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Project Manager Resume



  • Result driven information technology professional with end - to-end Project Management/Program Management/Scrum Master experience and background.
  • Effective communicator and managed time, scope, budget and resources without compromising quality. Developed project plans, artifacts, and ensured sub-plans built by teams align with scope, schedule and budget.
  • Identified team skills, effectively assigned tasks and tracked progress (Earned Value). Also used Function Point Analysis (IFPUG) for application sizing to estimate resources, cost, productivity, etc.
  • Used several tools (MS Project, Excel, PowerPoint, Primavera, iTracker, ClearQuest, Rally for Agile projects, etc) and/or internally developed by the organization (Prism, ReqPro). Teamwork, problem solving and decision-making capabilities in the right sense of leadership paved the way to meeting project deadlines, management's satisfaction and team success. Supervised and coached/mentored team members.
  • Ability to negotiate to achieve project goals. Solid relationship building skills that can drive executives/leaders to make concrete decisions and plans when the scope, issues or approach to a project is ambiguous.
  • Experience in both structured and unstructured environments, contributed to organization's policies and procedures, maintained standards by implementing self-audits, change controls and complied with auditing procedures. Worked with several project management methodologies from linear Water fall to iterative and incremental, Lean, including Agile family (SCRUM), DevOps (is a culture), best practices and continual process improvements viz., CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and Six Sigma.
  • Projects managed include application development (Banking, Infrastructure, Insurance--mutual funds-data warehouse, legislative, and security, Telecom, Web, Utility, Pharmaceutical, PeopleSoft-Human Capital Management, CRM-Customer Relationship Management) and Higher education and Research, with varying budgets and team sizes on national and international levels. A good knowledge and project management experience in Cloud Computing environments (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) and deployment models (Private, Public, Hybrid, Community, Virtual Private), and familiar with Big Data concepts and workflows.
  • Multilingual (Portuguese, Swedish, and other languages, proved to be an added advantage in managing off shore teams in other countries).


Project Management Experience in banking, telecom, insurance, utility, pharmaceutical, etc.

Agile/Waterfall/SDLC Methodology Experience plus others; and DevOps (1.5 years)

ExpertPMP, ITIL V2 and V3certified, and other project management related and IT technical certifications, including a course in Big Data Analytics.

Matrix management of multiple organizations/groups


Confidential, NJ

Project Manager


  • Developed project plan, identified risks/issues, addressed scope creep by interacting with change control board and relevant stakeholders, including the PMO and senior management. Held regular project- and ad hoc meetings, mentored team members on agile-Scrum, Cloud computing environments--Service models and service deployment models.
  • The project was tracked and communication problems were appropriately addressed for a successful project completion.

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Senior Project Manager/DevOps Consultant


  • Activities cover global regions NAM/LATAM, EMEA, ASPAC, Singapore, Mexico, Indonesia, Germany and Poland environments.
  • Responsibilities included maintenance and updates of the Infrastructure Dashboard of servers/databases (hosts) in global regions for different environments DIT (1 to 5), SIT(1 to 5), UAT (1 to 5), ProdTest (1 to 4) and other newly emerging environments NAM-Training1 to 5 and Dev Cloud with details on RAM, SAN, NAS, and Oracle dB versions. Each host server runs several instances, which are dynamically repurposed based on the deployment of releases.
  • Managed successfully the deployment automation and implementation using the RLM (Release Lifecycle Management Tool).
  • Deployments can be carried out remotely in parallel or serial in regions and environments on worldwide basis.
  • Prepare and distribute weekly summary reports to senior management by generating the INC (incident) tickets from Service Management Tool (SNOW).
  • Created several files on Confidential SharePoint site and tracked for constant updates related to Completed Activities, Planned Activities, Issues and Risks, Mitigation Plans by Build, TES-Test Environment Support Team, NAM/LATAM (North America/Latin America), EMEA (Europe and Middle East), ASPAC (Asia and Pacific) teams.
  • Mentored team members on DevOps with emphasis laid on Organization:
  • People, Processes and Technology in relation to communication, collaboration and integration, the driving forces to deliver faster and quality software.
  • Where and when necessary mentored/coached/trained team members (Agile Scrum, Xtreme Programming, Rational Unified Process, ITIL-Incident Management, Problem Management, Release Management, etc) and on tools and processes for effectively carrying out their activities and for maintaining project health.


Lead Project Manager


  • Project life cycles include traditional Waterfall, Agile-Scrum and other blended techniques viz.code refactoring, TDD, Continuous integration, etc., IT Unified Process, Lean ITUP or blends of methodologies, depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Tools used for the routine activities include containing different modules for managing the milestones and decision gates, Release Entry Requests (RER), Contacts and Resources, Financials—budgets and estimates, Workflows and Artifacts (Project Management, Release Management, Requirements, Business Cases, etc.
  • ReqPro is used as a repository for Business Requirements and System Requirements and Share Point for weekly project updates. ALM QC (Application Lifecycle Management for Quality Control) is used for report generation on testing.
  • Weekly project status- and ad hoc meetings to track the progress of each project and resolve issues/risks, respectively, were scheduled.
  • Requirements sessions were conducted for each project, obtained approvals for base lining to lead the project to subsequent milestones. Negotiated and met the expectations of Clients and management on project scope, budgets and delivery dates. Identified and accordingly used the skills of the team members to suit the needs of the project.
  • Other activities include managing cross functional dependencies, JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions, change requests, risks, project status- and progress reports and mentoring/training. Utilized/suggested techniques viz., prototyping, proof-of-concept, test driven development, application sizing (function points), process improvements and best practices, based on the project necessity.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior Project Manager/DevOpsConsultant


  • On a daily basis managed Deployment and Configuration issues from 19 different environments --Portal, CAS, BE 1.3, Classic, BE 1.2, Shared and Dedicated environments-- related to pre-SIT, SIT, UAT and PTE (performance testing. Root Cause Analysis (RCA), were reported in PMO meetings and to senior management.
  • Project Plans were developed for deployment automations using BuildForge and uDeploy tools in all SIT, UAT and PTE environments, and progress was tracked for successful implementations.
  • Risks were identified and addressed by following the Risk Management Lifecycle.
  • Process improvement concepts were applied viz., CMMI, Six Sigma and ITIL.
  • As Scrum Master, trained/mentored/coached team members on Agile-Scrum practices and techniques (code refactoring, test driven development, continuous integration, pair programming and testing, prototyping, etc.), and as project manager delivered training sessions to infrastructure and testing teams on ITIL Incident, Problem and Release Management.
  • Managed several projects (Portal/CAS, nCache upgrade from 3.8 to 4.1, Migration of servers from Shared to Dedicated environments) and held regular PMO and review meetings for timely and successful implementations.
  • Suspicious Activity Detection (SAD), an additional layer of security, a time bound regulatory mandated project was successfully implemented. Issues related to firewalls and DMZ servers in particular were resolved by interacting with the SAD committee.
  • Developed artifacts on Infrastructure Monitoring, Asset Optimization, and Build Automation.
  • Overall Project Activities included:
  • Project/Program Management, Agile-Scrum, DevOps, Environment Support, Mentored internal teams and off-shore resources on Incident Management, root cause analysis for effective resolution of issues.
  • Managed daily Deployments and Configurations in different environments through deployment calendar and maintained documents using Share Point.
  • Managed infrastructure projects, and projects on Build Automation (from manual deployments) using BuildForge and uDeploy.
  • DevOps: In collaboration with IT and engineering teams, established processes and documented procedures for deployment automation (determined dependencies--code, application, databases), compliance, rollback strategy.
  • Identified thrust areas for process implementation, continuous process improvements and best practices. Performed gap analysis from DevOps culture perspective with a question on "where to start?" and identified factors that contribute to business value (time-to-market, revenue, customer satisfaction, including technical and technological factors viz., continuous integration, continuous delivery (build, test, deploy) and releases (minor, major and patches).
  • Identified Risks Confidential different phases of projects and managed Risks (Risk Management); interacted with project teams for Project Plan development, tracked project progress and aid in technical matters; present status, progress, root causes to senior management; also identified through gap analysis the present status and future needs to enable decisions on projects.

Confidential, Middletown, NJ

Senior Project/Program Manager, Defect Manager


  • End to end Management of 3 large projects with multiple impacted applications using IT Unified process (ITUP)/Agile.
  • Activities include project schedule development, progress tracking, and interaction with team members of all functional areas (architects, developers, etc) through different phases, milestones and decision gates.
  • Effective interaction with subject matter experts (SMEs) to help resolve issues and anticipate areas of potential risk.
  • Evaluated and negotiated changes in scope (new applications, APIs, interfaces, technology, consequently budget, schedule and target implementation dates) with sponsor/project owner, management and/or other personnel and determined impacts on related/interdependent tasks.
  • Monitored and evaluated progress and quality, managed issue resolution process and communicated and escalated where necessary risks, issues and open tasks effectively.
  • Project financials (1) estimates of time and cost Confidential different phases and (2) monthly true-ups by department, group and application, were managed by using prism tool.
  • Services outsourced to IBM were tracked for completion including monitoring and authorizing FTPs and taking corrective steps (repurposing).
  • Managed efficiently third party vendor resources for timely completion of tasks within defined budgets.
  • Defect Management of System Testing covering 20 applications. HP QC Center is used for tracking and getting fixed the defects (Severity 1, 2 and 3).

Confidential, Hazelwood, MO

Program/Project Manager


  • The software measures customer’s consumption of electric, water and gas utilities, and is highly customer oriented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with sales, support and maintenance modules.
  • Tailored SDLC, Agile, and IBM-RUP were methodologies for managing projects.
  • The development environment included J2EE, AIX, Linux and Windows platforms, DB2 and Oracle 10g databases, and WebLogic application server.
  • Coordinated activities of multifunctional teams(architecture, development, testing and infrastructure and deployment groups).
  • Backlog list of changes and enhancement requests was prioritized for current releases
  • Trained/mentored/coached teams in Agile.
  • Communication gap and knowledge sharing was a major challenge addressed by seminars and documentation, which improved dynamism, cooperation and increased productivity.
  • Upon management's desire volunteered to meet the necessity and be a part of technical and business negotiations with customer company viz., NANSEN of Brazil (communications in Portuguese).

Confidential, Hoffman Estates, IL

Program Manager/Project Manager


  • Processes involved express, express one and P8 (versions of CMM and SDLC).
  • Developed schedules and obtained buy-in and commitment from impacted groups and interfacing system personnel.
  • The requirements were defined by a series of scheduled web meetings through business reviews(BR), solution architecture (SA) and system requirement reviews (SRD).

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Principal Consultant/Program Manager


  • Solution Development Methodology (SDM) was followed for managing projects.
  • Agile SCRUM and Xtreme programming were tailored to project needs.
  • Deployed 3 mission critical projects with multi-million dollar budgets in Life Insurance (a CRM project) Mutual Funds-Data Warehouse (a CRM project) and Security (ITIL Compliant).
  • Participated in PMO and contributed to process development and optimization.
  • Received highest productivity and percentage productivity awards for performance and delivering projects on time in negotiated project phases.
  • Developed/maintained productive working relationships with project sponsors and key business partners and Customers.
  • Defined and driven execution of communication plans.
  • Established roles and responsibilities within the core program team.
  • Built project teams from multiple business units and defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Managed projects comprised of cross functional teams and accounted for their successful outcome (exciting products, delighted customers and fulfilled project team).
  • Updated sponsors, business partners and senior management with project status-- risks, scope creep, resource contentions, project financials and progress.
  • Obtained approvals to adjust processes or methods to meet project needs.
  • Complied with auditing procedures and followed change control procedures for scope creep, change and enhancement requests.

Confidential, Middletown, NJ

Program Manager


  • One Process was followed for different project phases (Feasibility, Concept, Design, Development, Service Test, and Installation) for 16 projects with 4 project managers as direct reports.
  • Time and Material ( Confidential &M) contracts were managed effectively Confidential different project phases.
  • Applications managed: EFMS and C-Bus.
  • EFMS (End-to-end Flow through Management System) is an ordering and provisioning system. Coordinated and managed UAT and ORT issues.
  • Tracked MR (Modification Requests) and generated reports for management updates.
  • C-Bus--Collaboration Bus is an automated notification platform which supports email, text pager, phone, beeper and cell phone communication channels.
  • The development environment was mixed i.e. C, C++, J2EE, CORBA, with a team size of 25.
  • Developed WBS, assigned tasks and tracked progress.
  • Used iTracker, ClearQuest and Confidential & Confidential SCME tools for defect tracking and UAT.
  • Other tools for routine project work: MS Project, Visio, Excel, Power Point.
  • On several occasions exceeded expectations by contributing to the needs of projects and teams by developing user manuals, on line help, OA&M (Operation, Administration and Maintenance Manual) for C-Bus application, including Service Level Agreements and Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Designed and implemented user set-up, end-user training materials, and testing procedures
  • Volunteered and catered to project needs viz., acquiring hardware from vendors (procurement), installing operating system by Jump Start, and Oracle database on Sun Fire V880 servers for shipment to production site.

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