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Team Lead Resume


  • Eight plus years of IT experience in the Data Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of business application systems for a tier 1 Insurance client.
  • Experienced in performing as a team player, team lead. Comfortable with Offshore Onsite Model.
  • Strong experience in projects with Agile and Waterfall model execution.
  • Strong Data Warehousing ETL experience of using Informatica 9.X/8.1 PowerCenter Client tools - Mapping Designer, Repository manager, Workflow Manager/Monitor and Server tools - Informatica Server, Repository Server manager
  • Extensive testing of ETL experience using Informatica 9.X/8.1(Power Center - Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor and Server Manager).
  • Strong experience in Dimensional Modeling, Identifying Facts and Dimensions.
  • Strong experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) data from various sources into Data Warehouses using Informatica Power Center (Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Metadata Manger), Power Exchange as ETL tool on Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server Databases
  • Strong Experience in upgrade Informatica upgrade and Oracle Database upgrade related projects.
  • Extensive experience in developing Stored Procedures, Functions, Views and Triggers, Complex SQL queries using Oracle PL/SQL and SQL Server, TSQL.
  • Experience in resolving on-going maintenance issues and bug fixes in Informatica sessions as well as performance tuning of mappings and sessions.
  • Extensive experience in writing UNIX shell scripts and automation of the ETL processes using UNIX shell scripting.
  • Experience in using Automation Scheduling tools like Control-M.
  • Guidewire Claim Center data model exposure.
  • Hands-on experience across all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including business requirement analysis, data mapping, build, unit testing, systems integration and user acceptance testing.
  • Hands on coordinating Integration and UAT testing for all projects in the common testing environments.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and is experienced in working with senior level managers, business people and developers across multiple disciplines.


ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 8.1/9.1/9.6/10.2, Informatica Power Exchange, Change Data Capture (CDC)

Scheduler: Control-M

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12c

Database Tools: SQL Developer & TOAD, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Plus

Scripting: UNIX Schell Scripting, Linux Shell Script, Oracle PL/SQL

UNIX Tool: SecureCRT, WinScp

Support Tool: BMC Remedy, Team track, ServiceNow



Team Lead


  • Several no. of feeds are impacted as Data warehouse mainly receives many feeds from Accounting Center. The changes are impacted to hundreds of SQL files and Scripting files along with considerable no of tables.
  • All enterprise premium and claims and financial balancing are impacted for warehouse.
  • Imposing on changing the current financial balancing logic into Data warehouse applications as workday has some limitation on sending some feeds together.
  • Every feeds will be files types in the different forms whereas current feeds are in tables.
  • Discussed with Business to define and get the requirement on what is getting replaced by Workday for each feeds and type of feeds to downstream applications.
  • Reviewed the current Data warehouse application design of impact analysis over current Accounting Center.
  • Developed UNIX Shell Scripting to perform file transfer from workday server and change file formats, Load the files, Clean up files in remote server after successful loading.
  • Developed SQL Loader control files, required Parameter files and Sql scripts to do certain jobs.
  • Modified existing Informatica mapping in related to use of files as inputs.
  • Updated many Sql jobs the current financial balancing logic as two different financials are sent part of Workday whereas currently receive single financials from Accounting Center.
  • New data integrity checks logic created by UNIX shell scripts and PLSQL for many financial feeds from workdays.
  • Leading team of 3 members from offshore.
  • Co-ordination with Infrastructure teams for required code migration and environment set up.
  • Co-ordination with vendors for data transformation dependencies from Legacy systems.
  • Execution of all feeds in CUT for unit testing and in ETE for multiple integration testing and in DRT for UAT testing.
  • Test and ensure the quality of the Oracle code, UNIX Shell Scripts, Informatica code to meet the test cases output.

Skill set: Oracle PLSQL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Informatica 9.6, Control-m


Development Lead


  • It is considerably the biggest application in the enterprise in terms no of jobs and data it consist of. The main schema itself holds of 18 TB of data and the application has dedicated Informatica repository and application servers.
  • For Every bi-monthly release, it has significant no of projects for different components.
  • Maintaining all projects are aligned with project plan in terms of code merge and avoiding conflicts for deployments.
  • As this is Datawarehouse application, this is likely more impacted of any projects that get changes in the enterprise.
  • Discussed with Business Analyst for corresponding line of business to define and get the requirement on changes related to project requirements.
  • Providing PIE which is initial estimations based on impacted items and provide the project plan with the resources.
  • Scheduled multiple sessions and update the JIRA board to have stories and Sprint Planning for project with the timelines.
  • Developed ETL workflows, SQLS, PLSQL jobs and UNIX Shell Scripting to construct the code for the requirements.
  • Performed UNIT testing for each test cases written by QA for the project and Move the code to IT testing environments.
  • Performed ETE testing and move to the code to DRT environment for UAT sign off and get ready for deployments.
  • Attending daily Scrum calls with product owner and Scrum master to update on stories and Backlog grooming session to move the stories for next sprint and Retrospective sessions to review last sprint for what went well, what did not go wrong.
  • Conduct daily offshore/onshore call to hand off the project activities.
  • Leading team of 5 members from offshore.
  • Co-ordination with Infrastructure teams for required code migration and environment set up.
  • Co-ordination with other vendors for testing dependencies for the common testing projects.
  • Ensure all code migrations activities planned and executed as per deployment checklists created for each project. Send communications emails to Business people post successful deployment and validat

Skill set: Oracle PLSQL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Informatica 9.6 Power Center and PowerExchange, Control-m


Onsite Lead


  • Identified the impacted applications and gathered the list of Informatica Powercenter objects such as mapping and shared folder, workflows, worklets, sessions, mappings, relational and ODBC connectors, source and target objects for all applications.
  • Validated and verified all objects against informatica Database.
  • Worked with ETL Admin to configure required connectorsand ODBC set up.
  • Worked with ETL Admin to set up and configure Integration Services, Group access PMRoot directories and soft links and file systems in informatica Servers.
  • Worked with Linux Admin and DBA admin for the required file systems for applications on informatica Server and DBA commands set up in a way job to perform some DDL operations.
  • Validate the migrated components done by ETL Admin for all objects in Powercenter and data maps from PowerExchange.
  • Execution of UNIT testing and ETE cycle 1, cycle 2 testing for all application for CUT and ETE repositories. Execute performance testing as cycle 3 in DRT.
  • Leading team of 15 plus as no of applications are high.
  • The project followed waterfall methodology and was deployed by three phases

Skill set: Informatica 9.6.1, Informatica 8.1x, Informatica 8.6x, Oracle 12c, Oracle 10g, Sql server,UNIX Shell scripting, Informatica PowerExchange, Control-m




  • Being a coordinator, I would collect all projects and plan testing cycles and execution plans for each bi-monthly release.
  • It will have two cycles of testing and each cycle comprises of premium and claim testing for various projects. I will draft test plan document and prepare the execution calendar.
  • Facilitate meetings to have test plan reviewed for each projects with downstream applications test leads and Project BA, QA Lead and Manager.
  • Prepare combined TSP for all project test plans and provide guidelines to be followed for execution cycles.
  • Conduct daily status meeting during execution phases for open issues/defects/risks/closure.
  • Open up Risk and work with individual test lead for long pending defects/issues.
  • Receive the testing sign offs from QA, BA, and test leads after all defects are closed and send the project manager communications.
  • Maintain the metrics for no of defects/issues/risks/change requests opened and closed for each cycles for all the years and conduct some after actions review meetings.
  • Worked with minimum of 50 plus people as each project come up with many stakeholders.

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