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Aws Cloud Solutions Architect Resume


  • Over 8+ years of experience in Information Technology with major focus on Linux/Unix administration, Software Configuration, Build/Release Management and DevOps/ CICD.
  • Knowledgeable in applications of scrum, waterfall, and agile methodologies, and skilled in developing processes that facilitate continual progress.
  • Industry experience in Health and Human Services, Health Insurance, and Financial domains.
  • Implemented AWS Cloud platform and its features which include EC2, VPC, EBS, AMI, SNS, RDS, EBS, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation AWS Config, Autos scaling, Cloud Front, IAM, S3, Route 53, DynamoDB, and Amazon RDS.
  • Experience in using tools such as Terraform and Ansible.
  • Proficient with container systems like Docker and container orchestration like ECS and Kubernetes.
  • Experience in setting up Gradle framework for build automation and used GIT, Concourse and other tools.
  • Experienced in use of Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift to manage micro services for development of continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Worked on cloud - based servers like AWS.
  • Extensive experience in using Build Automation tools like, ANT, Maven.
  • Knowledge of databases like MySQL and Oracle.


Cloud Services: AWS (EC2, S3, CloudWatch, RDS, Elastic Cache, IAM)

Configuration Management tools: ANT, Maven

Programming: C, Core Java, Python, PowerShell, SQL, JavaScript, HTML

OS Platforms: Windows, Linux(CentOS, REDHAT enterprise, Ubuntu)

SCM/Version Control Tools: GIT, Tortoise SVN

Web Service Tools: JBoss, Apache Tomcat 5.x

CI Tools: Jenkins

Database Systems: SQL Server 2008/2012, Oracle 9i/10g, PL/SQL, MS Access, DB2.

Ticketing/Bug Tracking: JIRA.

Monitoring tools: Splunk, CloudWatch & CloudTrail

Container Technologies: Docker.



AWS Cloud Solutions Architect


  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Concourse and Maven in Linux environment.
  • Configured AWS VPC and created the public subnets for application servers and private subnets for database servers.
  • Used AWS cloud formation template to launch EC2 instances and NACLs.
  • Configured AWS lambda function to trigger the jobs based on the event patterns in S3 buckets.
  • Created AWS IAM roles and assigned to proper services in-order for the services to use other AWS services.
  • Experience in migrating data from on-premise servers to AWS cloud using different AWS services such as AWS DirectConnect.
  • Used Terraform as part of Infrastructure as a Code implementation to setup and destroy infrastructure as needed.
  • Actively involved in migrating on-premise relational data to AWS RDS instance.
  • Created and Managed AWS IAM users and groups and designed policies.
  • Created Auto scaling groups and launched EC2 instances to balance the load with ELB.


DevOps Engineer


  • Designed and implemented a continuous build-test-deployment (CI/CD) system with multiple component pipelines using Jenkins to support weekly releases and out-of-cycle releases based on business needs.
  • Experience with container-based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker Hub and Docker-registries and Kubernetes.
  • Lead transition from manual configuration and deployment to ‘infrastructure as code’ using Chef, including design and implementation of cookbooks and tooling.
  • Built and managed a large deployment of RedHat Linux instances systems with Chef Automation and
  • Implemented automated local user provisioning VMs created in Openstack and AWS cloud through Chef Recipes.
  • Experienced Cloud and DevOps engineer in Automating, Configuring and deploying instances on AWS.
  • Initiated Gradle Framework and updated the gradle.build file in order to generate an archive of the application.
  • Created Gradle tasks and dependencies to assure if the unit test is executed and required packages are available to run the application.
  • Involved working with a PaaS solution such as RedHat Openshift.
  • Design of Cloud architectures for customers looking to migrate or develop new PaaS, IaaS, or hybrid solutions utilizing Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Working knowledge on Azure cloud IaaS and PaaS Services, Azure SQL, Azure storage and Azure Services.
  • Provisioned RedHat Enterprise Linux Server using PXE Boot according to requirements.


DevOps Engineer


  • Worked on developing procedures to automate various systems and tasks using Jenkins, Git, Docker, and Maven.
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create new instances, checking the security group settings, adding and deleting the elastic IPs for the needed servers, applying the inbound IP addressed as needed.
  • Used AWS's Route53, S3 in several occasions such as checking the DNS issues for the related internal and external sites.
  • Installed, Configured and Maintained Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x, 6.0 & 7.x on Blade servers.
  • Worked on S3 buckets creation in AWS, policies and on the IAM role based polices and customizing the JSON template.
  • Worked on Migrating servers, databases, Docker and applications from on premise to AWS.
  • Created AWS EC2 instances, setup the S3, EBS storage, and Cloud watch.
  • Worked on Virtualizing Red Hat servers using vSphere 6.0, managed ESX servers using VCenter, and worked with ESX Cluster and VMotion.

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