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Principal Software Developer & Project Manager Resume

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Languages: C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Windows API, DLL’s, Perl, HTML, XML

Software Development: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall model

Project Tracking: Jira, VersionOne

CRM: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce & Infor CRM

Scripting: Bash, Shell, Python

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP, BGP, OSPF, EEM, Syslog, VTP, STP, 802.11, FTP

Operating Systems: Linux (RTLinux, MontaVista), Multithreading, Kernel Development, Real Time OS, NX OS, IOS

Databases: SQL, Rougewave, Python (cx Oracle)SDN

Open Flow: Team Collaboration Confluence, IBM Connections, DocThreads

Framework: Google MapReduce, Data center switching

SCM: Git, SVN, Tortoise, Clearcase



TEMPPrincipal Software Developer & Project Manager


  • Redesigned, implemented and deployed MME component. This lead to decrease of production crash instances by 20% and increased system uptime.
  • Implemented SQL based saving of component context. Increased response time, fewer context corruptions and increased visibility for debugging
  • Made changes to mission critical component DSM. This was a multi thread component with Kernel, GUI, client API’s
  • Designed and implemented parallel satellite commanding, made changes to Kernel and Client components
  • Redesign and porting me - Log Views based GUI from HP-UX to Linux
  • In process of architecting redesign of the component to address major issues.
  • Introduced peer based design and code reviews in the software development process
  • Spearheaded migrating of team knowledge base to wiki style format. Increased information accessibility.
  • Larger documentation moved to Microsoft SharePoint with appropriate classification and tagging
  • Based on favorable feedback and experience, our solution used by other teams for their own knowledge base
  • Helped break up information silos and create backup developers for critical components
  • Mentored and trained junior developers in system design & implementation
  • Serving as member of Software PM Team. Act as liaison between development teams, senior management and customers.
  • Worked closely with cross discipline teams and offsite teams, multiple corporate areas, Subject-Matter-Experts (SME's) through multiple SDLC / Project life cycles
  • Elicit project requirements via interviews, workshops, technical and business analysis, use case scenarios, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions and workflow analysis.


Software Developer


  • Responsible for conceptualization & concurrent, successful implementation of Rail Scan business module enhancements
  • Performed project planning, estimation, budgeting, resource & task allocation.
  • Managed implementation and adoption of Jira & Confluence project tracking/collaboration software. Jira was further streamlined and customized through user feedback from internal customers to ensure that it was optimally utilized.
  • Planned Development Schedule, Identifying Risks and providing Mitigation using Clarity and MS Project
  • Managed creation of enhanced dashboard showing critical KPI’s for senior management.
  • Managed rehaul of existing framework to Object Oriented design to provide a modular and scalable platform. . This also halped in decoupling data processing from usage which halped create very flexible API’s. Reduced processing time by 10%
  • Created SOW/contracts to secure new and extend existing work from customers
  • Conceptualized & wrote DLL library from scratch to acquire, process and send data from multiple sources including image processing, GPS, track and exceptions.
  • Actively advocated and implemented use of smart pointers in production code. Reduced down times due to memory fault errors
  • Wrote a new XML based, multithreaded logging library to replace the aging logging mechanism currently in use. This new library provided a global, modular, flexible and thread safe environment. It was eagerly adopted in my division.


Project Manager and Software Developer


  • Managed multiple teams of software developers, database engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers.
  • Major project to upgrade legacy 30 year old ERP software with Infor Lx. Managed project from initiation to completion, working with onsite and offsite teams (in Europe), senior management, vendors and departments heads from the org.
  • Managed implementation of BI visualization tool (Qlik View) to halp senior-level business stakeholders view critical KPI’s and prioritize which issues to address.
  • Implemented project tracking software (Jira). This involved initiation, planning, management buy-in, evaluating bidder proposals, tracking and testing implementation & ensuring smooth user adoption. Beta tested for 1 department, it was enthusiastically adopted by senior management and used company wide.
  • Initiated, planned, implemented and maintained Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer relationship management) software to create centralized database for all customer and business related data. This was integrated with MS Outlook, Project & other MS software to provide full 360 degree integration across all platforms for end users.
  • Initiated weekly and monthly status meetings to include senior reps from all units to enhance communication across various divisions and breakdown information silos.
  • Manage the creation, implementation & improvement of software development best practices within the IT operation environment
  • Worked to create UDP and CAN bus based program to communicate between device drivers/PLC and on screen simulation software to create a 3D virtual environment for training new users on Tamping Machines
  • Created C++, HTTP, HTML and Javascript based application to parse data between ERSI Maps and local windows based application to show points of conflict on a global map
  • Created application to determine track movement based on GPS triangulation, calculate, display and apply the required correction
  • Created image processing software using the Ladybug5 camera. Wrote the entire software to transfer and control signals data over network; capture, save and display data and user GUI
  • Created data analytics program to perform data analysis on large data files to determine data correlation


Software Developer and Scrum Master


  • Conducted Daily Scrums, weekly bug scrubs, Sprint Reviews & Retrospectives and Grooming Meetings
  • Performed Sprint Planning for my team for the next Sprint Cycle and overall objectives
  • Coached team members in Agile methodologies
  • Improved Agile methodology implementation in current team.
  • Evangelized the benefits of Scrum and Kanban to ensure its smooth adoption
  • Wrote library & API’s to enable statistics collection for entire platform using a centralized, platform independent process (stats client). Involved in entire development process, from the high level architecture and planning, to the actual implementation.
  • Involved in development and debugging of Kernel for NXOS. Implemented container support for networking file systems.
  • Worked to implement complete support for snmp MIB, both high-end mib walk and low-end periodic statistics collection from drivers. Since, SNMP had not been implemented before in Nexus system, it had to be planned and implemented from scratch. This was done in user space with features like push on request and periodic push. The data transmission was done using XML/JSON
  • Involved in enhancement and debugging of card config component, which is infra to support data driven driver configuration at runtime. To ensure proper system bringup, all other processes handshake with card config before performing any regular routines.
  • Worked with Ixia and Spirent traffic generators & Hands on experience with Datacenter and layer 3 switching


Executive Network Engineer


  • Active member of engineering team, supporting enterprise networks of multiple Airtel Technology units
  • Oversaw deployment/upgrades of network and equipment to latest IOS, CatOS image, and associated configuration changes
  • Lead upgrade of network topology from frame relay to VPN based for small sized sites and Point-Point T1 on bigger sized sites
  • Actively monitored network utilization by collecting information via CLI and SNMP to ensure efficient network operation
  • Based on the data collected above, created a new tool to calculate daily network capacity usage per sector. This tool was instrumental in decreasing bandwidth utilization in some sectors by as much as 30%
  • In-depth experience with installing and troubleshooting IP protocols as EIGRP, OSPF, BGP

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