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Project Manager Resume

Alpharetta, GA


  • PMI Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • 10 plus years Project Manager experience
  • Experience in managing Information Technology, Telecommunication/Utility, Education, and Agriculture Sectors
  • Excellent time management, cost management, communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills
  • Experience in data management
  • Experience in change management
  • Experience in virtual team management
  • Experience in Agile methodology
  • Experience in risk identification, and management
  • Excellent documentation, and presentation skills
  • Ability to work independently


  • MS Project
  • SharePoint
  • Agile Methodology
  • OneDrive
  • MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Visio
  • Skype for Business


Confidential - Alpharetta, GA

Project Manager


  • Prepare and manage project plans for multiple website/mobile application development projects all through the SDLC
  • Conduct meetings with clients to collect requirements and related project constraints
  • Define the scope of the project and identify required resources
  • Prepare and maintain requirement documentation
  • Create work packages and assign the work to appropriate resources
  • Conduct daily scrum meetings and monitor the project schedule
  • Conduct periodical meetings with the clients to capture any updates and communicate the metrics/status of the project
  • Monitor cost, and schedule for any possible overruns and take risk mitigating measures when needed
  • Perform quality checks to monitor the vendors for the quality of work
  • Verify the deliverables with the scope of the project for acceptance
  • Perform change control and manages changes appropriately
  • Monitor and evaluate employee performance periodically
  • Prepare RFPs and accept vendor bids
  • Select the vendor based on the selection criteria
  • Prepare contracts for agreement with external vendors, wherever applicable
  • Prepare bills and accept final payments
  • Upon acceptance of deliverable, make final payments to the third-parties involved in the completion of tasks
  • Provide training to employees where needed
  • Collect and document client feedbacks and archive the lessons learned during the project
  • Release the resources upon project closure.
  • Environments: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, MS Project, PMIS, Visio, MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Confidential, - Atlanta, GA

Project Manager


  • Involved in determining the requirements, capturing funding allowance, and scheduling telecom site selection
  • Performed site selection for macro and mini-macro telecommunication/utility pole for Sprint
  • Followed the standards and expectations set by the client for the telecommunication tower site selection process
  • Processed over 800 construction sites, working with Construction Project Managers, and Network Real Estate Specialists while also addressing and documenting the concerns of RF Engineers
  • Followed zoning ordinances for jurisdictional information
  • Identified risks and developed risk response
  • Implemented approved and validated changes when needed
  • Executed risk response to mitigate risks
  • Performed data quality control using Microsoft Excel and managed data periodically
  • Conducted regular stakeholder meetings to communicate/present the status of the project
  • All deliverables were saved in the organization repository
  • Documented and archived the process, issue logs, and results in the organization repository for future reference.

Environments: ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS 10.3, MS - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Agile, Scrum

Confidential -Alpharetta, GA

Project Manager


  • Conducted meetings with the clients and collected the requirements and constraints for the project
  • Defined the scope of the project
  • Assisted in planning the project schedule and created the artifacts and deliverable as per the requirements placed by the client
  • Identified appropriate resources and assigned the work
  • Conducted regular meetings with the clients to capture any updates and communicated the status of the project
  • Organized parallel efforts to accommodate multiple projects and was able to produce the deliverable simultaneously
  • Conducted quality assurance for each deliverable
  • Implemented validated changes
  • Validated the deliverables with the scope of the project and delivered the completed work within the schedule
  • Generated bills and received final payments
  • Submitted a copy of the final payment and account settlement statement to the clients/vendors where applicable
  • As part of the closing, collected clients feedback on the project
  • Archived the lessons learned and released the resources

Environments - MS Project, SPSS, MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Confidential, - Marietta, GA

Adjunct Instructor


  • Collected course requirements and planned course deliverable
  • Created course expectations, lecture schedule, and exam schedule
  • Executed the course by teaching in class and in lab
  • Conducted face-to-face discussions
  • Assisted regular monitoring of student performance. Documented and communicated student performance regularly with respective student and the Academic Dean
  • Prepared exam questions, conducted exams, corrected and documented exam results in the university database
  • Archived exam papers for the required retention period
  • Lead, motivated, and mentored students
  • Collected reviews about the course
  • Archived the lessons learned from every semester
  • Published exam results in the University database.

Environments - MS Office, OneDrive, SharePoint, Desire2Learn


Project Manager/Project Scientist


  • Provided technical assistance to the Division Head through the development and presentation of research concepts and presentations
  • Provided critical advice and assistance on cross-cutting procedural and multifaceted research approaches on overcoming scientific studies
  • Made recommendations on strategies for improving research objectives to the Project Coordinator
  • Provided oral and written recommendations to the Project Leader regarding recommendations to improve and/or overcome problems associated with research on target study areas
  • Carried out research that involved a full range of scientific activities.
  • Design, coordinate and maintain scientific project goals, objectives and priorities.
  • Provided technical assistance to the center as it relates to the identification of novel techniques in monitoring and assessment of agricultural drought
  • Provided expert scientific advice and consultation on agricultural drought conditions of the target study areas
  • Planned and coordinated works to be accomplished by subordinates
  • Set short-term priorities and coordinate to achieve those priorities in a timely manner
  • Identified and applied new methods, approaches and technology to address unique scientific questions under study
  • Geo-rectified and cloud masked NOAA (AVHRR) and Resourcesat - 1 (AWiFS) satellite imageries
  • Created models to extract data from satellite imageries and generated
  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices with IRS P6 (AWiFS) and NOAA (AVHRR) satellite data, Normalized Difference Water Indices and Enhanced Vegetation Indices with Terra (MODIS) USING ERDAS Imagine software for target study areas which included 13 agriculturally dominant states across India
  • Rainfall analysis, precipitation forecast and mapping (NOAA Climate Prediction Center) using Esri ArcGIS Desktop software for the target study areas
  • Ground truth verification to analyze the physiological status of the crops in the target study area
  • Maintained master data and meta-data
  • Created, modified, and performed quality control on the geospatial data.
  • Created and executed SQL queries
  • Geospatial data conversion
  • Calculated area under agricultural drought
  • Analyzed and reviewed scientific data and scientific research papers on behalf of the Head of the Division of Agriculture, NRSC
  • Documented the satellite derived product results for publication.

Environments - ArcGIS 9.3, ERDAS Imagine, ArcView, ArcMap, SQL, SPSS, MS Office

Confidential Sensing Centre

Project Intern - Disaster Management


  • Initiated the project by conducting research to identify pilot study areas for real time agricultural drought assessment and monitoring
  • Collected the requirements and created requirement document by collaborating with the State Remote Sensing Centre
  • Collected data from the Data Processing Center for satellite data (NOAA - AVHRR, Terra - MODIS, IRS – P6 (AWiFS)) on a regular periodical basis for the crop season.
  • Geo-rectification of satellite images
  • Created satellite image mosaics
  • Created mathematical algorithms/models to develop scientific products that aid in agricultural drought assessment
  • Generated Normalized Difference Vegetation Index from NOAA – AwiFS, Normalized Difference Water Index and Enhanced Vegetation Index from Terra MODIS
  • Converted geospatial data
  • Managed the geospatial data and meta-data
  • Created and updated geodatabases
  • Modified the existing geospatial data and performed quality control under Microsoft Excel environment
  • Created maps on soil depth, soil type, available water content and rainfall
  • Geometric modifications in ESRI Arc GIS environment
  • Created map overlays to compare and study the data in detail
  • Created and executed SQL queries
  • Quantified agricultural drought affected areas
  • Prepared charts and tables for the scientific data and assisted in publishing those information on periodicals sent to the concerned State
  • Planned land Use-land Cover change analysis for the selected geographical region.
  • Performed the analysis using Aerial Photo, Topographic Sheets, satellite Imageries.
  • Conducted network analysis, buffer analysis and decision making.
  • Monitored the quality of the data and the project deliverables (maps).
  • Archived the information in the organizational repository.

Environments – ESRI ArcView, MapInfo, Oracle SQL, MS Office.


Project Associate


  • Collected project requirements and Assisted research under the Directorate of Agricultural Extension officials.
  • Developed experimental field plot designs and conducted field experiments.
  • Monitored on crops for their various physiological and nutrient deficiency symptoms and collected periodical crop growth data from the experimental plots.
  • Conducted scientific analysis on soil, water and plant samples.
  • Conducted statistical analysis and interpreted the data scientifically.
  • Documented the scientific research data and prepared reports for publication.
  • Initiated the project and developed cost and labor estimates.
  • Collected the field and lab requirements and prepared a requirements document.
  • Developed experimental field plot designs.
  • Planned and coordinated crop planting for research experiments.
  • Executed the crop plan, monitored and collected periodical crop growth data from the experimental research plots.
  • Conducted experimental research on the selective retention sites of heavy metals (Cadmium, Lead) in tomato plant parts, soil, and water.
  • Monitored the plants for various physiological, toxicological and nutrient deficiency symptoms.
  • Assisted statistical analysis of soil, water and plant data and interpreted scientific data.
  • Documented the scientific research data and prepared reports for presentation and publication.

Environments – MS Office, field and laboratory

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