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Scrum Master/project Manager Resume

Washington, DC


  • A fashioned, tri - lingual certified Scrum master with overall 6+ years of experience, with 4 years of handful experience working with enterprises experiencing transition from Waterfall to Agile methodologies.
  • I have a wonderful experience in working on various digital projects (UX, E-commerce,mobile,web); basically with Software application projects going through modernization and experienced working with more than one team.
  • Constant focus on team's relentless improvement; by tidying up impediments and establishing strong relationship with the Product owner, other Scrum masters within the organization helping my team to deploy within time.
  • Enforce transparency through the use of agile tools such as JIRA, Visual Studio, Confluence.
  • I've developed an Ernest Agile Practitioner reputation at my previous jobs that has consistently exposed me to every successful challenging environment.


  • Public Speaking
  • Agile / Scrum methodologies
  • Project Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Motivating
  • Research
  • Kanban,
  • Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Team Building & Agile Transformation
  • Agile program management
  • .NET, SQL Servers, Java, Mongo DB, Javascript & JSON
  • Risk Management
  • JIRA, Rally, Storiesonboard
  • Sprint and planning
  • People Management
  • Release Planning
  • XP
  • Leadership
  • MS Office, Excel, MS Project, MS Visio
  • E-commerce
  • DevOps & CI Tools- Jenkins, Mavens
  • Retrospective Planning
  • Road Mapping & Milestone
  • Metrics and Reporting


Scrum Master/Project Manager

Confidential, Washington DC


  • Trained 3 new Scrum masters from within, and Increased the efficiency of SAFe application in the organization by collaborating closely with other scrum masters;Assisting in operating within budget limit.
  • Communicate and track team capacity, velocity, progress and impediment to management and product owner.
  • On the Program level, created 3 on - line group chat streamlines with system teams, Product management teams to create a healthy program backlog and product vision so as to keep my teams on the relay for the 3 months execution period. A systematic way to keep the Plan - Do - Check Adjust Cycle valuable.
  • Co-related with 2 teams, with researched techniques from Agile written articles. And proactively identified and found ways to resolve issues to prevent distractions and keep projects on track

Scrum Master



  • Assisted the Release Train Engineer in planning/running the PI Planning to foster teamwork and collaboration.
  • •Succeeded in working on 5 projects within 2 years. During this period I carried out various researches on how to improve meetings. This offered my teams a strong tenacity in exploring smooth Program Increment planning meetings and drafting business value objectives rated at 10 and guide them from spending time over estimating stories.
  • Operated with Agile tracking tools during our projects, we used both JIRA and Visual studio in tracking the teams' milestone and impediments with the Burn-down and Burn-up charts which was a wonderful transition experience within 2 years.
  • Coached the values of scaled agile framework and scrum events through implemented-short workshops every 2 weeks and Retrospectives. This contributed massively to the organization’s transformation process.

Business Analyst, SCRUM MASTER



  • Developed systematic complex strategic business presentations, reports, memos, scorecards, and other documents for distribution to regional and national stakeholders at all levels while collaborating with Strategy directors, Regional executives every day limiting meetings to 2 a days. Reducing number of meetings.
  • Carried out research on existing marketing strategy projects and our competitor's model and worked with the marketing analyst and drafted a well elaborated proposal marketing strategic projects.
  • Through ad hoc meetings I organized, and collected data from User experience presentation, as a result created monitoring plans, while working with the executive assistants, and staff to develop and implement strategic projects which enabled i and my team establish valuable process and tools
  • I constantly assisted executive directors, shareholders, to help with process and data migration to ensure customer satisfaction. Thereby keeping customer’s choice at the centre.
  • Based on my facilitations and proposal to the directors and my senior colleagues, I was assigned to carry out research on Agile Methodology and introduce to the organization on a micro scheme which I explored for 4 months within the organization on a project.




  • Led enterprise hardware/software installations; managed one of the major server upgrade/expansion projects that improved network access protection, network performance and terminal services; furthermore integrated new technologies into existing data-centre environments.
  • Strengthened system/network security and business-continuity planning as a member of company’s security incident response team
  • Rectified many issues by instituting best practices in system log analysis, backups, network operating centre security, user account/permissions management and systems/software auditing.

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