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Supply Chain Manager Resume

Paulsboro, NJ


  • Accomplished Business Professional wif over 20 years operations and management experience wif a major focus on domestic, international logistics and customer service. Excellent resolution skills.
  • Focus on creating solutions to improve department efficiency and increase production.
  • Dedicated leader displaying excellent decision - making, organizational, communication, and customer service skills.


  • Microsoft Office
  • FMS System sam
  • Visual ManufacturingDCMS (Warehouse management system)
  • Quantum supply chain management transportation warehousing contract negotiation project management shipping
  • US Customs regulations budgets and analysis.


Confidential, Paulsboro, NJ

Supply Chain Manager


  • Lead a team of Project Managers in teh US and Canada for teh Financial Vertical Sector.
  • Supply Chain Manager responsible for overseeing team resources, assisting in budget development, career planning and performance evaluations.
  • Coordinate wif all internal departments to ensure a seamless flow of products and services for
  • Identify daily operational efficiency measures for teh team, I.E. Freight, Rebates and Configuration. Maintain margin levels and ensure optimal profitability wifin each account.
  • Worked wif HR to develop a training program for teh onboarding of new employees to reduce turnover wifin teh Financial Vertical Team.
  • Primary contact for escalations, suppliers and distribution partners for teh Financial Vertical Team.
  • Maintain client relationships wif onsite visits as needed. Independent Consultant Logistics / Operations

Confidential, Fountain Valley, CA


  • Manage inbound Operations to West Coast DC.
  • Developed a process for scheduling inbound and outbound truck and container shipments.
  • Created and implemented a process to utilize rack systems in warehouse operations for fluidity wifin teh picking packing process.
  • Negotiated contracts for warehouse supplies including card board, and vending equipment.
  • Contracted to terminate teh lease wif teh landlord of Confidential in Sharon Hill, PA. This included prepping teh facility for Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, selling off warehouse racking and office furniture.


Senior Logistics / Operations Manager


  • Manage inbound, outbound, and third party traffic logistics.
  • Contract negotiations for domestic and international transportation.
  • Manage supply chain for air and ocean shipments to ensure on time integrity.
  • Manage warehouse receiving operations including KPI’s and QC of incoming products.
  • Assist Director of Operations wif warehouse facilities maintenance.
  • Mentor and supervise Traffic Coordinator to develop procedures and maximize efficiency.
  • Assign proper HTS codes for products and ensure correct duty applied.
  • Created a Duty Drawback program to recoup duty paid for items re-exporting teh country.
  • Assembled a chargeback team to ensure integrity of labeling and ticketing processes.
  • Hazmat certified - assisted in certification of employees and responsible for ensuring to adherences of strict labeling and documentation requirements. IE Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal
  • Developed key customer compliance and routing information. Developed quick routing guidelines for teh team to reference.




  • Led a team of seven in Customer service, Order processing, Vendor compliance and Logistics.
  • Provide superior level of customer service through rigorous training of new staff and facilitating ongoing staff development.
  • Develop procedures and policies to maximize productivity.
  • Perform audits to insure integrity and profitability.
  • Continually strive to reduce order fulfillment time.
  • Negotiate contracts for domestic and international shipping wif major transportation companies including FedEx and UPS.
  • Reduced annual transportation cost by 15%.
  • Created system to negotiate wif vendors to analyze and re-coup charge backs.
  • Participated in design, implementation and training of new warehouse management system.
  • Senior team member assigned to continued project development.

Confidential, Sharon Hill, PA

Night Operations Supervisor


  • Managed night operations of air and ocean export shipments.
  • Certified to evaluate and ship dangerous goods and perishables.
  • Knowledge of Letters of Credit, Sight drafts, NAFTA certificates, Confidential Carnet and documentation required for proper exportation.
  • Negotiate contracts for domestic and international shipping wif major transportation companies including FedEx and UPS.
  • Interaction wif government agencies including U.S. Customs.

Confidential, Lester, PA

Export Operations Coordinator


  • Air export processing, direct customer service and sales maintenance.
  • Increased margins through proper carrier selection and applying best practices for air-export gateway operations.
  • Managed night operations during management transition, encompassing warehouse functions, management of staff and air export consolidations.
  • Process orders including hazmat and perishables.
  • Manage high profile customers ensuring organizational profitability.

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