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Graduate Research Assistant Resume


  • Over 8 years of experiences in chemistry, microbiology, and human physiology wet lab and (dry lab) data management, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Extensive knowledge of biological databases (bioDB) in bioinformatics applications, and database management systems (DBMS).
  • Proficient in biological databases, information retrieval (IR), and database management systems
  • Advanced knowledge in text mining, data mining, database mining, and pattern and structure discovery.
  • Knowledge of current and future trajectories of big data and machine learning in their area of research and related issues.
  • Advanced knowledge in classification of databases based on their data and structure (i.e. ontology versus omnibus) and optimal structure/design for data storage and retrieval of biological data
  • Sound knowledge of algorithmic concepts in Bioinformatics and how they are connected to molecular biology and biotechnology.
  • Work experience in field such as restriction mapping, motif finding, sequence comparison, and database search.
  • Deep knowledge and work experience of challenging topics such as next generation sequencing, microarrays, genome rearrangements and biological networks.
  • Conceptually clear where we are and where we are heading as related to bioinformatics with focus on algorithm, database, and statistical approach.
  • Excellent knowledge each phase of SDLC and role in the system development.
  • Knowledge of process and data model, forms, reports, and software interface design and implementation in the database.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in research and methodology.
  • Advanced knowledge of the past, present, and future of Public Health Genomics.
  • Excellent understanding of the biological mechanisms of mutations, and their implication for inherited and acquired disorders.
  • Knowledge of the basic mechanisms of inheritance, inheritance patterns, and family pedigrees.
  • Through understanding of current Genomics techniques, with an emphasis on the computational methods that are needed to process and interpret the data.
  • Knowledge of the complex interplay between genetic makeup of an individual and environment.
  • Clear understanding of the biological, social, and ethical aspects of preconceptional genetic screening.
  • Conceptual and advanced understanding of the biological, social, and ethical aspects of newborn screening and adult genetic counseling.
  • Knowledge of human diversity and the new frontiers of personalized/precision Medicine.
  • Knowledge of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security history and rules.
  • Advance knowledge of Genomics in the context of communicable disease control and biothreat surveillance.
  • Strong understanding and advanced statistical concepts such as testing and interpretation of hypotheses, regression analysis, analysis of variance, design of experiments.
  • Excellent aptitude to compute and solve problems associated with advanced statistics concepts.
  • Experienced in performing statistical analysis using a state - of-the-art software tool (R, python, SAS, SPSS, spreadsheet) and interpret the outputs produced for specific analyses.
  • Advanced statistical concepts and skill in information science & technology research problems.
  • Advanced skill and knowledge to interpret statistical results from research scenarios derived from information science & technology research studies.
  • Proficient in statistical Inference about Population Variances, Categorical Data: Multiple Proportions, Test of Independence, Goodness of Fit.
  • Advance skill and experienced in Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance, Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Regression, Model Building for Regression, Time Series Analysis
  • Knowledge of advantages of nonparametric as contrasted with parametric techniques and ability to use of various nonparametric tests, interpret and describe the analysis of data.
  • Complete understanding and work experienced in commonly used distribution-free test statistics, including binomial tests, contingency tables, use of ranks, Kolmogorov-Smirnov sign test, Wilcoxon tests.
  • Advance knowledge and work experience in Kruskal-Wallis and Friedman tests for analysis of variance, nonparametric regression methods using computer-assisted analysis and graphic techniques included in software such as SAS and SPSS.
  • Advance knowledge and experience in Matrix Analysis and Linear Algebra at the core of several important algorithms and techniques that are widely used in data analytics, bioinformatics, and imaging informatics
  • Knowledge and skills in applications of linear algebra to structural bioinformatics, transcriptomics, and imaging informatics in depth.
  • Experience in solving linear equations and solving chemical equations using the matrix formalism.
  • Ability to use and experience in basic matrix operations including multiplication, inversion, and LU factorization in multiple data.
  • Project experience using basic matrix operations to rotate and translate protein structures.
  • ­Conceptual understanding and use of a vector space and of linear independence in the projects.
  • Experience in calculating vector and matrix norms, and the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of a matrix different dataset.
  • Project experience in PCA/SVD to de-­noise gene expression datasets, for image recognition, and for protein structural superposition.
  • Project experience in eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix, and applying eigenvalue decomposition to study protein motion, and in the context of image registration.


Programming Language: R Python Java SQL SPSS SAS | Bash

Operating System: Unix, Linux, and Windows


Graduate Research Assistant



  • Successfully conducted research on multi-omics, NGS and microbiome data.
  • Developed data mining approach and implemented and successfully achieved projects goals.
  • Analyzed and explored high dimensional data and successfully explained to the committee.
  • Successfully completed research of biomarker identification and concluded biological interrelationship.
  • Successfully completed projects in the human microbiome accounting history, and emerging trends of study.
  • Carried out project in multiple body site microbiome diversity analysis, prediction of patient outcome with metagenomic assessments
  • Extensive research and projects on role of microbiome in cancer and disease, and microbiome role in prevention of disease.
  • Worked in diverse team in multiple projects being a key member of the projects.
  • Conducted and trained summer internship junior students.
  • Helped teammate in multidomain data analysis such as chemical, human biological, physiochemical and plant biology in multiple projects.

Laboratory Data Analyst



  • Worked high volume data entry in LIMS, and updated server daily and weekly.
  • Designed and build local RDBMS to enhance efficiency of daily work and facilitated audit.
  • Worked on inventory management in AS400 and redprairie.
  • Prepared media/reagent/buffer/sample/and calibrated multiple lab devices to manage daily job.
  • Monitoring efficiency of media and reagents in microbial growth.
  • Ran frequent quality assurance on new and old lots of media, reagents, and laboratory devices.
  • Worked on client services daily with progress reports, amendments of reports, statistical results, and generation of invoices for a customer.
  • Took part in new client dealing meeting and acquired business up to 10% of local revenue.
  • Designed internal logbook for the autoclave logger, troubleshoot in PCR machine and other devices.
  • Performed PCR, gel electrophoresis, quantitative test (petri film/petri dish) in BSL2 lab.
  • Successfully reviewed, updated, investigated, and generated quality assurance reports daily.
  • Acquired experience and knowledge on communicable and noncommunicable diseases.
  • Collected experience with USDA and FDA cGMP requirements in food quality control lab.
  • Trained multiple new hired colleagues and technician.

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