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Director Manager Data Scientist - Consultant Resume

Houston, TexaS


  • Accomplished/Technical Project Manager/Geo - Science/Engineering
  • Strategic Planning / Operations & Staff Leadership / Organizational Management
  • Funding & Proposals / Policies & Procedures / Goal Definition & Achievement / Geophysics / Reliability Engineering
  • Seasoned, visionary reliability engineer and mathematician with extensive background in developing goals, managing teams, and communicating with a broad range of staff and management teams to drive success within organizations. Innovative leader with 20+ years of experience in facilitating research and applications, developing policies and procedures, and driving operational efficiency and productivity while forging solid relationships across multiple organizational levels.
  • Solid history of success in hardware and software reliability analysis, geosciences, funding acquisition, team administration, planning and development, entrepreneurship, team management, and Reliability Engineering/Analysis. Experience within business, government, research and educational environments; able to effectively communicate with management, departments, and constituencies.


  • Engineering, Operations and Management Strengths:
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Organizational Planning & Development
  • Dynamic Presentations / Interpersonal Skills
  • IEEE Papers (4 recent) / Reliability Society Papers/Geosciences Publications
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Organizational Planning & Development
  • Dynamic Presentations / Interpersonal Skills
  • Lean Six Sigma / Best Practice (Black Belt)
  • Weibull Analysis on Hardware Parts
  • Data Science and Mining: SAS and TIBCO Applications
  • Geophysical - Seismic Processing & Interpretation
  • Modeling Development in Directional Drilling & Production Operations
  • Supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning
  • Project Management - industrial analytics, data-driven prognostics
  • Experience with CART, Random Forests, Neural Nets, and Regression Trees
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Program and Project Management
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Knowledge with various codes, including NEC, API, ANSI, NFPA, ISA.
  • In-depth noledge of Excel, Word, Microsoft Project and AutoCAD
  • Battery Reliability Analysis / Process Redesign
  • Well Log Analysis; Mud Engineering Advisor Development
  • Program & Project Development / Digital Oil Field; Developed Mud Engineering Tool
  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Medical Alarm Systems Development
  • MBA Colege Adjunct Instructor
  • Operations Analysis / Process Redesign
  • Program & Project Development / Management
  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Predictive Analytics: SAS and TIBCO Applications
  • C, C++, S-Plus, Base SAS Programming
  • Expertise in dimensionality reduction techniques
  • Experience of working in a IT/software production environment
  • Data Mining - SAS Presenter - several papers
  • Data Acquisition
  • System Engineering


Confidential - Houston, Texas

Director Manager Data Scientist - Consultant


  • Project Planning Management
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • System Engineering
  • Application Development: JAVA, C,C++,C Sharp
  • Worked with the data and business intelligence resources to build and deliver analytics capabilities to the business segments and support the business and IT transformation for clients
  • Developed & deployed modern machine learning and statistical methods (CART Classification and Regression Trees) and Random Forests, clustering and classification algorithms, Bayesian models, neural nets, SVM etc.), ensemble methods etc.for finding patterns/models from business and operational data
  • Familiarity with large data sets, R, Hadoop, Python etc. and other open source stack elements and frameworks and experience in putting an intelligent application in production is desirable. Experienced with enterprise systems like SAS and SAP.
  • Independently performed in-depth investigations of data problems employing statistical skills and developing predictions.
  • Developed and delivered synthesized predictive research findings dat incorporate multiple business operational databases and provide tangible business insight.
  • Used analytics and data to understand business KPIs and developed ways to extend them towards increasing fidelity or insight.
  • Business applications and predictive analytics applied to planning.
  • Lean Six Sigma Applied to all projects.
  • Technical specialties in developing and using dedicated workflows and applications for
  • Seismic reservoir characterization with inclusion of multidisciplinary data sets
  • Seismic interpretations integrating seismic attributes and regional data.
  • Project management including seismic acquisition / processing planning
  • Prospect evaluation
  • Team leadership and training

Confidential - Houston, Texas

Senior Statistical Data Scientist and Quality Engineer - (Reliability Engineering)


  • Project Management in Aviation involving cost/schedule/technical issues - Timely reports written
  • Recent Reliability Analysis paper presented at IEEE-ASTR convention
  • LSS Process improvement accomplished – Report written
  • FEMA on Corrosion Control accomplished.
  • Performed industrial analytics, data-driven prognostics, and data mining to determine life health of aviation parts.
  • Recent Reliability Analysis paper presented at IEEE-ASTR convention in Minnesota (September 2014)
  • Requirements Analysis for Battery Analysis Software Application using Enterprise Architect (UML) – Data Mining Application.
  • Mud engineering Project
  • Review Contracts for Quality
  • Determined Key Process Indicators for Aviation and Oil Business
  • Worked on corrosive nature of plant environment and designed solutions for extended periods.
  • Lean Six Sigma Applied to all projects.

Confidential – Houston, Texas

Senior Reliability Engineer


  • Planned and modeled a needed battery cell test analysis for space exploration. Examination of alternative battery companies created over $ 100,000,000 in savings for NASA (approximately). Data Mining Application.
  • Determined the most favorable text data mining procedures, procurement and applications in the NASA trouble report environment for space flights on Shuttle and Station. Analyzed the complex engineering reporting environment in the various NASA centers for classification and clustering of important documents and trouble reports to reduce engineer workloads by 70%.
  • Modeled and analyzed four major unconventional gas plays in North America. Determined which plays would be economically feasible and identified the breakeven points for specific natural gas prices.
  • Developed strategies for a major non-profit to successfully meet its goal of teaching fiscal responsibility to over 200,000 students on limited budget during a challenging economic environment in the region.
  • Identified strategies for a multi-billion dollar major downstream petrochemical company to assist in the maintaining a competitive advantage in a challenging and dynamic market.
  • Reliability Modeling on Space Shuttle and other NASA space vehicles.
  • Developed Requirements, Design, and software for AI System used to support Mud Engineering.
  • Performed industrial analytics, data-driven prognostics, and data mining to determine life health of Shuttle parts.
  • Deployed Machine Learning for NASA Martian Rover Project – Supervised and Unsupervised learning.
  • Developed Classification techniques for Space Station and Shuttle Strip Chart Data for internal operation systems.
  • Developed Medical Applications for crew health and crew treatment applications.
  • Developed and programmed the Contextual Alarm Management System to support crew surgery and crew health on long space journeys – NASA Outstanding award given.
  • Development in: JAVA,C,C++,C- Sharp, Fortran
  • 4 NASA Outstanding Achievement Awards
  • Confidential awards for Business Development

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