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Project Manager Resume


An accomplished Project Manager with over 14 years of experience in managing the development and implementation of technical IT projects in both client and supplier environment projects globally. Proven track record in both Project management and Solution Architecting of several.


Project Cost Estimation

Work Breakdown Structure

Technical Project Management

Process Design

Quality management

Vendor Management

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Communication Management

Release Management

Change Management

Time Management


Strategic Articulation

Business Analysis

Business Case Development

Return on Investment Development

Procurement Specification

Statement of Work (SOW)

Request for Proposal(RFP)

Request for Information (RFIs)

Service Level agreement

Request for Quotation

Vendor Management

Contract Negotiation

Contract Closure and Debriefing

Interview of project resource .

Business to technology Strategy

Solution Design

Application, Data and Technology Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


Creation and review of Use Cases

Improvement Planning

IBM SOA solutions stack.


IBM Websphere App Server /MQ Series / Directory server /DB2

Service Delivery

Technical Service / Support

Disaster Recovery

Rational Unified Process / Agile / Extreme programming

Object Oriented Programming and methodology

Desktop, Client - Server and MIDP applications.


DB2 / MySQL,/Oracle

XML/REST/SOAP/Struts /JSP /Javascript etc.

AIX / Windows

Database design and management

Enterprise Integration with and without Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)

Data modelling and schema development

Technical Audit Planning & Management

IT Service Audit

Service Management


Project Manager



  • Defined and got approval of overall test Strategy and plan for each testing phase (Unit, Functional, System, Enterprise and Integration).
  • Procured and established a new clinical testing team (that included 10 project Analysts and 2 Supervisors). And developed the team to be self-sufficient and performing.
  • Successfully managed completion of Unit, Functional (Phase 1 and 2), System, Enterprise and Integration testing’s for Phase 1 solutions, ahead of schedule.
  • Effectively managed communication and information exchange across programs (Research, Enterprise integration, ERP) and departments (Informatics, IT, PMO) and functional departments within Sidra IT.
  • Received 3 appreciations from PMO for quality logging and management of risks, issues and dependencies using SharePoint tool.
  • Regularly presented Test status/ Performance Report to CIS Program team every week and ensured all stakeholders’ expectations were met.
  • Implemented measurements and metrics to monitor and control the Solutions being tested and the effectiveness testing team.
  • Closely followed up defects resolution management using HP/ALM tools and ensured timely resolution of defects.
  • Managed deliverable release and change control process with appropriate documentation and approvals.

Project Manager



  • Reviewed contract and SLA of the project and managed contractual process.
  • Analysed the scope of the project and prepared an analysis report.
  • Developed Project Charter, Project plan, Communication plan, Risk management plan, and Quality management plan.
  • Effectively managed the project life cycle with timely mitigation of risks and resolution of issues.
  • Ensured timely distribution of information to relevant stake holders.
  • Reviewed and verified all deliverables for quality assurance, including design and technical artefact; before it was submitted to the project owner for Sign-off.
  • Effectively managed change requests to the project, including creation of change request, business case and presentation to steering committee.
  • Engaged in weekly progress report update in EPM and attended bi - weekly meeting with iGov Program Manager of Confidential .
  • Conducted bi-weekly Steering Committee meetings.
  • Managed effective recruitment and utilisation of project team involving resources with multicultural background both from Ministries and Subcontractor.
  • Involved in architecting, solution design and development of information systems for the project, as and when it was required for the project.
  • Assisted integration of services in ministries with shared services in Confidential such as Smart Card authentication and authorisation service, Smart Card signing service and Payment gateway service.
  • Team member in solution design of Prosecure smart card Authentication/Authorisation and Digital signing solution of MOI.
  • Conducted presentation and training to the service delivery and help-desk team in Confidential .
  • Identified shared services to be exposed through SOA platform of Confidential .
  • Managed and lead UAT and knowledge transfer sessions for Confidential resources.
  • Verified and ensured solution’s quality and it’s conformance to Qatar Architecture and Standards Reference document.
  • Ensured projects conformance to Confidential ’s and MOI' non-disclosure policy, UAT policy, security policy and software quality assurance policy.
  • Closely engaged in leading the design team to identify potential shared services to be exposed in Confidential SOA platform.
  • Performed Project Closure.
Software Developer



  • Researched on the current trends in the government projects worldwide.
  • Conducted brainstorming session to identify the Functional and Technical enhancements to the current portal.
  • Developed and sent Statement of Work to Vendors.
  • Evaluated the proposal from vendors.
  • Evaluated and presented the report to management committees in malomatia and Confidential .
  • Developed the business case and presented it to committee in malomatia and Confidential for their approval.
  • Technical lead of the project
  • Lead GIS / SMS / MIDP / Notification engine / GSA (Google search appliance) /eServices, Authentication and Contact Centre tracks.
  • Review and approve project deliverables and artefact.
  • Register risks and issues and escalate the same in PMC (Project Management Committee) meetings
  • Coordinate meetings and communication with various stake holders.
  • Follow up and resolve any technical issues in the project.
  • Performed Project Closure.
Software Developer



  • Developed RFP, Business Case, and Evaluation template and present it to Tender committee.
  • Sent RFP to Vendors and clarify questions.
  • Evaluated Vendors.
  • Developed and presented evaluation report to management committee in Confidential .
  • Developed project schedule.
  • Managed project procurement.
  • Coordinate and manage contract and registration process of vendor with Confidential .
  • Identified and mitigated risk.
  • Resolved issues.
  • Managed project execution.
  • Review deliverables and coordinate communication with stake holders
  • Manage invoice processing.
  • Recruited volunteers from public for conducting the usability testing.
  • Performed Project Closure.
Software Developer



  • Researched SOA solutions in the market.
  • Decided on the best approach to SOA solution for the state of Qatar.
  • Evaluated SOA solutions from market leaders.
  • Developed of Business Case and project Initiation document and got approvals on the same.
  • Created SLA s.
  • Evaluated the technical and financial proposal from vendor.
  • Coordinated meeting with Stakeholders for the project.
  • Conducted meetings to clarify on proposal.
  • Negotiated with vendor.
  • Presented project to management in Confidential and malomatia for their approval.
Software Developer



  • Contributed to BSS Phase 1 RFP development.
  • Evaluation of Vendors.
  • Negotiated with vendor on proposal.
  • Participated with project team in interviewing various agencies to baseline on their existing process and systems.
  • Contributed, reviewed and signed-off the reference Architectural design of the BSS system.

Platform Applications Specialist



  • Contributed to Strategic Articulation for the Payment Gateway project.
  • Architected Payment Gateway service for the State of Qatar.
  • Presented the Proposed Payment Gateway Reference model to top management in Confidential .
  • Attended meeting with Stakeholders to facilitate Payment Gateway project.
  • Evaluated the Proposal from Vendors for the Architecture and Standards project.
  • Architected Confidential ’s initiative in implementing country wide Architecture and Standards blue print for the state of Qatar.
  • Participated in Interviews to baseline the readiness of various government ministries in terms of Information Technology.
  • Contributed to solution of incorporating SAML2 standard for government service authentication.
  • Led 5 Smart Card e-Services SDLC with a team of 4.
  • Led Individual Smart card authentication project and modified secure services to in corporate the change.
  • Modified Traffic Violation and Driving License e-Service to in corporate Point-system.
  • Provided Technical assistance in the development of e-Services at Ministries
  • Led Migration of Traffic violation, Driving License, Visit Visa e-Service and Student Registration e-service
  • Designed and Developed payment gateway module integrated with PayONE server for e-Services.
  • Handled 3 rd level support of e-Services in http://www.gov.qa
  • Engaged in weekly meetings with govt. stake holders such as Ministry of Interior

Software Developer



  • Researched and evaluated technologies and software products from vendors.
  • Attended meetings at corporate/ministries as a technical specialist from e-Gov.
  • Created the Java Development Standards and Policies of the e-Government project.
  • Assisted corporate/ministries in architecture, development and maintenance of back-end services, including installation and setup of MQSeries on site.
  • Trained developers at corporate/ministries (Electricity and Water, Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, MMAA, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice) with a full-fledged model e-Service developed by self, in Java with back-end applications in Java and VB using MQSeries as MOM.
  • Migrated e-Service from Websphere 4.0 to 6.0 and MQseries 5.3 to 6.0
  • Designed and developed Web Service for Qatar Post, include database access, parsing/construction of XML messages
  • Designed and developed Adapters for all the e-Services communicating with COBOL based applications running in Ministry of Interior in java for data integration. Include functionalities such as parsing XML to fixed sting and vice versa, shaping Arabic, conversion from UTF-8 to EBCDIC, padding, reading and writing from MQSeries in single unit of work, correlating messages etc. The applications are set to trigger on message arrival in the queue.
  • Led, designed and developed back-end application for Bill Payment, Student Registration and Health Card e-Services along with the database development team from the respective corporate/ ministries, including installation and setup of MQseries. They include database access, parsing/construction XML messages, correlating messages, reading and writing from MQSeries.
  • Developed a back-end module for Birth Certificate e-Services (ministry) to read and write with MQseries including installation and setup of the same.
  • Designed and developed a Server-Client socket based java applications using Cryptographic techniques available in Java to generate a Pin Number for bank payment authentication and transmit the same from bank to e-Gov using encryption technologies.
  • Designed and developed a service to transfer photos residing in one ministry to other corporate/ ministries based on request from a corporate/ ministry. And also designed and developed the applications at corporate/ ministries communicating to each other through e-Gov. involving team members from corporate/ ministries.
  • Designed and developed an SMS Gateway service to enquire traffic violations and get elect. And water details from e-Gov. Integrated with the current e-service with another team member from e-Gov.
  • Team member in designing of Red Crescent e-Service .And in the development of a module to view receipt and sent receipt via e-mail to the customer.
  • Designed and created MIDP based Midlet web service client for traffic violation enquiries and bill payment enquiries which communicate with the e-Gov web service and display the response in the mobile handset. And created the web service simulator for the same. The Midlet would parse XML in the handset.
  • Designed and developed an Intelligent Trigger Monitor to use threading in processing messages parallel.
  • Evaluated e-Service CDs delivered by the sub-contractors.
  • Found solutions to maintenance issues and develop applications to automate the same.
  • Modified e-Service to solve bugs.
  • Handled day-to-day maintenance issues and report, advice, and developed applications to automate the same.
  • Migrated Student Registration e-Service from WebSphere 4.0.1 to 5.1
  • Handled 3 rd level support of e-Services in http://www.gov.qa.

Web Programmer



  • Designed and developed a Desktop application server/client socket based, to filter, log and monitor traffics b/w 2 ports. Was used as an application plug-in for Outlook Express.
  • Led a team size of 4 developers on-site in development and implementation of an application for travel agents (TravelBean) in airline industry around the world to mark-up consolidated fares and publish in the web for airline reservations.

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