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Process Controls Engineer Resume

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Eden Prairie, MN


  • History of successfully integrating automation equipment with a computer, plc or other data collecting devices. Interfaced with motion control, PLCs, actuators, vision systems, scales, sensors, etc. to collect data.Experienced project management for various size projects. Tasks: research, feasibility, customer interaction, lead for any supporting engineers, and aftermarket support.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and analytical skill combined with system engineering. Crucial for data flow and consistent approach of software designs.


Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN

Process Controls Engineer


  • Communication to Foss Instruments OPC, Modbus, I/O.
  • Data Storage - utilize SQL database, excel files, comma delimited files.
  • Setup external hardware Beckhoff modules, conveyors, sensors.
  • Interface with customer PLCs Siemens and Rockwell
  • Customer Support troubleshoot customer problems. Remotely, travel or phone support.
  • Interface with peripherals barcode scanners, printers, remote I/O, conveyor/auger controls.
  • Custom C# .NET winforms/WPF applications for data collection, instrument control, diagnostics, external interfaces.

Confidential, St Michael, MN

Contract Manufacturing Engineer


  • C# windows apps for upgrading MES system to utilize a new version of Seagull Scientific Bartender Labeling Software.
  • Analyzed web services to increase performance and provide greater stability.
  • Converted Silverlight app which was integrated with a number of 3rd party tools to a simpler ASP.Net web app. The web app was for label management and provided easier access and upgradeability to multiple J&B Group locations. Created supporting WCF web service tied to MS SQL Database.

Confidential, Alexandria, MN

Electrical Controls Engineer


  • PLC code for Rockwell hardware.
  • Setup of VFDs, servos and other components.
  • Setup Fanuc robots and created robot programs.
  • Performed factory acceptance tests. Test cases were generated by the customer or the project manager. In addition, if needed, installation at the customer’s site was done.
  • Integrated the customer’s existing equipment with Brenton’s system. Upstream production monitoring or communication with customer’s supervisory system was completed. Integration may have included SQL programming, file access on networks, Active Directory or communication with other PLCs.

Confidential, Shoreview, MN

Project, Software Engineer


  • Predominately Siemens 300/400 PLCs or real-time software based upon C# winforms with .Net 3.5 framework utilizing Interval Zero RTX for trajectory calculations.
  • Customers were from diverse industries ranging from military, nuclear, space technologies and life science.
  • Custom applications were also required to integrate with customers’ existing applications: MES, Email, current production software, LDAP security or data storage. The applications interfaced with Fanuc robots, IMS controller integrated motors, Matrox GigE cameras and light curtains.
  • Developed applications for multiple life science projects to label and cap/decap tubes. The projects used a Fanuc robot or electric screw actuators for handling of the tubes. A sample of hardware used is solenoids, barcode scanners, chiller plates, vibratory bowls and Zebra/Intermec label printers.


Software Engineering: Develop test automation software for factory Develop company wide database centered application Develop GUI for hardware programming

Process Design: Meet or conference call customers for specifications Regular, efficient team meetings Research and decide feasibility

Language: C++, ASP.Net, C#

Database: MS Access, SQL, XML

Software Tools: Bartender, Automated Solutions, Source control software

Communication Protocols: OPC, Modbus

Hardware: Siemens PLCs, Rabbit SBCs, Rockwell PLCs Vision systems, sensors, grippers, barcode readers, scales, lasers, distributed IO Servos, stepper, linear motorsAdministrative ISO project team leader Work with contractors to provide tasks to be completed

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