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Vmware Infrastructure Engineer Resume



  • A proven professional seeking for new major strategic initiatives whereby understanding business goals and objectives, by clarifying and translate business requirements, that meet sponsor and stakeholder needs into documentation and conceptual design from which solutions are developed.


  • VCP certified VMware administrator with 6+ years of Experience in IT Administration and Infrastructure
  • 6+ years of experience in Datacenter Consolidation, Migration, Business Continuity, Backup, Storage and VMware administration
  • Excellent experience in working various vBlock models like VB100, VB200, VB300/320/340, VB540 and VB 700/720/740.
  • Experience in end to end administration of vBlock platform using native element managers including vCenter, UCS, UIM, Unisphere, Cisco Nexus CLI and DCNM.
  • Involved in Design and implementation of virtualization solutions based on VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0/5.5/5.1/5.0/4.1 , ESX 4.1/4.0/3.5/3.0 platform, vCenter 6.0/5.5/5.1/5.0/4.0 .
  • Expertise in configuring the VMware environment with all available features likevSphereHigh Availability (HA), Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), vMotion, Storage vMotion, vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT), Network/Storage IO Control, Host profiles, Storage profiles, Resource Management and Performance Monitoring
  • Very good experience in creating Standard vSwitches and VMware Distributed Switches.
  • Excellent experience in working on Cisco Nexus 1000v and Powerpath.
  • Served as point of contact in the team for Access and Authentication control to VMware environment.
  • Very good experience in working on RDM’s and regular VMFS datastores.
  • Strong knowledge and hands on experience in Data Center Migration
  • Strong understanding of VMware Networking concepts like creation of vSwitches, different types of Port Groups, NIC Teaming and end to end VLAN creation
  • Excellent experience with VMware Update Manager (VUM) to install patches and perform upgrades on ESXi hosts
  • Excellent experience of maintaining Business Continuity and performing Disaster Recovery (DR) using VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • Have been part of Confidential DCR (Data center rationalization) Project and have performed VM migrations from different parts of the world to DTC London using Veeam.
  • Experience with ITIL processes for Incident, Problem and Change management
  • Strong Experience in install, configure and manage VMware ESXi, Virtual Center management, VMware Data Recovery, VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and VMware View desktop virtualization infrastructure (VDI), creating Reports using VMware vRealization Operations Manager (vROPs).
  • Deployment of VMware vCenter Orchestrator as the cloud orchestration engine for service delivery automation and operational process automation.
  • Providing expert - level consulting and delivery for data center/server virtualization and server infrastructure project for clients.
  • Extensive Experience in Windows Administration and clustering support
  • SME with large scale virtualization experience including SAN, NAS and iSCSI
  • Experience in handling P2V and V2V migrations using VMware Convertor and Platespin in large environments
  • Cisco Unified Computing Systems implementation and configuration specific to vSphere, for compute platform high availability, redundancy and elasticity
  • Experience with working on several computing platforms like Cisco UCS and HP, Dell Blades
  • Configuring RAID and RAID groups, Storage Pools and thick and thin LUNs
  • Excellent experience in working EMC storage arrays like VNX, VMAX and XtremIO.
  • Experience in the Server and Desktop Management (Windows Administration), Support, Analysis and Maintenance


Virtualization: VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0/5.5/5.1/5.0/4.1 , ESX 4.1/4.0/3.5/3.0 platform, vCenter 6.0/5.5/5.1/5.0/4.0 , Storage vMotion, HA, DRS, DPM, FT, SRM 4.0, Host Profiles, vApp, V2V, P2V, VDI, VMware Consolidated Backup, VMware Management Assistant, VMware vSphere Client, Events and Alerts, Capacity Planning, Plate-spin Power Convert, SV Motion, VMwareConverter,vRA, vCAC,vRealize operations manager (vROPs), VMware Horizon,VMware View, VMware Converter, SRM, VMwareThinApp, vCloud

Scripting: PowerCLi (vSphere), Windows Powershell

Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 5; Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 servers, Solaris 8,9,10

Unix/Windows: NFS, DHCP, DNS, AD FTP, IIS

Databases: Oracle and MS SQL Server and MS Access

Hardware & Storage: Brocade SAN, Cisco UCS, HP Prolient, Dell Poweredge, SCSI/RAID Controllers, EMC Clarrion CX, HP EVA, EMC Power Path, NetApp FAS array, Cisco MDS 9500 series, Cisco Fabric Interconnects 6100 and 6200 series, Nexus 5k switches, EMC VNX/VMAX


Confidential, AZ

VMware Infrastructure Engineer


  • Providing Engineering guidance to Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS) and will assist various enterprise teams with the delivery of infrastructure for their services and applications (Build, Run & DR), Data Architecture and Application Teams.
  • Creating and Maintaining Project related Infrastructure Engineering Document (IEG).
  • Working with Architect team to translate Infrastructure Documentation into engineering guides. Maintain the necessary project plans and documentation of all system builds and modifications.
  • Professionally represent the infrastructure team as a technical consultant on projects.
  • Cater to doing infrastructure coordination related to design and setup activities at different stages of a project.
  • Working with various vendors and service providers to ensure productive environment.
  • Providing HP Hardware Configurations and Quotes, when necessary(HP Servers (x86), Apollo & Storage Blades).
  • ProvidingESX Capacity Management, HP Blade Enclosures including Virtual Connect (Ethernet and Fiber).
  • Monitoring service delivery compliance to budget, quality standards and customer and business stakeholder requirements.
  • Providing storage allocations for the new servers.
  • Maintaining a good working knowledge of current infrastructure and future trends, resolve issues and prepare status reviews and reports.
  • Data Center implementation as per the design plan using Cisco UCS Virtualization environment (UCS 5108 Chassis, B200 M3 Blades & FI - 6248 UP).
  • Maintaining good working relationships with all service providers and vendor to ensure that services received meet expected requirements of contract.
  • Having Strong documentation skills, the ability to follow the procedure according to the IT policy and to maintain documentation.
  • Expertise with enterprise infrastructure technologies such as high availability, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, multi-pathing for HBAs and NICs, clustering at the OS level, load balancing, virtualization and SAN/NAS, and network knowledge.
  • Managing multiple projects, working in collaboration with a diverse group of business and technology partners to identify and analyze project requirements.
  • Working hand in hand with project managers, engineers, administrators, and customers to deliver projects on time and in budget.
  • Exploring and staying abreast of new technologies that can bring value to the organization.
  • Translating business needs into actionable deliverables.
  • Ensuring that Bill Of Materials for the hardware, software, maintenance and services required to deliver a engineered solution are accurate, cost effective and delivered on time.
  • Providing 3 rd tier support for primary technology area.

Confidential, MN

VMware/Virtual Consultant


  • Installed and configured several vCenters and ESXi servers as required.
  • Responsible for managing several hundred of ESXi servers and associated components.
  • Performed several RCM upgrades successfully with no downtime to the environment.
  • Worked majorly on Datacenter rationalization project to get the VM’s moved out of non-strategic DC to strategic DC locations.
  • Operations - Building/Process Improvement, Monitors, troubleshoots, and improves area-of-control operational processes to ensure optimum performance and practice consistency.
  • Served as L3 resource in the team and handled escalation from VMware perspective.
  • Lead troubleshooting efforts on a day to day basis and resolved the issues, experience in writing Root Cause Analysis documents. (Involves log analysis to identify cause of failure, co-ordinate with VMware support etc.)
  • Performing Virtualization tasks, NFS migration, disk alignment, etc.
  • Created affinity and anti-affinity DRS rules to efficiently manage the environment and provide high availability.
  • Created new VLAN’s and port-profiles in Nexus 1000v.
  • Analyze performance issues and provide recommendations to improve the performance of a Virtual Infrastructure.
  • Worked with the team in configuring the environment with HA, DRS, FT, vMotion and Storage vMotion, VMware Data Recovery, VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), vCenter Operations Manager and VMware View desktop virtualization infrastructure (VDI) .
  • Advanced Monitoring and Performance Analysis of vSphere Environment using native tools as well as vRealize Operations Manager.
  • Experience in deployment of vCAC and creating Reports using vRealize Operations Manager.
  • Created service profile templates and deployed service profiles as required.
  • Created WWPN, MAC, UUID pools in the UCS Manager as required.
  • Experience in creating new VLAN’s on UCS and Nexus devices.
  • Upgraded ESXi servers, Nexus devices and Cisco UCS as part of RCM upgrades.
  • Created LUN’s and Volumes on EMC storage arrays and added them as data stores to the ESXi hosts.
  • Created and mounted RDM’s for the data base servers when requested.
  • Experience in creating HA SQL clusters using VMware Horizon.
  • Handled multiple p2v and v2v projects and ensured that the activities are completed on schedule with complete end to end responsibility.
  • Excellent experience in working on multipathing techniques like powerpath and native multipathing.
  • Created several SOP’s for L1 & L2 resources on many day to day activities and common issues in the environment.
  • Served as internal change control mentor within the team and ensured all RFC’s are processed properly.

Confidential, MI

VMware/vBlock Consultant


  • Installing and Administering the various virtualization components like vCenter, vSphere etc
  • Performed ESXi Hosts and Virtual Machine migrations between Development, Integration, and Production environments and across Datacenters
  • Supported VMware, specifically ESXi 5.5 to monitor cluster performance, optimize the server environment, diagnose and resolve production issues amongst Data Centers and over servers
  • Configuration of vMotion, vSwitch, and VLAN in VMwarevCenter
  • Develop, test, and maintain a disaster recovery plan for critical VMs and application data
  • Involved in the migration of Virtual Machines and Virtual machine files using the vMotion and Storage vMotion
  • Providing and maintaining user access in VMware virtual Center, configuring mail alert for any failure in HA, DRS, CPU and Memory
  • Experience in working and developing DR solutions in VMware vCentor Site Recovery Manager
  • Trouble shooting issues related to VMware ESX host, VMware virtual center, HA, DRS, VMware update manager
  • Experience in the V2V and P2V migration of Physical servers to VMwareESXi hosts
  • Implemented and Tested desktop virtualization and introduced VMware View to the client
  • Reviewed tasks, issues and recommend changes to reduce problem reoccurrences
  • Provided performance metrics, work load status update, and project status updates at biweekly workload tracking meetings
  • Experience utilizing vCenter, including vSphere Command-Line Interface commands
  • Performed Data Center Migration & Maintained data center Environment
  • Monitoring vBlock Hardware health/Availability status and event alarms for IncidentManagement
  • VNX Block Storage Provisioning and Management including Raid Groups and Traditional LUNs, Pools and Thin LUNs, LUN Migration, FAST VP, FAST Cache, Storage groups, Host Initiator registration
  • Performing initial Cisco UCS cluster setup and provide management IP addresses for blade servers
  • Provisioning VLANs and fabric interconnect uplinks for server connectivity to the Layer 3 data center cloud
  • Provisioning resource pools for servers, UUIDs, MAC addresses, WWNNs, WWPNs
  • Performed Zoning on Cisco MDS switches as required
  • Performed daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups

Confidential, Washington, DC

VMware/UCS Consultant


  • Implementation VMware, Cisco and EMC based virtualized infrastructure for enterprise scale Cloud deployments
  • Cloud Infrastructure administration with VMware vCenter, Cisco UCS manger, Unisphere and Cisco Nexus CLI
  • VMAX and VNX storage system Implementation and administration in VMware environment.
  • Installing vSphere 5.0/5.1 on half blade and full blade servers on Cisco UCS
  • Monitoring the Cisco MDS 9500 series, Cisco Fabric Interconnects 6100 and 6200 series, Nexus 5k switches, VNX/VMAX Array for failures and alerts
  • Deploying and configuring Nexus 1000v switch on a virtual machine on vCenter
  • Responsible for implementing and guaranteeing process and systems are in place to deliver highly available storage platforms
  • Responsible for ESX server deployments, system updates/upgrades, system health and status monitoring
  • Created new VLAN’s and port-profiles on Nexus 1000v as per the requirements.VNX Storage Array monitoring and advanced performance analysis using Unisphere Analyzer
  • Installation and configuration of EMC Power Path in ESXi for SAN Storage Path optimization
  • Leveraging the N1K Virtual Supervisor Modules control plane for centralized configuration and management of all the distributed ESXi virtual ethernet modules
  • VNX Block Storage Provisioning and Management and integration with vSphere
  • Cisco UCS integrations with Cisco Nexus 5548 for LAN and Cisco MDS for SAN
  • VNX Block Storage Provisioning and Management including Raid Groups and Traditional LUNs, Pools and Thin LUNs, LUN Migration, FAST VP, FAST Cache, Storage groups, Host Initiator registration

Confidential, CA

VMware Administrator


  • Implementation and Operations of a large VMware based virtualization environment comprising of 10 Linked mode vCenter servers, 20 vDatacenters, 105 HA/DRS clusters, 2100 ESX/ESXi hosts and more than 12,000 VM’s
  • Performance tuning of ESX hosts and Guest OS on VMs
  • EMC Clarrion CX3-480 and CX3-960 based Storage Provisioning and Administration using Navisphere
  • Proof of Concept for VMware on Cisco Unified Computing Systems
  • Building HP DL380/580G Servers for VMware deployments
  • Creating LUNs, Storage groups, Raid groups and Pools in CX3-480/960
  • MDS fiber channel switch zoning for connectivity between CX3-480/960 arrays and HP blade center
  • Configuring VMFS based storage in virtual center
  • Configuring virtual networking related security, traffic shaping and load balancing policies
  • Configuring HA/DRS related advanced configuration settings per VMware Best practices
  • Implementation of Shared storage across ESXi Hosts to leverage vMotion and svMotion capabilities
  • Establishing ESXi Deployment strategy, policies and procedures
  • Auditing virtual environments to make sure all set configurations adhere to the best practices guidelines
  • Infrastructure testing on the new ESX builds to identify potential flaws/failures from implementations before its release in production vSphere Performance monitoring and analysis using Quest Foglight monitoring solution
  • Implementing Change requests for different configuration changes within the virtual infrastructure
  • Implementing Cisco UCS Pass-through switching for ESX hosts and VM’s
  • Performing production wide live VM networking migration from Standard Virtual Switches to Distributed Virtual Switch
  • Executing large scale live VM Storage Migration from EMC CX3-480 to CX3-960
  • P2V of approximately 400 physical Windows 2008 servers to HP P-class blades using PlateSpin, while ensuring computing, memory, and disk capacity were maintained at acceptable levels
  • Responsible for proper licensing of VMware Environment
  • Network troubleshooting in complex environments, VLAN configurations, Port Trunking
  • Generating Performance report summary for ESXi servers and VM's
  • Automate Mass VM deployments by developing a vSphere SDK based script


VMware Consultant


  • Worked with VMware ESX 4.0/4.1 Servers
  • Cisco UCS Deployment and Implementation for Virtual Environment
  • P2V conversions of Windows servers using VMware converter
  • Large Scale Migration of existing VMs from HP Blades to Cisco UCS
  • Performing upgrade of the Virtual Infrastructure
  • Configuring and Managing VMware cluster with High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduling
  • Monitoring and managing performances of ESX/ESXi servers and virtual machines
  • Design and Implementations of VMware ESX server infrastructure in multisite/multi Datacenter Environments
  • EMC CX 480/960 SAN Storage Administration and Provisioning for ESX hosts
  • Configuring and managing Cisco UCS Service Profiles, vNIC/vHBA interfaces, MAC/UUID/ WWPN/WWNN identity pools various Server, Network and Storage related policies
  • Configuring Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect upstream connectivity for LAN with Cisco Nexus 5548 and upstream connectivity for SAN with Cisco MDS switches
  • Configured Network and Server Software, Hardware and peripheral devices to resolve network issues
  • Configuring and Managing Virtual Port Channel based clustering on the Cisco Nexus 5K series
  • Managing and Configuring VSAN, NPIV, Zones and Zonesets on the Cisco MDS 9148 for Fibre Channel connectivity between Cisco UCS and EMC VNX array
  • Administering Cisco Nexus 1000v Distributed switch using Virtual Supervisor Module
  • Health check on VMware Infrastructure using VMware Health check tool and custom scripts
  • Installation and configuring of Windows 2008 environment
  • Support day-today issues in VMware Virtual Infrastructure, EMC CX, Cisco Nexus and Cisco UCS/HP Blade environments

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