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Senior Project Manager Resume

Addison, TX


  • An analytical problems solver that is driven by gaining knowledge of the problem and environment, then understanding strategic direction to charge toward solutions - both immediate and sustainable results; focused on building a collaborative and service motivated environment for the employee and customer.


Confidential, Addison, TX

Senior Project Manager


  • Lead the Confidential -Cargill (Ready-To-Implement) Program to implement trading partners setups, map development, and system deployments in a “agile” approach to expedite the implementation for multiple projects for Cargill worldwide.
  • Guide the review, recommendation, and implementation of regulatory requirement to be in compliance with the Italian Sistema di Interscambio (SDI) and Hungarian Tax Reporting system for Cargill.
  • Establish sprint schedules using Azure DevOps platform to manage RTI tasks and team priorities.
  • Develop project initiation documents to detail the contract deliverables and timelines for the customer
  • Establish a project plan to manage the implementation of the Managed services including requirements gathering, mapping, design, trading partners connects, integration and support
  • Coordinate customer and Confidential resources to determine the scope of the B2B transactions to be implemented, communication method, and design.
  • Coordinate the build of the customer profile, workspace, transaction with customer’s trading partners in Confidential production and preproduction environment.
  • Manage and direct the efforts of the Confidential technical staff to ensure that the scope is implemented according to the contract, project risk are assessed and mitigation plans are developed and out of scope items are present as change request if needed.
  • Manage the budgeted hours for Confidential resources on the project to maximize revenue to drive the revenue recognition.
  • Create and implement billing triggers to ensure that the billing is submitted on a timely based and invoice acceptance by the customer

Confidential, Farmers Branch, TX

Senior Project Manager, Solution Delivery


  • Guide the decomposition of the customer requirements into design specifications to support their maintenance and supply chain management system cutover.
  • Support the sales process to reduce the risk associated with implementation and enablement of airlines and suppliers with Aeroxchange.
  • Develop implementation project and establish the baseline, objectives, milestones and exit criteria with customers for the Aeroxchange suite of supply change and logistic products and services.
  • Oversee all aspects of projects including but not limited to, setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, completing tasks, and monitoring and summarizing progress.
  • Concurrently, manage 15 to 20 customer integrations of Aeroxchange products from signed engagement through completion with operational handoff and billing to move customer from a manual to an automatic supply chain process.
  • Oversee development and testing for integrations that utilize EDI data formats such as SPEC2000, EDI - ANSI x12, XML, OAG XML and cXML.
  • Communicate and manage expectations of implementation projects from all aspects (Customers, Delivery Teams and Executive Management) .

Confidential, McKinney, TX

Senior Project Manager


  • Lead strategic initiative to upgrade and modernization the call center technology to Cisco PCCE/UCS in support of 1,000+ agents in five corporate locations.
  • Provide work breakdown structure, sequencing, resourcing, scheduling, monitoring and controlling of the project tasks to consolidated the four corporate phone systems into one centrally managed system to accommodate all 3500+ employees.
  • Manage $5M+ baseline budget, fixed-fee vendor contracts, and T&M project change requests with vendors to ensure the project financials are aligned with the company standards.
  • Deliver schedule crashing and fast-tracking to meet revised project release dates based on the business needs.
  • Conduct root cause analysis of the phone system reporting issue to reveal the need for additional training and functionality.
  • Manage impact analysis, requirements gathering and request for quote for reporting issue resolutions.
  • Report project status and issues to C-level management and ongoing tracking via Innotas to the project team.
  • Review vendor contracts and technical T&C to ensure that the company’s objectives and interest are protected.
  • Develop and dispensed training for call center and non-call center personnel on Jabber operations and reporting.
  • Devise and implemented a conversion plan, schedule and tasks for the consolidation of the 4 company ActiveDirectory domains and upgrade Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013 companywide.
  • Collaborate with Facilities management to ensure that their projects to move offices are effective.


Business Analyst


  • Decompose business request into requirements for design and development for inbound and outbound data files.
  • Develop standard operating procedures for issue management and tracking using FogBugz.
  • Design modifications to the project management process to create greater visibility for IT management and business requesters.
  • Manage report and eligibility file requirements from business requests through the implementation phase.
  • Create requirements and manage process to propagate Centene health case management flag through the Nurtur system.
  • Construct requirements to restrict members of Centene health plans who in case management for load into Nurtur member management system.

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