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Project Manager/release Manager Resume


  • Certified Project Manager and Scrum Master with a rich history of leading network and software projects. Highly organized and performance driven with a strong foundation in multiple project management methodologies. Creates cohesive programs that support and improve the PMO. An excellent communicator coupled with strong interpersonal skills, effective in nurturing positive relationships with stakeholders.



Project Manager/Release Manager


  • Create and manage Product Backlog for EDM department on MS Project. Introduced new categories/fields to improve ability to administer items by Development Team and pipeline of request.
  • Optimize project governance by analyzing time reporting; exploring additional metrics to evaluate project performance using tabular reports. Identifying opportunities for automating the reports and creating a dashboard.
  • Administer and provide continuous documentation on product requests through ticketing systems JIRA and Service Now throughout development lifecycle.
  • Conduct initial analysis, elaborating upon requests prior to presenting each item to a review committee. Serve as primary contact to external requesters.
  • Lead multiple data migration projects into new enhanced environments, and reporting enhancements from tabular to visual dashboards .


Project Manager


  • Guided IT personnel through integration of personnel and infrastructure into corporate network; while leading data center migration of 36 servers and 18 applications for two acquisitions valued at $724 million
  • Managed three projects to replace automated point - of-sale systems with a SOX compliant system at a total of 124 sites, adopting an enterprise solution methodology that passes audit and security standards
  • Assisted PMO in corporate server migration from a physical farm to a hosted cloud solution by coordinating 37 server moves; 4 of the 18 migration waves
  • Introduced program scheduling and prioritization solutions to balance the resource requirements for all projects in the point-of-sale program
  • Served on 9 total projects to include 2 acquisition projects, 2 operating system conversion projects, and 3 other upgrade projects with responsibilities to identify requirements; balance resources; guide teams through solutions; and manage horizontal and vertical communications

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