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Senior Agile Project Manager/scrum Master Resume


  • 21 years of experience in Information Technology doing Business Analysis and development.
  • 10 + years of experience in Project Management
  • Worked on managing Mobile App and Mobile Web
  • Worked on managing development of marketing applications for Social Media such as Face book and Twitter
  • Used Agile Scrum methodology several Web, Mobile App and Mobile Website Projects.
  • Used Agile Hybrid(Scrum & Waterfall) approach on complex projects
  • Transitioned companies from Waterfall to Agile Scrum
  • Used AGILE, Extreme Programming in a manufacturing environment.
  • Worked with Cross functional teams to resolve critical business issues
  • Worked on cost saving project and used quality approaches similar to Six Sigma and saved 3 million dollars
  • While managing Projects involved Key Business users and Stakeholders in every phase of the project
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Working Towards Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Involved with Project Planning, Scheduling, Team Building, Project Estimates and ROI
  • Worked on Projects ranging from $40,000 to 2M
  • Worked on Project team ranging from 10 to 60 people
  • Involved in Project Risks and Contingency Planning in every phase of the project.
  • Worked on statement of work.


Project Methodologies & Life Cycle Models

Project Initiation

Project Planning

Project Execution

Project control

Project closing






Extreme Programming


Agile Safe(Scaled Agile Frame - Work)



Database: SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, Teradata, Oracle, Access

Programming: C# ASP.NET, VB6, VB.NET, VBA, Visual Studio 2005, VS 2008, Java Script, Jquery.

Application: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Visio, PowerPoint, Project Server, JIRA, TFS Scrum 2.0 Rally, SharePoint, Plan View, Clarity



Senior Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master


  • Manage Various Web/ Mobile projects
  • Work on Project Budget and resourcing
  • Utilize Agile Scrum and Scaled Agile
  • Use Lean approach within Agile Scrum for Cost Savings
  • Work with Business Stake Holders and Product Owners
  • Report project status and Financials to Stake Holder
  • Conduct Demo and other Scrum Cadence such as Sprint 0, Sprint Planning. Stand-Ups etc.


Senior Agile Project Manager


  • Manage Various Web/ Mobile banking projects
  • Manage large teams including offshore and Onsite teams
  • Responsible for transitioning from Water Fall to Agile
  • Use Hybrid Approach of Water Fall & Agile Scrum
  • Run Scrum of Scrums Meeting, Sprint 0, Sprint Planning, and other Agile Cadence
  • Worked with business, tech teams and leadership teams to negotiate and come up with a common agreed upon process or methodology when dealing with teams that are following different methodologies such as Water fall, Hybrid and Agile.
  • Map dependencies between various teams(internal and external) through the project life cycle to ensure successful project deliverables


Senior Project Manager/Scrum Master/Agile Coach


  • Managing multiple projects involving Web App, Credit Apps and IVR.
  • Project management methodologies used Agile Scrum, Hybrid (Water Fall and Agile)
  • Manage projects using Hybrid approach of Water Fall and Scrum
  • Work on capacity and resource planning
  • Work with Security and Compliance team(PCI) to make sure project meets the standard
  • Resolve resourcing issues and re-plan the project to meet the project deadlines
  • Managing both Onsite and offshore teams using Agile Hybrid approach(Waterfall and Scrum)
  • Provided Agile Coaching to Scrum Team using Agile Scrum on both simple and complex projects
  • Conduct Scrum activities such as Daily Standups, Sprint 0 and Sprint Planning meeting, Spikes etc.
  • Conduct weekly checkpoints, issues and Risk assessment meetings
  • Work with multiple teams to figure out dependencies within teams and cross projects
  • Transforming and coaching the teams to use hybrid approach on large projects
  • Work with teams consisting of 25 to 35 resources


Project Manager 3/Scrum Master/Additional Agile Coach


  • Worked as Scrum Master for the transformation team Using Agile Safe
  • Mentored and provide Agile Coaching to Scrum Masters and Scrum Team members working on software development projects
  • Used Rally as a tool for Agile Safe


Senior Project Manager (Mobile)/Scrum Master


  • Managing Mobile App such as iPhone and Android
  • Mobile App to be used by BlueShield customers that is, people who are insured through Blue Shield
  • Managing Mobile Web
  • Mobile Web to be used by BlueShield customers and customer representative for support
  • Managing a team of 35 that has Developers, QA Leads, Architects, BA Lead, Wireframe designers
  • Using Agile Scrum methodology to manage projects
  • Work with Business Sponsors on requirements and prioritization of the software features
  • Send status reports to stakeholders and business sponsors on a weekly basis
  • Tools used to plan, manage, execute and report status are Microsoft Project Server, JIRA, PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • Managed Offshore Teams
  • Conducted Scrum of the Scrums meetings

Confidential, Independence, Ohio

Senior Project Manager/Scrum Master/Agile Coach


  • Provided Agile Coaching to Scrum Teams, Product Owners, Managers and Architects on using Agile Scrum on both simple and complex projects
  • Worked as a Agile Coach to other divisions of Confidential that had transitioned to Agile Scrum
  • Provided Training to Team and Product Owners on using automated Scrum Tools such as TFS Scrum 2.0
  • Conducting Daily Standups, Sprint 0 and Sprint Planning meeting and Product Backlog Grooming by using automated Scrum Tool TFS Scrum 2.0
  • Working on Scrum Projects ranging from 7 to 15 Scrum Team Members consisting of Developers, QA, Architects, BA
  • Using Sprint Burn Down Charts to Track progress of the project
  • Provided weekly status reports to executive on the progress of Agile Projects
  • Going Over Burn Down Charts in the Daily Stand-Up Meeting
  • Worked with the Product Owner(Business Sponsors) on product backlog grooming and prioritization
  • Tools used to plan, manage, execute and report status are Plan view, TFS, PowerPoint, Clarity, Word and Excel
  • Managed Critical Data Migration and Data Transformation projects.
  • Managed the team consisting of ETL Developers, DBA and QA for several data projects
  • Made sure the team did several Proof of Concepts before implementing major data migration and integration projects
  • Work with Architects, and Security team to ensure project meets security and compliance requirements
  • Work with Vendors to make sure the deliverables from Vendors aligns with the Project Team deliverable and have check points throughout the project life cycle

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Project Manage/Scrum Master


  • Work on Project team ranging from 10 to 25 people
  • Conducted Daily Stand-Up meetings
  • Worked with Multiple teams and vendors across different locations
  • Had Sprint 0 and Sprint Planning meeting
  • Gave Status Report to executives on Critical projects
  • Discussed Project Risks and Contingency Plan
  • Used JIRA tool for Rapid boards and Sprint Burndown Charts
  • Had meeting with the product owners to prioritize tasks
  • Guided the team in using Agile Scrum

Confidential, Dayton, OH

Project Manager


  • Work on Projects ranging from $10,000 to $100,000
  • Worked with ETL developers and DBAs on data migration and other data related projects
  • Work on Project team ranging from 8 to 25 people
  • Work with Off Shore team
  • Resolved conflicts between Off Shore team and internal team
  • Involved in Project Risks and Contingency Planning in every phase of the project.
  • Provide weekly and monthly status reports.
  • Use Stage Gates for every project.
  • Have weekly meetings with Project team and resolve conflict and other issues in the project.
  • Work on Financial plans for the projects
  • Use Agile Scrum
  • Conduct Daily Stand-Up meeting

Technology used: ASP.Net, C#, BizTalk, Java Script, SAML Server (Written in JAVA by third party Vendor), JQuery.

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