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Data Analyst - Vegetation Management Resume

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  • MS Office Suite
  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer
  • Macola
  • Remote Assistance
  • Symantec Server Edition Antivirus
  • Amex Purchase Express
  • Nova Transactit
  • Crystal Reports
  • Wasp Bar - coding
  • and Covalent.



Data Analyst - Vegetation Management


  • Designed & implemented a tool to consolidate daily excel location information provided by the tree crews. Included VBA coding to standardize incoming data, save and archive the files and generate an email of the summarized location info to distribution recipients.
  • Provided work around excel tool for tree crew reporting. Incorporated coding to auto email spreadsheets.
  • Automated weekly tree crew estimates to facilitate forecast of UVL dollars.
  • Automation of updates to monthly budget wif actual data import/export from TWMS database, internal and vendor provided spread sheets. Involves extensive use of sumifs, v-lookup functions and pivot tables.
  • VBA code to import, export and archive field data files
  • Work wif data source providers to insure quality of information
  • Continual enhancement of location tool
  • Work wif Vendors to gather mileage data via standardized format
  • Design various queries to import/export mileage data
  • Conceptualize logical sequence of data manipulation to insure to capture start / end mileage update
  • Create auto population of spreadsheet cells via function formulas using unique identifiers to insure mileage data lines up wif the correct circuit segments/work types
  • Create processing status form to facilitate master circuit list preparation, organize incoming/outgoing files, prepare incoming files for linking
  • Designed data sheet sub form for view at a glance processing status
  • Maintain circuit list file changes; additions, work type moves

Confidential, Windsor, CT

Vision Support Analyst


  • Provided support for Vision software users.
  • Provided and documented solutions for routine daily, weekly, monthly and ad hoc reporting to Directors, Project Managers, Project Accountants and staff to reduce server resource consumption.
  • Created MS Access databases to automate reporting to provide requested data efficiently and timely.
  • Scheduled reporting for regular receipt to users to assist wif ongoing business decisions.
  • Worked wif rewarding projects which included: 1.) Open Purchase Order reports - entailing developing an auto email to purchasers’ PDF files of individualized data; 2.) ADP employee expense reimbursement upload - incorporating reconciliation of submitted expenses and providing data to ADP for inclusion in payroll, and unbilled aging - comprised of tailoring exported Vision data to PDF reports output to offsite users.

Confidential, Bloomfield, CT

Financial/ Accounting Specialist


  • Performed reconciliations (Lockbox, Auto Refund Process, and Unrefunded accounts) for the Refund Claim Accounting division of the Financial Indemnity department wif the goal of automating their processes using MS Access.
  • Involved in significant documentation of procedures to lay the blueprint for ultimate automation and building links to the numerous data sources involved.
  • Eliminated R3 Lockbox to Detail.mdb query editing thereby reducing processing time and manual steps resulting in elimination of inefficiencies by using static table. Eliminated the need to repoint query sources.
  • Created forms and macros to import data to be used in MS Excel Analysis;
  • Built unmatched append query to eliminate loss of data due to monthly Chirps purge;
  • Automated ARP Reconciliation sub-ledgers from MS Excel manipulation to Access reports which can easily be analyzed in MS Excel should they need to be MS Excel files at any time.

Confidential, Waterbury, CT

Financial Systems Analyst


  • Worked wif a project wif purpose to free finance personnel to implement Bancaware reporting technology which will replace Hyperion technology.
  • Involved in creation and maintenance of databases for monthly comparison of actual profitability; changed to existing logic utilizing Bancware Mapping Manager.
  • Created MS Access databases to automate capital reports to balance summarized mapped balance sheet data wif actual individual transaction data. Substantial data manipulation to facilitate financial reporting using MS Access, KEdit, Hyperion Enterprise, and Bancware.
  • Involved in extensive data extraction and manipulation via various data types (ie. .csv., .txt, .dat. .utf etc) to perform month end closing procedures including constant comparison for trending to insure accuracy, load product data for user analysis and convert it for bank intranet.
  • Undertook documentation of month end procedures to facilitate transitional training.
  • Discovered and implemented areas of automation and streamlining to improve financial reporting efficiency and accuracy.
  • Handled Ad hoc requests. Involved in new Bancware system project.

Confidential, New Britain, CT

IT Business Analyst


  • Assisted wif year end reporting for various Conservation and Load Management programs; includes heavy reporting and data extraction, manipulation and reconciliation.
  • Automated a procedure to report large volumes of data received weekly from a third party vendor using MS Access.
  • Involved unzipping .dbf file, import .dbf data, automating WMECO and CLandP data collection reports previously performed manually in MS Excel and Foxpro, and provided a solution to accommodate import errors.
  • Wrote numerous MS Access queries to expose duplicate data for various programs.
  • Wrote an MS Access database to automate reporting of CAP Agency billing data utilizing MS Excel imports output via file received from WRAP.
  • Performed data entry for various C&LM programs.
  • Evaluated vendor proposals for C&LM automation against Confidential criteria and made recommendations for vendor choice.
  • Prepared templates for upcoming C&LM Plans including formulas to auto fill cells for costs/MWh and kW and lifetime and annualized ratios and savings/goals based on actual and budget data for the C&LM Programs.
  • Analyzed DPUC decisions to create guidelines to insure compliance.
  • Checked and updated numerous budgets and committed and projected spreadsheets for accuracy.
  • Analyzed monthly budgets vs. actual data.
  • Cleaned up 2005 MIBS “A” Cycle spreadsheets. Updated 2006 Work Order Hierarchy.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Data Processing Manager


  • Served as System Administrator: upgraded the NT Server to Small Business Server 2000 and purchased 16 Windows XP workstations; migrated all applications and email profiles from the NT server and workstations to XP.
  • Setup Master Card, Visa, and American Express systems wif processors, handled upgrades, and transactions.
  • Entered and posted cash receipts; credit and research payment discrepancies.
  • Executed month end closing procedures, reconciled quarterly inventory. Upon the purchase of Macola software and an MS NT LAN, implemented turning over Covalent processes to Macola.
  • Developed various MS Access databases for users to access Macola data to track profitability by customer and salesperson
  • Generated quotes and summary billing reporting, track specialty sales for compensation, facilitate prospecting and marketing, report customer and in-house inventory, generate various labeling and packing lists, maintain employee data, and expedite data transfer to other applications i.e. Wasp Barcode, UPS, FedEx and Goldmine databases.
  • Performed system administration responsibilities like Team Internet email, Instagate Email server, maintain backups, set up printers and sharing, add users and workstations, purchase new workstations, troubleshoot user profiles and email.
  • Performed Managerial duties: organize and coordinate work flow; record absenteeism and vacation time, interview new applicants; document meetings and discussions to employee file; write performance reviews and salary recommendations; update job descriptions; re-assign vacation workloads, monitor employee workloads; reassign staff to clear backlogs.
  • Promoted customer retention and minimized consulting costs
  • Performed database maintenance and financial analysis reporting for various aspects of the business.
  • Worked closely wif the Vice President to develop various MS Access databases for users to access Macola data to: expedite data transfer to other applications i.e. UPS, FedEx and Goldmine databases, generate summary billing reporting, track profitability by customer and salesperson, report customer and in-house inventory, maintain employee data, generate quotes, track specialty sales for compensation, facilitate prospecting and marketing, and generate various labeling and packing lists.
  • Automated manual systems and producing custom reports to utilize computer data using MS Access to facilitate various marketing and mailing strategies.
  • Possessed and demonstrated excellence wif various versions of MS Excel, MS Outlook and how they relate to MS Access. Capabilities include data extraction and import via various file types (i.e. .xls, .txt, .csv, .rtf, etc.) as called for by circumstance.

Computer System Manager



  • Served as Computer System Manager working closely wif the Vice President.
  • Headed the implementation team to automate inventory, order entry, purchase orders, production and invoicing.
  • Undertook liaison responsibilities wif software support to tailor it to our specifications.
  • Wrote training and procedural literature, trained personnel to use computer system and developed procedural strategies. Helped design company forms.
  • Automated additional manual systems and produced custom reports;
  • Performed Covalent consulting for our parent company, included various on-site training seminars and implementation advice;
  • Troubleshot known unresolved bugs and implemented workarounds.
  • Performed UNIX System Administration. Handled upgrades and system maintenance, perform backups, verify database integrity; perform normal system shutdowns; disk space, system time and date, user logins, shift-end, log out, post and delete invoices via modem.
  • Backed up, repaired and compacted MS Access databases to be converted, performed conversions on backed up database versions, compared functionality between versions documenting anomalies, performed fixes and work arounds on conversion anomalies

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