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Business Operating Executive Resume


$400M BusinessDevelopmentRevenue ForecastingVendor Management
Strategic Planning Contract Negotiations Executive Relationships
Channel Management Financial Management Business Alliances
Data Warehousing BI/DW Development Strategic Partnerships On-Site / Off-Site / Off-Shore
Network Systems Computer Hardware Software Products (ERP, CRM, PLM)

My strength is my ability to develop strong relationship and the confidence of the client at the CxO levels while understanding their pain and providing a value proposition solution. Additionally, my Coaching Style of management creates a team environment which encourages a Winning Attitude along with a Passion for Success.
I have worked with small, mid and top-tier organizations, such as IBM and KPMG.
Core competencies reflect skills that include:

  • Consultative needs based end to end solution sales
  • Developing deep understanding of business needs before suggesting technical solutions
  • Formulating operational and capital budgets with exceptional ROI
  • Providing Venture Capitalists with 500% profit on investment at exit
  • Starting and building 5 organizations
  • Responsible for PLs
  • Managing up to 1000+ On-Site, Off-Site, Off-Shore and Vendor Resources
  • Managing personnel in functional, direct report and matrix environments
  • Managing numerous global enterprise programs with total budgets up to $1B and up to 100+ concurrent projects
  • Managing delivery of 150+ projects ranging in size from $500K - $10M+
  • Managing development of 100M+ lines of code plus B2B, B2C, G2G, G2B, B2C and Mobile Applications
  • Managing COTs Selection and installation projects

Certifications (partial list):

  • Federal CIO
  • Project Management Certifications from IBM, Amdahl, KPMG, METAMOR, U.S. Government (PMP)
  • Enterprise Architect certification, IBM
  • Web Portal certification, KPMG, for both Private and Public Sector
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, ITIL, AGILE and SCRUM course work complete
  • Insurance Securities licenses and CPA (inactive)

INDUSTRIES (partial list):
Software Development, Manufacturing (discrete continuous flow), Chemical, Textile (100+), Molten (glass, steel, fiberglass) Manufacturing, Aerospace, State Federal Government, Insurance, Healthcare, Securities, Banking, Retail Utilities (Telecom, Electric, Coal, Gas, Nuclear), Pharmaceutical

CLIENTS (partial list):


Confidential 2011 to Present
Director, HHS Practice Manager
Recruited by HP to manage a highly geographically dispersed group of projects contained in an HP Division that was acquired through a series of mergers. The Divisions 168 fixed price projects are all losing large amounts of money. The HHS Practice 15 projects include the Divisions two largest money losers. The 15 contracts range in size from $4M to $220M with two projects in the $100M+ range. The HHS Practice has 500+ full-time and contract employees plus substantial additional staff via highly matrixed Center of Excellence groups. Job responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining current $6M/mth. revenue stream and generating an additional $4M in revenue in 2012
  • Reducing current estimated $48M in contract losses in 2012
  • Turning around the existing customer situations to refrencable accounts by 2015
  • Improving the HHS Practice Voice of the Workforce ratings from last in all of HP to average
  • Developing a management and delivery teams that can successfully negotiate and deliver contracts in HHS practice area.
    • Staff includes:
      • Up to 4 levels of management
      • 80+ business analysts
      • 250+ Development team members
      • 100+ Testers
      • Multiple PMOs and other support staff

Confidential, Inc. 2003 to 2010
Managing Director
Recruited by Venture Capitalists (VCs) to manage the firm for 7 years, until VCs cashed out at the end of 2009.

  • Grew highly profitable business from $0 to $36M/yr in revenue with $1M in funding.
  • Consistently exceeded personal quotas by 50+% and corporate revenue targets by 35%.
  • Implemented Big 4 business model.
  • Responsibilities include (but not limited to: business development; setting quotas; overseeing all sales; negotiating, reviewing and approving all corporate sales.
  • Clients ranged from startups to Fortune 500 companies and governmental organizations.
  • Responsibilities include (but not limited to) managing:
  • Up to 85 FTEs and 250+ sub contractors
  • Up to 45 concurrent clients
  • Sales,
  • Engagement delivery teams
  • PMO, PMO utilized best practices, KPIs, dashboards and PMBoK® metrics to manage internal/external projects to 6 Sigma level.
  • Clients contractually provided 100% visibility into their projects.
  • Maintains a Continuous Improvement Archive of Program/Project artifacts
  • Results:
  • 100% of all engagements were delivered on time and on budget;
  • 85% client retention rate;
  • 95% of clients contracted for one or more additional engagements.
  • Internal SAS 70 compliance; infrastructure; personnel; accounting and billing systems.
  • Partial list of indirectly managed engagements:
  • $56M Cloud Computing. 14 customers wanted to implement cloud computing as part of their infrastructure and corporate business model.
  • $4.5M Biotech. Recruited, staffed, managed team to assemble IT management portion of blood product manufacturing process for international Drug Company.
  • $14M Clinical Trial. Recruited, staffed, 5 concurrent teams to manage development of IT software and databases for 21 CFR Part 11 drug trial investigation projects for start-up company.
  • Partial list of personal direct billable engagements:
  • Transform Insurance Claim Processes. 5 independent, small insurance companies needed assistance with planning and migration from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding for health care claims.
  • $12.8M Managed architecture, software development, risk, issue, change control and implementation for web portals and electronic health care records.
  • $.5M Modified customers ability to enter claims via telephone, fax, mail.
  • $.5M Managed development and training program for 2,000+ different health care providers employee groups
  • Managed 7 project teams and overall coordination to take advantage of synergies between the disparate development efforts.
  • $3.5M Transform Failing Company. International SaaS corporate re-start had remained unprofitable for five years with low customer satisfaction.
  • Revamped: development tools; pricing algorithms; portfolio tracking process; call center; and modern hardware infrastructure to produce cloud environment.
  • Evaluated existing 150 products for viability, profitability and maintainability.
  • Eliminated ineffective outsourcing function and established proactive ability to protect Intellectual Property.
  • Implemented Agile, single sign-on, development best practices, best of breed development tools
  • Managed: consolidation and conversion of multiple development languages to Java and J2EE;
  • Implemented PMO and best practice metrics;
  • Reduced:
  • Software development time 65%;
  • Number of reported bugs more than 90%.
  • Reduced transaction response time 26%;
  • Increased sales 15% ;
  • Improved customer satisfaction survey results 95%.
  • Achieved profitability in less than one year.
  • Transform Leading Credit Union
  • $3.8M Legacy to Web Portal Transformation. Credit Union needed to develop B2B and B2C web portal capabilities to better serve client base.
  • Led architecture, design and implementation of web portals along with addition of private cloud server based hardware and software infrastructure to mainframe to better support customer business needs.
  • Reduced Credit Unions cost structure, thereby enhancing performance to membership.
  • $13.9M Merger and Acquisition. Credit Union directed to acquire two smaller Credit Unions.
  • Led program to manage all aspects of merger from conversion of non-similar infrastructures to target hardware/software including account, database, ATM and branch office network, systems, internal use software for Swift Wire, Fed Wire, treasury and all other functional areas including accounting, BI, CRM, etc.
  • Managed major revisions to: security; backup; disaster planning; and, recovery.
  • $2.5M Mobile Computing. Credit Union chose to leap to mobile computing and smart phones for further enable customer self-service capabilities.
  • Managed architecture, procurements, development and implementation.
  • Transform Sales Company. Multi-state group of 300+ very high volume, high dollar (million dollar club) Insurance/Securities/CFP/RIA professionals and 3,000+ additional professionals
  • $3.7M + Stock Start IT Department. Agency needed to revamp internal hardware/software infrastructure and internal processes, to manage sales, SEC reporting, revenues, commission tracking, and needed to pass SAS 70 and NASD Audits.
  • Directed: architecture; procurement; contract management; programming.
  • Migrated company to public cloud computing environment using: SAP; Sales Force Automation; SOA; RedTail CRM; BI; FICO; plus, B2B and B2C self service Web Portals (Java and J2EE).
  • Managed SLAs for security; backup; disaster planning; and, recovery.
  • $1.2M + Stock Mobile Computing.
  • Managed architecture, development and implementation.
  • Mobile automation for early implementers along with consolidated central processing has already resulted in:
  • 75% reduction in manual paper work;
  • Paper filing of all transactions are now done electronically;
  • Transaction response time for trades has already been reduced 69% for clients and 77% for advisors.
  • Save Failing Program. Three year old Cloud Computing Environment (SaaS) international Office Supply Store development/installation (895 locations) company was behind schedule, $35M over budget with ~850 outstanding bugs/issues, location conversions were running 200% over budget and over schedule. SAP installation encompassed: distribution; inbound/outbound supply chain; CRM; FICO; B2B and B2C Web Portals.
  • $9.6M Developed Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) complete with best practice metrics.
  • Prioritized fixes/gaps for software development, managed development efforts.
  • Implemented common issue management system, call center and integrated change control.
  • Realigned customer expectations with actual software capabilities.
  • Redefined contractual obligations, measurements, performance and penalty management for all parties.
  • Reduced outstanding bugs 98%,
  • Developed conversion template that reduced conversion time 75%,
  • Improved Net Income from 25% to +17%.
  • Transform Explosive Growth Environment. Global Aerospace company was undergoing explosive growth. 100% of all projects were 25% 400% over baseline schedule and over baseline budget with continuing decline in CPI, SPI, quality and massive increases in rework with subsequent employee turnover and decreasing profit structure.
  • $4.3M Project #1 Revamped project management techniques and tools.
  • $5.5M Project #2 Revamped business processes using continuous improvement lean manufacturing methodologies.
  • $4.2M Project #3 Developed methodology to consolidate PLM system data with Project Management System data and JD Edwards ERP system for consistent reporting and management.
  • $3.2M Project #4 Managed architecture, design and development of Web Portals (Java and J2EE) to manage project status reporting, issue management, SOA, basic CRM, BI and B2B.
  • $4M Project #5 Developed Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) complete with metrics, EVM, Portfolio Management and Governance.
  • Results:
  • 90% of 385 previously deficient concurrent projects improved to on-time and on-budget
  • 90% improvement in quality and rework.
  • At conclusion of multi-year contract, 95% of all projects were: on schedule and within budget constraints.
  • At conclusion of contract, continual improvement in reduction of rework and improvement in quality was moving toward 6 Sigma levels.
  • Overtime costs were reduced by 62% over the duration of the contracts.
  • Spin-Off Management. Leading global telecom company had 1 year deadline to spin-off 6 major manufacturing plants after operating for 75 years as a tightly knit company.
  • $1.2M Developed corporate project plan complete with metrics, managed issues and risks for spin-off.
  • $5.9M Assisted management with conversion of 80M lines of custom legacy applications and conversion of Baan to SAP for global roll-out
  • $2.9M Design, development and implementation of Internal Web Portals.
  • $3.6M Managed 4 major global SAP roll-out releases that included all major SAP components including FICO.
  • $1.9M Managed Sarbanes-Oxley team of 100 consultants.
  • Corporation Start-Up. Green nanotechnology Agro-Chem start-up company featuring carbon dioxide reduction and petroleum preservation required: planning to gain additional resources; needed to set up entire company infrastructure including IT, manufacturing, distribution facilities.
  • $.45M + stock Developed deep understanding of initial product, business opportunity, go to market strategy and corporate capabilities.
  • Conducted competitor and complimentary product analysis that resulted in company expanding from 1 product to 25 major products.
  • $.9M + stock Obtained $10M in grant funding.
  • $1M + stock Led procurement effort to acquire certified product testing and formulation.
  • Consolidated certified testing statistics and recommendations, resulting in:
    • Major changes to formulation,
    • 50% lower costs
  • 450% improvement in product results.
  • Modified go to market strategy resulting in 1450% increase in pre-delivery sales orders.
  • $.9M + stock Obtained $15M in grants
  • $8.5M + stock Technically, directed architecture, software and hardware selection procurement.
  • Selected VMWare public cloud computing environment.
  • Drove Java J2EE based development of B2B, B2C, franchise Web Portal software, Office Systems software, SAP software (inbound/outbound supply chain, accounting, planning and management reporting plus BI, CRM and Sales Force Automation).
    • Managed all system integration along with custom (Java and J2EE) based application development and implementation.
    • Managed development and documentation of all corporate business processes to assure complete end client satisfaction and the ability to pass SAS 70 audits.
    • Managed development of: security; backup; disaster planning; and, recovery.
  • $1.9M + stock Used lean manufacturing and green technology techniques to:
  • Modify manufacturing facility build plans resulting in:
  • 50% reduction in energy costs,
  • 65% increase in production capacity
  • Reduced total facility building, operational and manufacturing costs by 15%.
  • $.7M + stock Assisted corporate management with licensing, product testing, business process
  • $.9M + stock Managed IT system testing (estimated 8,000 transactions per month).
  • $.7M + stock Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
  • Transform Public Sector Organization. Government organization failed 8 times to start a PMO. This $8B/yr organizations $200M/yr IT budget experienced significant challenges, 98% of their 100 150 concurrent projects were 40% - 800% were over schedule and over budget definition of success was if a project ever completed. Prior failures to implement PMO, caused massive passive resistance to change.
  • $1.7M Implemented PMO model plus metrics emphasizing uplifting project management capabilities rather than punitive actions.
  • $.2M Procured Implemented automated tools that reduced project management, monitoring and control burden while providing much more accurate information.
    • Initial 40 projects improved from an average of 127% over schedule and over budget to an average of 8% over schedule and 14% over budget at contract close.
    • Raised CMMI rating from 0 to 2.
  • $.75M Manage Public Sector Procurement. Prior attempt to replace 35 yr old Legacy Software/Hardware failed after $150M expenditure.
  • Contracted to manage a states largest IT Insurance Healthcare contract (HIPPA compliant) with $270M total budget.
  • Managed application strategies, integration, architecture, metrics, design and validation of Web Portal system that handles approximately 17M incoming claims/invoices monthly from licensed providers/suppliers to generate approximately $12B in yearly payments.
  • Project also included managing: security; backup; disaster planning; and, recovery.

Confidential, 2001 to 2003
Vice President Special Projects

  • Spinoff from METAMOR.
  • Utilizing small amount of funding grew to $18M privately held Big 4 business model consulting firm
  • Responsibilities include (but not limited to) managing:
  • Up to 95 FTEs.
  • PMO complete with best practice and PMBoK® metrics used to manage all internal/external projects to a 4 Sigma level.
  • Clients contractually provided 100% visibility into their projects.
  • Maintains a Continuous Improvement Archive of Program/Project artifacts including:
  • End results:
  • 100% of all engagements were delivered on time and on budget;
  • 80% client retention rate;
  • 90% of clients contracted for one or more additional engagements.
  • Started Biotech practice, delivered $1.6M in revenue
  • Started Call Center practice - $15M revenue
  • When a consortium of global companies call centercould not handle 10's of thousands of critical emergency calls a day. Revampedcall center hardware, GPS and Web Portal (Java and J2EE) software infrastructure complete with massive data warehouse environment.

Confidential, 1999 to 2001
Principal, East Coast Projects Practice

  • Recruited to start business unit within $1.5B staff augmentation corporation.
  • Implemented Big 4 business model within business unit.
  • Grew business from $0 revenue to $35M
  • Managed 85 and project budgets of more than $13M.
  • Responsibilities include (but not limited to) managing:
  • All engagement delivery;
  • All practice areas;
  • $2M Subcontract Sale. Sold sub-contract services to Accenture for State of North Carolina eProcurement Web Portal.
  • $19.9M ERP Sales. Managed SAP, Great Plains and JD Edwards practice areas, generating $8.4M in gross profit.
  • $3M Biotech/Health Care Practice. Started Biotech/Health Care Practice delivering $1.7M gross profit in one year.
  • $4.2M PMO implementation practice. Started PMO implementation practice delivering $2.1M gross profit.
  • $5.6M Call Center Practice. Started call center practice delivering $2.3M gross profit.
  • PMO utilizes best practices KPIs, dashboards and PMBoK® metrics to manage to a 4 Sigma level for all internal/external projects.
  • Clients contractually provided 100% visibility into their projects.
  • Maintains a Continuous Improvement Archive of Program/Project artifacts including:
  • End results:
  • 100% of all engagements were delivered on time and on budget;
  • 75% client retention rate;
  • 80% of clients contracted for one or more additional engagements.
  • Managed contract delivery for over 65 private and public sector engagements.
  • Partial list of personally managed project engagements:
  • $7.9M State of NC Project Management. Sold, contract to manage development and implementation for State of North Carolinas first seven Web Portal (Java and J2EE), customer self-service projects.
  • $59M State Government Project Management. Sold projects similar to the ones in NC to 9 other states.
  • $7.9M Hosting Services. Managed 10 hosting and SaaS/IaaS/PaaS projects delivering $1.5M gross profit.


Manager, Transition Management Practice

  • Achieved 350% of $1M yearly sales quota
  • Recruited by KPMG. to identify, prospect, close and deliver programs and projects.
  • Partial list of engagements:
  • Transform Organization. Coached new CIO of Fortune 100 company through transformation of IT department from not-for-profit Blue Cross/Blue Shield transformation to a for profit business model.
  • Managed team of KPMG and customer employees
  • Delivered 8 e-commerce/IT projects converting company from mainframe only environment to include Web Portal (Java and J2EE) direct customer sales and service environment.
  • PMO Management. Managed PMO and projects for a large wholly outsourced international rental truck company.
  • PMO Installation and Management. Developed ePMO for a major global industrial gas firm
  • Merger Acquisition. Provided Information Technology Management for global Aerospace firm for three acquisitions
  • Consolidated legacy systems to Web Portal Java based software and hardware infrastructure along with massive revisions to: security; backup; disaster planning; and, recovery as they grew from $350M/year in sales to $1.2B in 11 months.
  • Major Contracts Key Accounts.
  • Completed (Java based) global Web Portal initiatives at Fed Ex, Dell and CISCO, converting business models and initiatives from mainframe to customer and supply chain facing web based self service applications.
  • Verified manufacturing readiness of computer systems for Pfizer production line.
  • Taught new PMO techniques and quality delivery methodology at Eli Lilly.
  • Managed $1M infrastructure-oriented branch office project with Wachovia Bank.
  • Managed multiple simultaneous PMO installations at customer accounts.

Senior Project Manager

  • Assisted with writing Statements of Work. Managed engagements.
  • Rescue Troubled Project. Promoted to rescue joint Amdahl/US/Canadian government project with three 500-member teams represented by 28 labor unions caught project up and increased contract revenue from $12M/mth - $16M/mth.
  • Start-up Telecom. $35M budget. Recruited by Amdahl to direct five large simultaneous projects including:
  • Personally performed hands-on installation of SAP (FI/CO, AM, HR, SD).
  • Implemented multiple SDLC methodologies for various components. Managed architecture, development, implementation:
  • COTs software;
  • 15M lines of custom software;
  • Security; backup; disaster planning; recovery;
  • Call center and hardware infrastructure installation.
  • Achieved ISO 9000 certification.

Project Manager

  • Managed architecture, design, justification of large scale 100 county deployment for a government organization.


  • Variety of positions, including, but not limited to:
  • Project Manager, Networking Systems Division. Resolved RD issues and managed development plans across all 16 global IBM divisions.
    • Wrote IBMs original white papers on N-Tier and Grid Computing.
  • Chief Architect, MQSeries. Consolidated 32 different Message Queuing System development efforts scattered across Global IBM into one product, saving over $250M in product development costs. Managed both Architecture and initial international Product Development of MQ Series, generating more than $800M in sales revenue.
  • Chief Architect, Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Turned small conceptual project into a series of commercial products, generating $2B+ new annual sales by commercializing internal products.
  • Advisory Systems Engineer Trainee Systems Engineer (Nationally recognized as key technical resource for IBM in distributed computing and complex infrastructure and network design)
  • Sales: 13 customer accounts in branch office territory did not allow IBM presence.
  • 16th month received order for $130M in hardware and software from one account.
  • Over next 6 months obtained orders from the other twelve firms ranging in size from $5M - $10M each.
  • Banking and Finance: Responsible for all Bank, Insurance and Securities networks, branch office systems and ATM networks headquartered in NC. Nationally recognized expert, assisted multiple large banks, insurance and security firms.
  • Retail: Responsible for all design and installation of POS systems in NC for multiple customer accounts.
  • Manufacturing: Responsible for design and installation of manufacturing systems for companies headquartered in NC and SE US
  • Utilities: Responsible for design and installation of data centers, networks, software and custom solutions for all Utility Companies headquartered in NC.
  • AeroSpace: Provided technical design and installation services for hardware/networks/ software for McDonald Douglass, Lockheed and Boeing



  • B.S. Computer Science
  • Advanced management training from Wharton, Harvard and MIT educators.
  • 4,000+ hours professional development in information technology, business/project management, finance, quality,
  • ISO 9000 and 9001,
  • CMMi.
  • Formal needs based Sales training.

Professional Memberships:

  • Project Management Institute (PMI). International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)


  • System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) other Methodologies: Andersen Method 1; IBM Red book; MAP; PMBOK; Macroscope; JAD, JRP, Rapid Application Development (RAD); Waterfall; Agile; Scrum; SAP; Rational Rose; UML; RUP; Use Cases; CMMi level 2; 3 4; ITIL; McKinsey; The Open Group Architecture Framework(TOGAF); and, others.
  • ERP Systems: SAP R3; PeopleSoft; JD Edwards; Dynamics; Baan; and, Oracle 11i or E-Business Suite.
  • PLM Tools: TeamCenter; Enovia; SAP PLM.
  • IT Governance/Portfolio/Issue/Change Management Tools: MS Project; Mercury UTS; ProSight; Primavera P6; Primavera Sure Sight; CAMeLEAN; MS Project Server; Rational Suite; Share Point; Share Point; MOSS; UMT; MS Enterprise Project Server and others.
  • Web Portal Development and other Software: IIS; Tomcat; Apache; JRUN; WebSphere; WebLogic; Visual Age; Visual Studio 2005/2008; HATS; Siebel; Tibco; Vitria; SOA; Biz Talk; Microsoft .NET.
  • Subsystems/Packages: All Microsoft OFFICE products; Object Store; Flash; Organizer; SMDS; SNMP; Work Bench; WebSphere HATS V7.0; VMWare; Most IBM Products; Visio; Siebel; Citrix.
  • Hardware: Dell; HP; all IBM products (PC.s; Servers; I-Series; Mainframes); Intel; Sun.
  • Operating Systems: LINUX; UNIX; AIX; All IBM products; All Windows products including Vista.
  • 45+ Programming Languages: AJAX; C; C++; C#; COBOL; DELPHI; DHTML; EGL; FLASH; HTML; Java (J2EE); Java Beans; Enterprise Java Beans; Pearl; RPG; Servlets; SOAP; STRUTS; SQL; Visual Basic; WAS; WSAD; XML.
  • Communications Architectures, Protocols and Topologies: APPC; APPN; ATM; EDI; Ethernet; Frame Relay; SNA; TCP/IP; Connectionless; CORBA; SNA; OSF/DCE; OSI; and Packet.
  • Messaging Environments: Distributed Automation Edition; MQ Series.
  • Data Bases: Microsoft Access; Sequel Server; DB/2; Oracle 11g; Sybase; Lotus Notes Domino.
  • Misc. Technologies: Firewall; N-Tier; Active Directory; LDAP; VOIP; RFID; Biometrics; Facial Recognition; Magnetic Stripe/Chip; Bar Code; Audio Video Conferencing


  • 2001 - 2008 Served on President Bushs Advisory Council for Business and Chaired US IT Infrastructure Committee
  • Awarded the Ronald Regan Gold Medal for Small Business 2007
  • Named Businessman of the Year in the State of NC by the NRC 2005, 2006, 2007
  • IBM Awards: Chairman; President; Regional Manager; other; 5 times IBM Golden Circle Award

Detailed supporting documents and references are readily available

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