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Scrum Master Resume

Westlake Village, CA


  • 9 years of experience as Scrum Master/ Agile Coach/ Business Analyst / IT Analyst.
  • Training teams on VersionOne and other Application Lifecycle Management tools.
  • Creating and Presenting PowerPoint presentations on Scaling Agile and Scrum/Kanban frameworks.
  • Working closely with business analysts and stakeholders/clients at the company to help transform the company its waterfall processes to Agile framework.
  • Helping, coaching business analysts and product owners on business offices' requirements, integration.
  • Extensive experience as Agile Coach in coaching, training and mentoring multiple scrum teams.
  • Extensive experience in leading all Scrum ceremonies, including: backlog planning, grooming, mapping, sizing, sprint planning, daily standup, review, retrospectives, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Created a conducive environment to achieve greater productivity by working closely with stakeholders: customers, management, product owner, business analyst, developers, architects and end users.
  • Excellent communication skills and knowledge of situational awareness (SA), conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment.
  • Extensive experience in training, mentoring, public speaking, and coaching. Pleasant, Flexible and Pragmatic.
  • Experience in content management services like Adobe Experience manager AEM, Sitecore and Web Experience Manager.
  • Strong execution capabilities experience working within Agile Software Delivery environments and driving organization through transformational changes.
  • Hands on experience in Payments and Cash/ Liquidity Management domain - Payments Hub, Credit Transfers, Direct Debits, Payment message formats.
  • Facilitated Change Management across entire process from Project conceptualization to Testing through Project Delivery, Software Development and Implementation Management in diverse Business and Technical Environments.
  • Worked with Agile tools, JIRA, VersionOne.
  • Extensive experiences in providing leadership in identifying iterative process improvements and methods to streamline adoption of the methodology.


Scrum Master

Confidential, Westlake Village, CA


  • As an Agile Coach/ Scrum Master for multiple teams to transform the group's technology projects to Agile frameworks, including SAFe, Scrum and Kanban, from scratch.
  • Running Scrum ceremonies, including release planning, product refinement, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, sprint retrospective and scrum of scrums.
  • Training and helping people with Definition of Done, Definition of Ready, Team Agreements,
  • Working with a waterfall distributed/offshore software development teams and laying foundation for Agile transformation, including preparing training material, scheduling mob training sessions, one-on-one meetings with team members and management.
  • Driving high visibility and high impact digital projects for BOA website and mobile application.
  • Working to create a roadmap and templates for a successful Agile transformation and scaling agile.
  • Managing the project to transform the waterfall processes into Agile framework, working closely with the senior management.
  • Working on financial software products for internal customers.
  • Validate and analyze existing AEM components on lower development environments using SQL queries Helping management select/recruit people for different roles/positions for Scrum processes and ceremonies.
  • Training team on unit tests and TDD. Training the product owners/Scrum masters.
  • Analyze and define requirements for large-scale projects (integrations with other systems, migrations to AEM, translation, etc.).
  • Coach and train Scrum throughout the organization as the primary Agile framework.
  • Act as champion and evangelist of Agile principles and values.
  • Share the responsibility for expanding the understanding and practice of Agile practices principles throughout the entire IS organization.
  • Keep current on new trends in Agile practices and supporting technology solutions.
  • Collaborate directly with scrum teams to coach and guide them on the mechanics of Agile methods to achieve optimal team effectiveness.
  • Deliver hands-on coaching of individual scrum teams in planning, self-organization, collaboration, iterative development.
  • Work with the Agile Management Office to create and deliver methods, training, templates and tools designed to enhance Allegis' adoption of Agile approaches and the maximum return of value to our businesses.
  • Used Axure and Adobe tools to develop wireframes and mockups for web applications to get feedback from Stakeholder.
  • Work with IS leadership and scrum teams to remove department and enterprise-wide systematic. obstacles that block our ability to achieve sustainable increases in velocity and team efficiency.

Business Analyst/ Agile Coach

Confidential, VA


  • Transformed client's waterfall methodologies and conventional management to Agile environment for a team of over 100 people. Trained, coached and mentored the scrum teams on Agile framework and all scrum ceremonies, including Backlog planning, refinement, story mapping, estimation, sizing, daily scrums, reviews, retrospectives, scrum of scrum and user acceptance testing (UAT).
  • Ran multiple scrums, as scrum master and coach, with an average size of 9 members. With some team members working off shores using JIRA.
  • Worked closely with architects, developers, and engineers to ensure on time on scope and on budget delivery.
  • Provided conflict resolution guidance to scrum masters and team members
  • Worked as Scrum Master/Coach with scrum teams to create android/IOS apps for international news agencies. The teams worked in five different time zones involving several Subject Matter Experts.
  • Worked closely with Product Owner and Business Analyst to create Agile/Scrum artifacts.
  • Worked as Product Owner to gather requirements and create Product Backlog.
  • Coached and trained teams to breakdown epics into user stories and into tasks.
  • Coached and trained scrum masters on how to remove impediments, use several metrics, and become servant leaders.
  • Held workshops for mid to senior level managers for aligning the conventional mindset to the Agile ways of completing SDLCs, with good technical knowledge of processes.
  • Built symbiotic relationships and coalitions across organizational units and functions with effective coaching, mentoring and training and followed up with stakeholders for sustainable performance pace and continued improvement.
  • Perform transformational change initiatives across the enterprise and responsible for promoting key aspects of the Agile transformation.
  • Work with mid to senior manager leaders the client organization to the portfolio level. Guide them around facilitate and lead Agile transition, including help in mapping the value stream.
  • Provide consultation about Agile practices/processes.
  • Expert in end-to-end Scrum processes and ceremonies, including story writing, story mapping, story sizing, capacity estimation.
  • Worked as Agile Coach with a team of four Scrum Masters on a 24 months project for client to deliver Enterprise D Confidential Warehouse (EDW). Ran multiple two-week scrums, including early consultations with Business Analyst, Product Owner, Stakeholders, Backlog Construction, Sprint Planning, Release session, Daily Scrum, Scrum of Scrums, Review, and Retrospective. Each scrum team consisted of an average seven members.
  • Coordinated with customers/reps for Continuous deployment to UAT (User Acceptance Testing)/staging. Gathered metrics, errors, performance usage, and user feedback. Communicated and coordinated with multiple scrum teams through scrum of scrums sessions to address dependencies.
  • Used Rally (CA Agile Central) and Jira tools for these projects.
  • Coach teams on the basics of Scrum or Kanban (as needed) in simple terms.
  • Work closely with the customer to help establish and prepare business requirements documentation.

Scrum Master / Business System Analyst

Confidential, NYC, NY


  • Leading Scrum Master, SOS and agile coach for multiple applications with respect to domains (Billing, Sales, service delivery and Service Assurance).
  • Conducted agile best practice sessions as part of transformation process with respect to agile methodologies and trained team on agile adoption.
  • Assisted product owner in writing users stories and refinement using Jira.
  • Managed and tracked end to end blockers, dependencies involved with multiple scrum teams
  • Worked on gathering requirements from stake holders, business users and documented and created user stories from the requirements in agile (scrum) way.
  • Proactively communicated and collaborated to identify internal and external project dependencies.
  • Worked closely with the scrum team to help understand the requirements and defined the acceptance criteria for each user story in Rally.
  • Support application SEs in ensuring issues/defects/risks raised are acknowledged and resolved.
  • Diligently worked in prioritizing the requirements and maintained proper back log.
  • Worked with the software architects and engineers to specify details for adding new functionality to the existing technology suite.
  • Lead the iteration planning, Daily Stand ups meetings to identify the business needs and prioritized them.
  • Lead the team retrospective at the end of each iteration to constantly motivate team and improve the delivery efficiency.
  • Managed the iteration and its progress using Rally, Confidential RTC.
  • Prepared user stories based on the requirements and defined user acceptance criteria for the user stories
  • Assisted the team with user storied blocked to meet the iteration commitment.
  • Analyzed team velocity and managed the estimated and delivery.
  • Helped team to understand the scope of the user stories and helped them split into smaller user stories.
  • Managed the iteration demos and tracked the suggestions and improvements needed.
  • Managed multiple scrum teams with stand ups meetings.

Business Analyst

Confidential, Richardson, TX


  • Worked with the software architects and engineers to specify details for adding new functionality to the existing technology suite.
  • Worked on gathering requirements from stake holders, business users and documented and created user stories from the requirements in agile (scrum) way.
  • Diligently worked in prioritizing the requirements and maintained proper back log.
  • Lead the iteration planning meeting to identify the business needs and prioritized them.
  • Lead the team retrospective at the end of each iteration to constantly motivate team and improve the delivery efficiency.
  • Prepared user stories based on the requirements and defined user acceptance criteria for the user stories.
  • Assist the Project Manager with various additional activities like doing surveys, updating documents, making presentations on power point, getting access rights for new resources etc.
  • Worked with Clarify CRM for documentation and reports.
  • Responsible for defining and documenting System Requirement Specifications/feature requirements and supplementary requirements in Rational Requisite Pro.
  • Created Analysis Model and D Confidential Model and used these artifacts to develop the Design Model: Class Diagrams, Collaboration and Sequence Diagrams and State Chart Diagrams.
  • Created Functional Requirement Specification Document which included UML, Use case diagrams, Scenarios, activity, work Flow diagrams with MS Visio.
  • Conducted workflow, process diagram and GAP (GAP) analyses to derive requirements for existing systems enhancements.
  • Conducted milestones planning of the project through walkthroughs and meetings involving various leads from Development, QA and Technical Support teams.
  • Participated as an effective liaison between the management and end users.

Business Analyst

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Gathered requirements, organized team meetings requirements from business users, generated business process models, & use-case models, and created business requirements document (BRD) & functional requirements document (FRD).
  • Conducted webpage analysis project in SAS for online payment services provider and converted project into a long-term engagement with the client due to their satisfaction with project results.
  • Involved in setting up daily stand up meetings with the developers and tracking the issues on JIRA using the Burn down Chart.
  • Conducted risk engineering, risk analysis, Gap analysis and SWOT analysis during each sprint cycle.
  • Worked on all phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), necessary procedures for requesting, developing, implementing and supporting the system development process.
  • Assisted in review and implementation of procedures to safe guard credit card and personal information, reducing risk of potential fraud.
  • Involved in customer communication management, web-content management, digital asset management, forms processing, and compliance management.
  • Interacted with stakeholders to get a better understanding of client business processes and gather business requirements for Business Process Analysis and management.
  • Created business process workflow diagrams (activity diagrams) using Rational Rose.
  • Linked business processes to organizational objectives, perform critical path analysis, and identify opportunities for business process improvements.
  • Worked on the Money Movement Project where Online Banking Clients will be provided with the same user experience and the best internal and external money movement capabilities.
  • Created Use-Cases and Business Use-Case Model after accessing the status and scope of the project and understanding the business processes.
  • Worked on Mobile application that provides its users access to basic to advanced features such as Accounts, Transfers, Photo Bill Pay, Remote Deposit, payments, International/National money transfers and various other money movement features.
  • Used Unified Change Management from Rational to track changes to multiple artifacts by versioning artifacts, associating requirements to specific change request/defects to streamline the defect/change tracking process.
  • Collaborated with the QA team to develop test plans, test scenarios and test cases including execution condition, input description and expected result that will be used in system and user acceptance testing based on business requirements, technical specifications and product knowledge.

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