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Tech Team Lead And Project Manager Resume

Trade Application Support, Systems Administion,
Unix/Linux Systems Engineering, Release Management,
Perl/Script Programming, Tech Team Lead and Project Manager

Confidential (November 2011 Present)
Worked on operations support, development and administrative projects associated with a global printing and document management group, responsible for printing all financial statements and documents for commercial banking customers. Environment was AIX, Linux, Mainframe with significant Perl and shell scripting, and configuration of vendor products including Ricoh Infoprint Process Director.

Confidential (June 2007 July 2011)
Application/Operations Support Team Lead for Equities/Derivatives
Application Release Engineering Manager

  • Led support operations team in forward facing unix/linux/windows trading environments in QA and production. Ensured QA/Compliance teams completed critical testing and reporting. Engaged developers to implement all upgrades and changes. Led a team of three support staff. Wrote several automation tools for automating various processes in NPS environments. Built Perl web portal for monitoring application versioning and integrity of deployments, and various trading flow test harnesses. Configured global autosys scheduling multiple applications in each environment. Set up monitoring and alerts using Sentinel, Hawk, and various home-built scripting tools.
  • Designed and implemented a cross-platform Perl package management toolset which unified and automated all steps needed for application code checkout, build, package and deployment, interfacing with Opsware/HPSA and other archival formats. Created “build-to-run methodology for delivering applications to a global namespace, which split deployments into binary/executable, configuration, live data, and logging tree directories. Implemented “gold host synchronization methods for supporting regional and environmental networks.
  • Possess excellent scripting skills, particularly in Perl and other posix shell scripts.
  • Designed, built and supported entire end-to-end electronic order flow trading environment for external institutional clients and pilot internal trading/sales desks (Client Certification Environment) with equities, options and futures for front facing client-certification including live and simulated market execution.
  • Owned and completed project engagements lifecycles from concept through development to launch. Collaborated with product management, development leads, technology partners, and other stakeholders to ensure deliverables met business requirements. Created business and technical project plans, updating and distributing as necessary. Maintained inventory of product assets, business dependencies, documentation and support materials, including an online Wiki and live web reports. Communicated across many organizational levels, and had experience in a matrix management environment.
  • ed technical team responsible for release management and operational support for global Equities/Derivatives client and exchange FIX connectivity/messaging (Tibco RV) proprietary trade order-management, algorithmic trading, program trading, direct-market access (DMA), client and vendor management, trading/execution strategies, program and cash equities trading applications, implementation and infrastructure support, offshore team management, configuration and test procedures,
  • Responsible for maintaining and supporting many enterprise class systems with many custom and standard unix/linux tools. Developed new technologies, best practices, and comprehensive solutions for corporate applications. Responsible for system design and implementation of large-scale linux and solaris deployments, configurations, upgrades, and monitoring.
  • Created project proposals and system design technical documentation, including implementations of Redhat Linux and Solaris operating systems, building and designing servers to be flexible, upgradeable and cost effective. Authored and maintained technical design documentation, operational and run-book procedures including diagrams, flow charts, project specifications, user requirements and technical implementations. Engaged software staff in design and troubleshooting applications. Managed projects from beginning to end.

Confidential (September 2004 June 2007)
Technical Project Manager

  • Senior role on infrastructure team responsible for evaluating and deploying third-party linux and solaris software throughout the firm. Tasked with improving efficiencies and productivity by leveraging and implementing operational components across core businesses and technologies. Spent ample time on project work and development of new services and tools
  • Implemented critical software asset warehouse and distribution chain, which provided more than 400 applications on Solaris, Linux and AIX platforms to worldwide Goldman business and technology customers. Managed central software license facility.
  • Managed vendor contracts and relationships, planned and executed technology product roadmaps as negotiated with business groups. Designed and controlled standard builds, configurations, packaging standards and policies.
  • Executed provisioning for 4,000 new Linux builds, and 6,000 Solaris patches. Surveyed and implemented key changes needed for Daylight Savings Time. Enhanced workflow processes for handling customer support and new software approval.
  • Created a standard Perl package on Linux, Solaris and AIX based on ActiveState with 700 custom-built modules to accommodate most developer requirements in the firm. Provided product developer teams with extensive technical support services, including consultation, design, coding, testing, troubleshooting, debugging, packaging, deployment and building custom applications and Perl modules.
  • Built and maintained key developer packaging tools for Linux/Solaris on Redhat Network. Maintained firmwide client-server packaging and deployment tool in Perl with XML/XSLT to transform business intelligence into binary packages. Helped product development groups understand package dependencies, obsoletes, scripting, upgrades, and channel management. Worked with technical teams to incorporate packaging into their development, testing and automated build cycles. Supported Linux and Solaris machines on HP Proliant, Sun sparc and ix86 hardware with DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, Kerberos, SAN environment. Incorporated VMware products into the engineering build, test, packaging and deployment lifecycles.

Confidential (January 2004 September 2004)
System Administrator/DBA*

  • Responsible for HPUX, NCR, Solaris and linux unix architecture design, application and database support for global retail banking operations. Implemented a consolidated server build and software update facility with Perl and shell scripts for some 1,200 branch servers. Provided troubleshooting and rapid response solutions for operating system, database and network issues. Implemented Oracle 10g and Sybase ASE12+ instances on RHEL Linux with Perl applications for supporting branch and system configuration data, service levels, customer trouble tickets and money access center (MAC) equipment alerts.

Confidential (November 2000 December 2003)
System Administrator/DBA*

  • Responsible for building and supporting unix architecture with 6,000 NYSE trading floor workstations, 800 linux, solaris, AIX, HPUX and Windows servers and twenty-five Oracle/Sybase database instances.
  • Developed a network intrusion detection in Perl/snort with packet capture, web monitoring, log reduction facilities, database analysis and event management tools using Perl, Snort, Apache, and Remedy AR. Created database warehouse interface to Oracle/Sybase with real-time signature update and adaptive rules on EMC SANS. Developed a FIX protocol load test system in Perl with trade capture, order execution, protocol validation, and analytics for timing and throughput to help optimize data flow through Unix and Tandem systems.
  • Created software build and asset management facility in Perl for Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Irix platforms that maintain more than 150 open source packages. Implemented Veritas Suite, DBA tools, and custom agents for HP Openview (ITO) and scalable Perl modules.
  • Improved systems and database integrity and performance, production process controls, and defect resolution. Drafted a software configuration management plan and operational process document. Designed and built software release-control framework in Perl, SQL, PHP, JavaScript to interface with Oracle/Sybase, ClearCase, Tivoli and Remedy ARS systems. Provided technical mentoring and taught Perl workshops for SIAC/NYSE administrators, DBAs, and programmers for two years.

Confidential (January 2000 November 2000)
System Administrator/DBA*

  • Responsible for supporting solaris, linux and HPUX IT infrastructure for web trading facility hosting 70 brokerage clients, including Quick and Reilly and Strong Funds. Supported architecture, design, development, quality assurance, implementation and production aspects for all data systems. Eliminated website downtime due to database failures or maintenance. Implemented fully redundant, transactionally replicated, self-healing database systems with Oracle Parallel Server, Sybase Adaptive/Replication Server and Solaris platforms.
  • Implemented Quest Foglight monitor with custom Perl agents, which provided resource utilization and workload statistics, and identified bottlenecks. Developed remote console application to enable off-site managers or administrators to monitor critical activities. Led and mentored a team of system administrators.
  • Implemented custom library modules in Perl to support maintenance activities, and supported operations support staff by implementing tools, which helped troubleshoot issues and correct problems with systems or data. Wrote Perl utilities which managed system architecture maps, network load balancing (via local-directors and orbix environments), log collection and archival, software distribution, batch job scheduling, response and fault monitoring, systems security,
  • Deployed database interface procedures and triggers for three Sybase instances and two Oracle Parallel Server clusters. Implemented pilot data-replication using Quest Shareplex, and addressed master-to-master conflict resolution and near real-time latency requirements. Configured Veritas volumes for unix servers and database clusters.
  • Built a scalable backup system on spooled disk-array and DLT tape library. Created and deployed modular application package build and distribution facility (including Netscape web server, Corba, Cold Fusion, Webtrends, Sybase, Oracle). Helped maintain networking connectivity and security on Cisco switches, local-director, PIX firewall and unix hosts.

Confidential (October 1997 December 1999)
DBA/System Administrator/Programmer*

  • Responsible for Sybase/Oracle DBA services for the U.S. military Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (JCALS) project application for handling weapons logistics and parts at more than fifty active Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps bases.
  • Developed web-based fault and performance monitor using Perl/SQL on OSF, HP, Sun, Linux and NT servers. Implemented messaging in FIPS compliant RSA, triple-DES and SAFER encryption algorithms.
  • Created server build environment for compilers, libraries, Perl, CPAN modules, Sybase/Oracle databases, SQL/triggers, Apache/Netscape web servers, open-source and other packages, including Veritas, Quest, Platinum, CA, and Embarcadero. Taught advanced Perl programming, rapid application prototyping, and provided mentoring to operations support team.
  • Implemented C2/TCB auditing and security, service monitoring, backup-recovery and contingency planning, license key management, software inventory, configuration management, and storage array management. Developed support tools for networking group to manage Shiva VPN and DEU over distributed WAN environment. Deployed systems packages for security management, including tcp wrapper, secure shell, enterprise security management, intrusion detection, and custom tools.

Various Full-Time and Independent Consulting Assignments (9/1980-10/1997)

Architectures: Linux. Posix, VMware, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, OpenBSD, Irix, OSF, Ultrix, SysV, FreeBSD, BeOS,WinXp/2k/NT/9x/3x/DOS, Lynx
Languages: Perl OOP, Shell, SQL, Ruby/Rails, C, Tcl/Tk, Fortran, Javascript, PHP, Python, HTML, Intel Asm, various 4gl macro/scripting/database
Applications: Appia, Verifix, Aegis Xsim/ClientSim, Buildforge, Hawk, Kickstart/Jumpstart, Veritas, Vmware, Weblogic, Apache, Opsware, Openview, VS/SVN, Visio, DBArtisan, Autosys, Sybase, Oracle, Udb/Db2, Tomcat, Jboss, MySQL, Postgresql, SQL Server, Ingres, Informix, Access, FoxPro, dBase, Powerbase, Foxpro, Dataflex
Network: TCP/IP, Tibco/Rv, Multicast, NIDS, SSL, SSH, Kerberos, DCE, Firewalls, VPN, SNMP, DNS, SMTP, NIS, NFS, PGP
GUI: KDE, Gnome, CDE, X11, Motif, VUE, Windows
COTS: Vmware, Quest, Platinum, Veritas, Tivoli, Openview/ITO, Remedy, Clearcase, Unicenter, Patrol, BMC, Brixton, Symantec, Apache, Netscape, Websphere


  • B.A. Communications/Psychology
  • Magna cum laude, Sigma delta chi, Kappa tau alpha, Newspaper editor-in-chief, President of self-defense club


  • IEEE, ACM, SAGE, Usenix, NYPC (founder), NYACC, SunUG,OracleUG, PC Week columnist

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