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Sr Systems Analyst Resume

Winston Salem, NC


  • 15+ years of experience in various aspects of software development life cycle - gathering and analyzing the requirements, designing, developing, testing, and implementing software solutions catering to the business requirements using Microsoft Technologies (SharePoint online, Power Platform, SharePoint 2019,2013 &.NET).
  • Delivered enterprise projects with teams in USA, Europe, India. Managed concurrent projects with geographically dispersed teams.
  • An effective communicator with exceptional relationship skills to connect with people at all levels of business and management. Worked with customers, Sr. managers and technical teams for securing & executing projects.
  • Lead and motivated high potential project teams to ensure timeliness and quality of the deliverables. Can work under high-pressure situations and tight deadlines.
  • Strong consulting background and has worked with clients globally delivering complex consulting services including onsite-offshore projects.
  • Meeting with business users and prepare the requirement documents and Estimation.
  • Managing projects & artifacts and resource utility reports in Clarity.
  • Converting the business requirements in to SharePoint technical solutions.
  • Follow the change management process to deploy the code in production and DR Environment.
  • Creating governance documents and best practice documents for Power platform (Power apps, Power automate) and SharePoint Online.
  • Managing L3 Support for SharePoint & .NET applications.
  • Good Knowledge in Power platform, SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019, 2013,2010,2007,2003 and Azure.
  • Hands on experience in Nintex workflows.
  • Rich experience in driving fast-paced, business-driven projects using different project driven methodologies (Agile (Sprints), waterfall).
  • Hands on experience in migration from SP 2010 to SP 2013 & SharePoint Online.
  • Hands on experience in asp.net and C#, Web Services.
  • Hands on experience in provider hosted APP model development and REST Services in SP 2013.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


SharePoint: SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019,2016,2013, 2010, MOSS 2007, WSS 2.0 &3.0, C3 Cloud and O-365.

Power Platform: Power apps, Power automate.

Azure: Web Jobs, Azure Functions, Web App services, storage types

SharePoint Tools: SharePoint Feature Admin Clean up tools, Auto SP Installer, SharePoint Designer 2013/2010/2007, and InfoPath 2010/2007, Share gate & AvePoint Migration tools, Metalogix Control Point, Nintex

SharePoint Areas: - Provider hosted Apps development, REST API, CSOM, Publishing sites, team sites, SPDesigner and Visual Studio Workflows, InfoPath Server Forms, Nintex workflows, custom web parts, Farm solutions, Master page and Page Layouts customization, Secure store service, BCS, Custom Event handlers, Custom CSS and search implementation.

Tools: JIRA, Version one (Agile), Service now, HP Unicenter, HP QC, ReSharper (Code cleanup), Dot Peek (Decompile the code), Adobe Live Cycle, Clarity

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle.



Sr Systems Analyst

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop solution in highly demanding environment and provide hands on guidance to other team members.
  • Preparing the Estimation& Cost and Project plan for SharePoint Work Intakes.
  • Solutioning the SharePoint 2013 custom applications to SharePoint Online/SP 2019 migrations.
  • Redesigning the SharePoint Designer workflows & InfoPath forms in to Power Automate and Power apps.
  • Working with business users to understand the business requirements and convert in to SharePoint solutions.
  • Preparing Governance documents for Power platform and SharePoint Online environments.
  • Work on Production issues through Incident management system to fix the SharePoint applications issues.
  • Continuous improvement on custom solutions and provide custom reusable solutions in SharePoint 2013/SPO/SP 2019.
  • Redesigning the farm solutions to SharePoint Add-ins and convert SharePoint timer jobs to windows scheduler.
  • Work with DEV team and planning the project delivery and solutioning the business requirements.
  • Code review and end to end testing before delivering the features to the customer.
  • Worked on SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 custom applications migrations and migration fixes.
  • Deploy the code in production environment through change management process.
  • Participate on yearly SharePoint Applications DR Activities and validate the DR steps for each application.
  • Providing and reviewing the technical documents.
  • Migrating & Redesigning multiple SharePoint 2013 custom applications in to SharePoint online as cloud solutions and migrating PII sites in to SP 2019 platforms. Analyzing the current solution features and implementing the same through new features in SharePoint online and SharePoint 2019. Working with Application owners and plan the migration efforts and sharing the new features in to business teams for managing the sites as power user. Working on redesign the SharePoint designer workflows in to power automate and InfoPath forms in to Power apps. Converting the custom reminder modules and schedulers in to no code solutions using power automate. Building the Power automate templates & solutions for common functionalities as reusable solutions. Analyzing the custom applications and redesigning as client-side code with SPFx framework webparts and Power platform components.
  • Built internal tool called Recruitment assistant application to manage the Interview panel feedback through automation process. Capturing the staffing partner Email content through Outlook activity in power automate and sending the Email to Panel people along with Feedback form link. This process will work for multiple level of panels and implemented different levels in power automate to manage levels. Feedback forms are maintaining as SharePoint list form and daily hiring data pushing in to SharePoint list through power automate to maintain as lookup list for feedback form.
  • Created the Policies SharePoint portal to maintain the policies for various business units. Policies portal have various notifications for policy owners and policy leaders to approve & publish the policies in the portal. Policy owners and leaders have the ability to retire the policies in the workspace area and publish the final approval policies documents in to PDF version of policies. Each business units have separate subsites called workspace to maintain the draft policies.
  • Created the IAS Onboarding SharePoint custom application to handle the new hire information from different data source for WMG team. IAS site is consuming the data from different data source like Oracle DB and SQL and SharePoint list, People soft and Taleo. Talent center team will create the requisition item in SP list to add the resource requirement details. Once record is created in talent center system and team will update the same Requisition number in the SP list. Based on the requisition status, workflow will kick off and send the notification to different groups. If the requisition status is "Offer Accepted", the system will create the new hire record in the NH list and trigger the Email to different groups like, seat assignment and trainings.
  • Created the SharePoint custom portal called Compliance portal (CPRO) to maintain the Compliance project information (CPRO). Project details (Create project, Project information, Approval, Review) are maintaining in SharePoint list with various functionalities. SharePoint hosted app have different sections to maintain the project information. Each Project have unique project number and project related files with approval information. CPro Expiration timer job is used to trigger the notification to different users with expiration details. Mobius connector is used to archive the documents from SharePoint to Mobius with metadata column values.
  • Worked on SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 custom application migrations. Migrated and redesigned the 80 custom applications with SharePoint 2013 features. Converted most of the server-side code to client-side code using client object model and SharePoint add-ins features. Redesigned the SharePoint timer jobs to windows schedulers using client object model (CSOM) features. Redesigned and fixed the InfoPath forms and SharePoint workflows. Used Metalogix and Sharegate to migrate the contents from SharePoint platform.

Sr Systems Analyst

Confidential, VA

Key Responsibilities:

  • Analyzed the business requirements and created the user stories in version one.
  • Architecting and creating the high-level design documents for SharePoint Custom Applications.
  • Work on Production issues through Incident management system to fix the SharePoint applications issues.
  • Work with DEV team and planning the project delivery and solutioning the business requirements.
  • Created auto deployment scripts using Power shell to deploy the solutions in different environments.
  • Developed the code based on the user stories in the sprint.
  • Creating the technical design document for each module.
  • Code review and end to end testing before delivering to the customer.
  • Transferring / sharing the system Knowledge with the team.
  • Handling Multiple Change Requests from the Client.
  • Created the custom SharePoint application to maintain the customer vendor funds information using SharePoint 2013 provider hosted apps. Created the asp.net master page with custom layouts for remote web with chrome controls. Designed and developed various pages to maintain the vendor agreements and different functionality pages are created for Create agreements, Edit agreements, search existing vendor agreement details and add/Edit rebate variants and maintain the product groups.
  • Version One,C#, SQL Server, ADO.NET, User Controls, Visual studio 2013, Oracle, IIS, Asp.net Master Page, SharePoint 2013, Power shell scripts, Java Scripts.
  • Worked on migrating the Confidential intranet portal from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013.
  • Intranet sites have custom web parts and third-party solutions with custom master pages and page layouts with custom styles. Redesigned the master pages and Webparts and migrated the content using Sharegate tool from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. Converted all custom solutions from visual studio 2010 solutions to visual studio 2013 solutions to support SharePoint 2013 platform. Redesigned the Location webpart to display the show room contact details based on the branch and city.
  • C#, SQL Server, ADO.NET, User Controls, Oracle, IIS, SharePoint2010,2013, Custom Master page, Custom page Layouts, Custom CSS, Power shell scripts, Custom Web Parts, Java Scripts, Custom search web parts, InfoPath Forms and workflows.
  • Created the Dot Citation SharePoint portal for maintaining the driver information for risk management department. This application keeps track of the driver violation and inform the details to the corrective action owners. Different business logic added to identify the violation type and trigger the notification for CAO.

Confidential, Winston Salem, NC

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prioritize the sites migration based on the site owner response.
  • Project Estimation and prioritize the tasks.
  • Work with DEV team and planning the project delivery and solutioning the business requirements.
  • Work on Production issues through Incident management system to fix the SharePoint applications issues.
  • Designed various state machine Nintex workflows for various business units.
  • Designed the multiple InfoPath forms designs for various departments.
  • Redesigned the Intranet portal from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2010.
  • Lead the production support team to support the 600 custom SharePoint sites.
  • Implemented various custom solutions to support the various business process for different business units.
  • Worked on Migrating the 600 Custom SharePoint sites from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2010. Migrated the two different level of sites (internal and external sites for vendors and suppliers). Redesigned the multiple custom site definitions from 2003 to SP 2010 features and redesigned the master pages and rebuilt the visual studio solutions to support the SP 2010 platform.
  • Implemented the Air shipment approval process for shipping the manufacturing items to different countries. Maintaining the providers in the share point list and based on the ship from and ship to country filtering the provider and routing the workflow. Application using the different external list to get the data for InfoPath forms. In the workflow we are calculating the budget amount based on the requestor created date and finalApproved date. We have four approval levels in the Nintex workflow and based on the budget amount we are moving the approval to the different stages.


Designation - Sr Developer

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collected the requirement details from different department owners.
  • Configured the SharePoint 2007 app servers.
  • Designed the custom master pages and page layouts.
  • Developed the custom solutions for various business functionalities.
  • Developed SharePoint Custom workflows.
  • Setup the ISA server for external SharePoint access.
  • Coding and Testing the Application Program.
  • Implemented the Confidential External customer support portal to get the Confidential product updates and user guides. This SharePoint portal as internet-based portal for all customers to access the product information. We have used ADAM (Active directory application management) for storing all customer information. All the customers login via ADAM tool and access the tcsp portal. We have implemented this internet based site using ISA server for information security. This ISA server is converting the https request to http requestand display the https url for end users. For internal Employees we are using http url with internal active

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