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Senior Analyst Resume


  • Energetic and versatile solution - oriented Analyst and IT professional possessing advanced technical and analytic skills and capabilities ensuring achievement of business solutions and goals.
  • Demonstrates ability to enhance productivity through process improvements achieving quality customer service.
  • Has extensive experience working effectively in a culturally diverse environment and a proven track record of achieving results on time in the capacity of an individual and as well as a team player.
  • Maintains a high profile within the team in a professional manner, mentor and guide, and to facilitate and support positive relationships with staff, senior managers and clients.
  • Conduct accurate data analysis and research to identify interrelationships in an ethical and professional way
  • Present results and communicate fluently to diverse audience and interact by monitor nonverbal cues from audience
  • Generate reports containing tables, charts, maps to explain complex information in a narrative
  • Maintain data assets throughout their life cycle and adhere department’s policies of data security, governance and quality
  • Collaborate and share important findings / conflicts/ issues with team for the improvement of business processes
  • Project lead on implementation of ThoughtSpot for annual workforce data quality assurance and reporting insights


  • Advanced MS office suite (MS Excel), SPSS, R, SQL, MS Excel
  • QlikView / QlikSense, Objective, MS Teams, TRIM, CITRIX
  • Funding Management System (FMS), Client Information System (CIS)
  • FACS Data Cube, Endnote, SQL Server 2005, 2008, MySQL, MS Access 2003 / 2007


Senior Analyst



  • Data curation and data governance (data collections), collaborated with different agencies etc …
  • Drafted multiple chapters for the report and peer review it within strict time lines
  • Audit and keep track of dashboard licenses and collaborate with multiple agencies officials and internally in the team for
  • Process improvement for government’s organization structure mapping for historical and current structure
  • Perform detailed PMES data analysis using SPSS and trained peers on it
  • Dashboard testing using SPSS outputs and comparing results from Qlikview and QlikSense to ensure data accuracy
  • Data fetching, analysis and reporting for Ad-Hoc tasks
  • Data analysis and provide detailed insights for various projects like Flexible working, gender pay gap, etc.

Business Analyst



  • Prepared documents / tables for clients so that they can identify service providers according to their service needs in three major districts. Extracted data off FMS and correlated different data in excel to achieve an urgent outcome
  • Gathered multiple extracted data from funding management system (FMS) to report an urgent request of non-output Description of Service (DofS) to the senior manager
  • Completed allocation and QA of growth funding (more than 100 clients) and bulk transfers (10 - 15 clients per program) between service providers in very tight time frames. I worked collaboratively within team and with other teams, kept stake holders informed to manage task on timelines. Shared work as per competencies
  • Met routine monthly deadlines and perform QA for 10-15 clients / Description of Service (DofS) to support uninterrupted services to clients
  • Demonstrated swift learning skills in adapting the new environment, processes and systems

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