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Senior Agile Program Manager Resume

Plano, TX


  • Visionary, multi - talented, and success-driven leader and business strategist with 20+ years’ experience in Agile methodology, technical solution delivery, and development operations across diverse teams and industries.
  • Promotes a culture of experimentation and innovation leading to continual improvement and constant attainment of team objectives.
  • Proven ability to dig deep and transform big data into actionable recommendations that result in peak performance and substantial revenue growth.


Senior Agile Program Manager

Confidential | Plano, TX


  • Developed Agile program delivery plan for implementing new ServiceNow Platform, including development prioritization, communication strategy, Agile Frameworks to be utilized and communication strategy across organization.
  • Establish communications and coordination across 13 different portfolios to ensure year-long Agile Release Train (ART) cadence and timelines for when various supporting development teams will be required to support initiatives throughout SDLC and launch of new platform.
  • Introduced a metrics-driven mindset to Senior Director and Vice President of the organization, ensuring that status reporting and daily updates are provided via real-time dashboards

Agile Coach/Technical Delivery Manager

Confidential | Frisco, TX


  • Designs a strategy for the organizational adoption of Agile, including stages of adoption, from the introduction and employee education to fostering experienced teams and cultures that sustained Agile methodologies and continually offered strategies for improvement. Employs techniques that increase collaboration, predictability, and transparency.
  • Interfaces with the Product Manager to define the roadmap for any given product and translates this into user stories. Leads the collaborative, dynamic planning process and the required work against the team’s capacity and capability. Ensures that all products were built to an appropriate level of quality for the alpha, beta, and production stages.
  • Guards the team’s time to ensure that continuous delivery is possible. Delivers projects and products using the appropriate Agile project management methodology.

Senior Agile Coach/DevOps Implementation Manager

Confidential | Frisco, TX


  • Led and coached the organization in its Agile and Development Operations (DevOps) adoption and promoted the delivery of business value. Mentored employees and stakeholders to understand and enact Scrum and empirical product development.
  • Influenced change that increased team performance at a sustainable pace and promoted continuous improvement. Interfaced with Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the organization.
  • Managed and appropriately escalated delivery impediments, risks, issues, and changes associated with the product development initiatives. Assigned and monitored the work of technical personnel, ensuring that application development and deployment was completed optimally. Implemented quality control and reviewed the systems throughout the development and deployment processes.
  • Displayed technical leadership and oversight of implementation and deployment planning, system integration, ongoing data validation processes, quality assurance, delivery, operations, and sustainability of technical solutions. Evaluated technological choices by querying providers and presenting evaluations of each solution, including return on investment (ROI) in the present and future implications, limitations, and opportunities.
  • Interfaced with IT and vendors to identify, prioritize, and resolve issues as well as provide subject matter expertise for enhancements, developments, and operational improvements.

Manager Agile Coach/Scrum Master



  • Facilitated the Agile process knowledge to all team members at the project outset by conducting training on each specific process step throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Supported Scrum Masters in meeting preparation, including the pre-planning, planning, daily Scrum, and review stages, to ensure consistency across all teams.
  • Managed the software development lifecycle (SDLC) of code development, from idea formulation to sprints to deployment.
  • Reached out to the larger company network for impediment removal; maintained relevant metrics to illustrate team progress and provide direction.

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