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It Project Lead/ Sr Technical Consultant Resume

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Lisle, IL


  • Accomplished technical professional with extensive experience designing innovative applications to increase productivity and support defined business objectives.
  • Record of achievement in application development, project management, and team leadership producing dramatically improved application and system infrastructures.
  • In - depth knowledge of existing application development and business modeling methodologies, with the ability to apply them for marked strategic benefit to the organization.
  • Proven innovative thinker, quickly assessing complex, enterprise-wide application and architectural issues and performing root-cause analysis to provide lasting resolution.


  • Software Design and Development
  • Full Life Cycle Project Management
  • Technical Consulting Services
  • FCC Licensed Extra Class
  • Application Implementation & Testing
  • Business Modeling and Process Optimization
  • User Training and Support


Platforms: VAX/ALPHA, HP3000, Windows XP/NT/2000/9x, VMS 8.2, MVS, UNIX, Solaris

Tools: DCL RMS, C/C++, COBOL, DIBOL, Synergy XFServer Plus, RPS,MDU,FORTRAN, BASIC, MQSeries, CMS, MMS, FMS, FDL, RDB, Ingress DB, SAP, Business Objects, BO/ Crystal Server, Crystal Reports, Oracle, RDB, PL/SQL, FTP, EDI, RFID, Aspen, PeopleSoft, Kronos, Trackwise, Clipper Ship, TOLAS, SOX, Red Prairie, Crystal Reports, PLC Wonderware, Teradata, BTEQ, Fast Load/ Export, Queryman, Microsoft Office, Project, Access Database, Excel Visio, UDMS


Confidential, Lisle, IL

IT Project Lead/ SR Technical Consultant


  • Primary role included Application Development, Customization, and Support of the company’s entire TOLAS ERP suite.
  • Position required close business interaction to provide deliverables on firm Project schedules
  • Performed full SDLC tasks as the technical project lead with responsibilities driving the business process communication and processing for the joint venture between Confidential and Caterpillar.
  • Additional projects included data feeds to the corporate Confidential identify management and access control system.
  • Development of IKNOW, the automation of COPS critical order processing from paper worksheets to electronic routing and distribution to proper sourcing analysts.


Confidential, Dublin, OH

Senior Consultant


  • Provided consulting services during application migration from DIBOL backend to .NET frontend utilizing Synergy XFServer Plus, MDU, and RPS.
  • These efforts required legacy code reverse engineering and system architectural design of a new system that would support both legacy Character based interface CUI and the new graphical GUI frontend.
  • All business logic remained on the backend supporting both user interface

Technical Scope: VAX/ ALPHA, VMS 8.3, DCL, Dibol, Synergy XFServer Plus, MDU, RPS, SynergyLink

Confidential, Dublin, OH

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Provided consulting services as a member of the Client Request application development organization.
  • The major focus was on new development and application enhancement driven by end user defined requirements.
  • Position required interface with internal account mangers and external financial subscriber organizations.

Technical Scope: VAX/ ALPHA, VMS, DCL, S1032 DB, Unix, Oracle 10G, ProC, RMS, Fortran, CMS,FMS, FDL, XML

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Principal Consultant


  • Senior Team member providing Process Conception, Analysis, Development, Test, SOX Compliance Documentation, User Acceptance, Rollout, and Support across the entire Supply Chain and Manufacturing Enterprise.
  • Specific responsibilities ranged from 24x7 Support through Joint Venture initiatives that drove the seamless merger of Miller and Coors business processes.
  • Order Handling Control System
  • Finished Goods System
  • Brew Area Manufacturing Control
  • Quality Brewing
  • MHCS Material Handling System
  • BPN Business Partner Network
  • Warehouse Automation Initiative
  • Business Objects/ Crystal Enterprise 3000 Reports
  • JV Joint Venture Initiative
  • Market Area/ Region Realignment
  • Fiscal Year Processing Change Initiative
  • Small Project Enhancements
  • Production Support - 6 Plants
  • Project Management

Technical Scope: VAX/ ALPHA, VMS 8.4, DCL, Oracle RDB, RMS, Basic, Cobol, Dibol, Synergy XFServer,C/C++, CMS, MMS, FMS, FDL, DMQ, MQSeries, MVS, Business Objects BOXI, Crystal Enterprise, Peregrine, SOX

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona

Sr. Application Developer


  • Lead Application Developer and Strategist employing full SDLC methodologies to provide innovative IT solutions for client partners and executive leadership.
  • All projects are part of the corporate Strategic Imitative Program instituted to drive a competitive advantage and direction in the global marketplace
  • Alternate Client Identification
  • Agent Automated Appointment Approvals
  • Policy/ Case Validation and Eligibility for Issue
  • Client Auto Renewals
  • Agent Auto Commissions
  • Coverage Rate and Option Set Validation
  • Web Application Auto Loader Interface
  • Project Management

Technical Scope: VAX/ ALPHA, VMS 7.4, DCL, RMS, Basic, Cobol, C/C++, CMS, MMS, FMS, FDL

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

Sr. Application Developer


  • Detailed Requirements Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Certification to State and Federal Requirements
  • Bank Processing and Interfaces
  • Client Host Communications
  • File Formatter Utility
  • Legacy Code and Functionality Migration

Technical Scope: VAX/ ALPHA, VMS 8.2, DCL, MQSeries, RMS, C/C++, CMS, MMS, FMS, FDL

Confidential, Newark, Delaware

Sr. Project Consultant


  • Application Support, Enhancement, Development
  • Detailed Requirements Analysis
  • ASRS - 2 Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Robotic Forklifts and Transports
  • CPM - Case Pick Management
  • CDCS - Conveyor Diverter Control System
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • MS Access Tracking DB
  • Training Delinquency System
  • LDS - Labor Data System
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Automated Manufacturing Batch Run Monitor
  • Business Objects Server
  • 100+ Crystal Report Version 10 FDA Validated Reports
  • LIMS - Laboratory Instrumentation System
  • FDA Code Certifications GMP
  • MS Access Data Base Administrator

Technical Scope: VAX/ ALPHA, VMS, DCL MQSeries, RMS, RDB, Ingress DB, COBOL, FORTRAN, SAP, Synergy XFServer, Business Objects Enterprise Server, Crystal Reports 10, C/C++, Oracle, RDB, Unix, CMS, MMS, PL/SQL, FTP, EDI, RFID, Aspen, PeopleSoft, Kronos, Trackwise, Clipper Ship, SOX, Lean Six Sigma

Confidential, Bradenton, Florida

Senior Applications Developer


  • Full Information Technology and Engineering Design Life Cycle support for company's chilled product supply chain.
  • Position required managing on call 24x7 support with 15 minute response time to ensure system throughput and business requirements.
  • Additional project responsibilities included WMS platform migration to Red Prairie.
  • Application Support, Enhancement, Development
  • Web Based Reporting
  • Developed 25 Crystal Reports Version 9
  • WMS - Warehouse Management System
  • ASRS - Automatic Storage Retrieval System
  • WSCHED Work Scheduler
  • Automated Conveyor System
  • DCS - Distribution Control System Interface
  • Canadian and International Master BOL EDI
  • RF Terminal Upgrade and Implementation
  • Cross Dock Functionality
  • Automated Controls System
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Automated Product Hold and Recall and Tracking
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • GPS Railcar and Truck Tracking and Planning
  • Consolidated Inventory Management System
  • Inventory Balance Push and Reconciliation

Technical Scope: SAP, Red Prairie, VAX/ Alpha VMS, DCL, MQSeries, FORTRAN, C, COBOL, DIBOL, Synergy XFServer, BASIC, CMS, FMS, RDB, FDL, RMS, Oracle, SQL, RDO, Teradata, BTEQ, Fast Load, Erwin, Queryman, PLC, FTP, EDI, Crystal Reports 9, PLC Wonderware, SOX, Lean Manufacturing, MS Access

Confidential, Miami Lakes, Florida

Senior Developer/ Analyst


  • Managerial and Technical hands on responsibilities included system maintenance and user enhancement implementation with emphasize on future corporate milestones.
  • Tasks included the development of interface software providing exported data to the company's WEB based SQL servers.
  • System Maintenance, Enhancement, Development
  • Purchase Order Auto Receipt Function
  • WEB Interface Including 25 Crystal Reports
  • Automated Product Allocation Audit System
  • EDI WEB Interface
  • Process Scheduler Analysis, Design, Implementation
  • AR/ AP Reconciliation
  • Automated Barcode Generation

Technical Scope: VAX/Alpha, VMS, BASIC, C++, FMS, CMS, RMS, TOLAS, MQSeries, RDB, FDL, RMS, Oracle, SQL, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Java, FTP, EDI, Lean

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