and other Confidential Technologies. Security Services Layers, Collaboration, Data Center and Virtualization
  • Experience collaborating with multiple teams across Confidential including PMO, NCE Engineers, HTOM, HTE, HTTS, and Asset Management including TS Advantage & Smartnet contracts.

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