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Senior Bi Consultant Resume


  • Over 20 years’ experience in rich internet application, Internet/Intranet and Client/Server Programming
  • Over 9 years BI application/dashboard development experience
  • SAP BusinessObjects 3.1/4.1 platform, Xcelsius, Dashboard, Design Studio, HANA
  • Tableau and Spotfire dashboard development
  • Good at Coldfusion 8/9/10/11, CFC, CFM and CFScript development
  • Good at Excel VBA to create full Excel VBA, PivotTable based applications
  • Good at SQL Server, Oracle 8i/9i, MySQL 5, SQLite 3, Java H2, SQL, MDX
  • Good at SVN, GIT code repository
  • Over 6 years Adobe Flex/AIR experience on Web/AIR Dashboard creation, SVN, AS 3, MXML and Charting
  • Quick learning and very strong problem solving skill
  • Strong system analysis and database design
  • Project management
  • Java, Servlet and PHP
  • Wix, Ant and Maven tools to build and deploy applications
  • WebFocus, PowerBuilder, Watcome SQL, SQLAnyhere, C, C++, ObjectCycle 2.1 and InstallShield 6



Senior BI Consultant


  • Developed Authorization Request application using SAP Javascript framework SAPUI5 I developed a SAP Authorization Request application with SAP Javascript frontend framework SAPUI5. The project lasted one and half year. The backend is oDATA REST API, the frontend calls the Rest API to get data, render UI and save data back to backend database. There were some complex UIs built on the fly to make good user experience. The challenge is that I did not know SAP UI5 framework, I learnt all within the project. The team has 3 people, one project manager, one backend developer and one frontend developer. I am the frontend developer, built all the frontend with SAPUI5 and jQuery.
  • Developed multiple dashboards using Tableau 8, SQL Server 2008 R2 and HANA Database I used SAP Dashboard/Xcelsius and Design Studio to build dashboard against SAP BW and HANA. My role in this project: I was dashboard developer in the team, analyzed, designed and developed the dashboards.
  • Developed multiple dashboards using SAP BO Xcelsius, Dashboard, BW, Qaaws, Design Studio and HANA I used SAP Dashboard/Xcelsius and Design Studio to build dashboard against SAP BW and HANA. My role in this project: I was dashboard developer in the team, analyzed, designed and developed the dashboards.
  • Developed multiple dashboards using HTML5 and Java Servlet Developed multiple HTML5 Dashboard using Kendo UI and Highcharts for business, the backend was Java Servlet. My role in this project: I was dashboard developer in the team, analyzed, designed and developed and tested the dashboards in full life cycle.
  • Developed Factsheet application which worked on PC and Surface using WPF, Wix and JSON Client had an application on iPad, client would push this application to more business users who did not have iPad; I rebuilt the application using Microsoft .Net 4.5 WPF so it could work on Windows PC as well as Microsoft Surface, the application used Wix to build installation package. The application could also run offline. My role in this project: I was the only developer in this project, analyzed, designed and developed and tested the application in the full life cycle.
  • Developed Newsmonitor app using Flash Builder/HTML5, Java Servlet, Java, NLP, SQL Server 2008 and RSS Newsmonitor was a smart application, admin could define the search term, then the application would use Google news and Bing news to search the news and shown all the news in a dashboard. User could rank the news. The application would learn base on user’s ranking. The application was built using Flash Builder/HTML5 as frontend and Java as backend.My role in this project: I got the requirement and designed, built, tested and deployed the application.
  • Developed roi - PE Dashboard application using Adobe Flex 3/Flash Builder 4, SAP BW, Coldfusion, AIR and Wix roi-PE was an Adobe AIR based BI dashboard platform application, it allowed end users to build and manage their own dashboards, and it deployed to BMS global users. All BMS users used this system to analyze business data. roi-PE was one of the factors Hackett Group rated BMS as the best managed chemical company.After developing roi 2, based on user usage statistics, we found out that most users only used a couple reports out of 100+ reports the system offered, but they had to go to different places to find the reports. So we developed Adobe AIR based dashboard platform, which allowed user to build and manage their dashboard, now they could put their favorite reports in one place to save user’s time. It took dashboard building to next level and really easy to use.We also added a lot of other features like Grouping support and Import/Export so that users could share their dashboards; each user could also build multiple dashboards.I wrote 90% dashboard framework before other developers starting to build contents. I also did all the QA and Production release.My role in this project: I was the core developer of this project, I designed database, wrote 100% backend and 90% frontend framework. One challenge was deployment, Adobe AIR application required admin rights to install, but most of the business users did not have admin rights. I did a lot of research and figured out a way to deploy the application to normal users without admin rights. I also worked a lot on charting engine and provided a lot of sample charting code to the team, as well as created Template concept in the platform.
  • Developed roi 2 Dashboard web application using Adobe Flash Builder 3, SAP BW, MySQL, SQL Server, WebService, Remoting, Coldfusion 8, Java, MDX, XSLT, Birt and Axis 2Developed Adobe Flex Builder based Web Dashboard to replace WebFocus dashboard, it was one to one match replacement, so there was not much design work. The original system was developed by 15 developers for 2 years; we reproduced the same application with 3 developers and 7 months.The challenge was there were multiple technologies involved in the project, included Coldfusion, Java, BIRT, Axis 2, XSLT, MDX, WebService, Remoting, PDF file updating and merging etc. I did not know some of these technologies when the project started, so I learnt them quickly and turned them into solutions. I solved all technical problems during the project and wrote all core modules. After the project, I was prompted to lead architecture of the BI team.My role in this project: I was developer in the team of four (3 developers and 1 project manager), wrote all the backend and core module of the frontend.
  • Developed BI application using WebFocus 7.6 from Information BuilderThe application was a global Dashboard project developed using WebFocus 7.6 and SAP BW. Learnt and worked on WebFocus 7.6 for 6 months. The work involved building SAP BW query, JavaScript development and WebFocus development.My role in this project: I was a developer in a global team of 20+ developers.
  • Developed and supported Brutus using Microsoft Excel VBA, SAP BW 3.5 and Oralce 8iThis was Excel VBA based reporting project against SAP BW and Oracle 8i.My role in this project: I was the developer in the team of ten, built reports base on requirement spec.


Project manager


  • Developed and managed multiple projects for Japanese company Tostem using Java, .Net, ASP, VB and SQL Server 2000I managed and developed multiple Japanese outsourcing projects on ASP, Java, and SQL Server 2000. Tostem was the No 2 Japanese building material company and had very high coding standards. The key challenge in these projects was time. Client never gave enough time; we managed to deliver projects on time by putting in extra hours.My role in this project: I was the project manager as well as developer, the team had 7 developers.
  • Developed logistics system using SQL Server 2000, VB.net and Excel reportingI designed and managed the logistics project, developed by VB.net 2003 using .net framework 2 and SQL Server 2000. The team had 4 developers.My role in this project: I was the project manager and designed the product.

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