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Delivery Program Manager Resume

Highly accomplished, visionary technology leader (and MIT graduate) with over 20 years experience in technology architecture, Internet standards development, IT security, server operations, software development, business development, relationship management, project/program management, and people management, with the drive and get it done attitude that promotes the successful completion of large, complex, and risky projects and facilitates organizational growth.

Always seeking new challenges, whether it be leading the development of new technologies that become worldwide standards, or turning around challenged technology groups and increasing the profitability productivity of IT in renowned institutions.

Business Summary

  • Leadership.Led various initiatives and teams to improve data center capabilities, reduce costs, and develop applications to grow business opportunities profit. Mentored numerous individuals into leadership and account management roles. Managed various technology engineering, systems development, operations and project teams.A leader is one who motivates people toward a common vision.
  • Strategic Planning.Experienced in data center planning, development, global sourcing, contract management and business application integration. Strong experience with identifying key technology deployments, business partnerships and development initiatives to maximize business cash flow and revenue/profit growth.
  • Broad Industry Experience.Experience within financial, healthcare, technology services, and academic sectors.
  • Budget Management Business Growth.Managed $30-40M/yr budget, developed revenue growth opportunities, improved PL and cost outlooks, and aligned invoicing process with service delivery. Negotiation of multiple vendor contracts and service contract addendums.

Employment History

  • Confidential (2003-present) Delivery Program Manager IT Architect
  • Confidential (2000-2003) Director, IT Distributed Systems Engineering
  • Confidential (1995-2000) VP, IT Distributed Engineering Technology Project Office
  • Confidential (1986-1995) Systems Programmer/Architect

Work Experience
Delivery Program Manager IT Architect, July 2003 current

  • Developed new data center and operations architecture for NYU Medical Center, to facilitate secure 24x7 remote data center server support. Designed autonomic service recovery solutions for NYU Mount Sinai Medical Centers. Developed zero-day virus detection tools to identify and isolate infected systems based on anomalous network patterns. Collaborated with suppliers on their product technical designs to improve suppliers product offerings that would facilitate building the next generation NYU data center (and other IBM data center relocation projects).
  • Established a technology program review methodology with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (subsidiary of WellPoint) to better coordinate delivery of services, significantly lower program costs, increase project success rate and contract profitability. Reduced operational budget by ~20% YTY while consistently improving service levels. Improved alignment of invoicing process to delivery of services. Achievements include:
    • Full lifecycle cost of CS90 claims processing application reduced from $45M to $15M.
    • Reduced support from 450 FTEs to 250 FTEs and increased offshore staff leverage.
    • Significantly increased Service Level attainment. Reduced SLA defaults penalties by more than 80%.
    • Led numerous projects and developed numerous technical solutions, including:
      • Redesigned NYU Medical Centers fetal monitoring system, in collaboration with GE, to provide greater fault tolerance functionality.
      • Led improvement of Empire BCBS claim processing availability to its business partners; optimized the batch maintenance cycle periods and coordinated schedule changes across business operations and IT services.
      • Coordinated deployment of infrastructure to facilitate new business for NYU Hospital Radiology department.
      • Separated IT services between Mount Sinai and NYU Medical Centers pursuant to the de-merger. Re-architected security tools and security controls to maintain logical separation as de-merger progressed.
      • Led initial z/OS upgrade for NYC Transit and instituted a regular technology refresh program for NYC Transit.

    Director, Distributed Systems Engineering, Oct 2000 June 2003

    • Spearheaded several technology improvements.
    • Improved the IT work intake process flows within the Remedy ARS tool and provided a Web interface for end-users to submit issues, improving ITs customer responsiveness and improving ITs business alignment.
    • Deployed open-source monitoring, load-balancing clustering solutions and developed autonomic recovery tools to improve mean recovery time and reduce outage frequency.
    • Deployed thin-client and open-source (LAMP) solutions to reduce asset and staffing costs and improve operational recoverability.
    • Developed security and Web server architecture for the Intranet and Internet Web portals. Managed the distributed engineering groups at 5 NYC hospitals with responsibility for IP Management tools (DHCP/DNS), Perimeter security (firewalls, VPNs), Web services, problem change management tools, desktop packaging distribution, Citrix, and server engineering operations (Unix, Windows, Netware).
    • Reduced outage frequencies by more than 90% and improved incident resolution times by more than 80% through a combination of process and technology changes.
    • Increased IT productivity (monthly change rate more than tripled, outage rate was decimated, and incident rate was reduced by more than 5x) even while reducing the staff level by more than 30%.
    • Served as focal for technology upgrades and application integration for various clinical departments.
    • Developed IT security policies, wireless security policies, asset use policies, technology risk review procedures and security threat response plans in conjunction with the IT Security Officer and other IT senior management.
    • Led recovery of distributed services affected by 11-Sep-2001 terrorist attack, which resulted in the loss of the primary data center for 3 major NYC hospitals. All major and secondary applications were restored within 5 days despite prior lack of a recovery plan. Hastened deployment of new patient care desktop design to facilitate recovery.

    VP, Distributed Engineering, Feb 1999 Sep 2000
    AVP, Technology Project Office, Oct 1997 Jan 1999
    Sr. Systems Architect, Unix Engineering, May 1995 Sep 1997

    • Managed staffed various server and systems engineering groups setting global standards across the firm. Improved the collaboration between the engineering group and the various business support groups; frequently leveraged support groups to participate in engineering new technologies and methodologies, contributing to increased acceptance of the standards proposed by the central engineering team.
    • Co-founded Project Management Office. Managed various technology initiatives including the consolidation and deployment of a centralized backup system for the US NT/Unix server environment and the deployment of various security tools across the enterprise. Managed/co-managed various key vendor contracts and relationships spanning multiple IT areas, including CA, MEMCO, IBM, Gartner, GIGA, and Forrester. Identified and distributed pertinent market trend data research to various IT managers. Reduced worldwide IT expenditure by approximately 10% through vendor agreement consolidation and coordinating technology deployments across multiple functional areas.
    • Developed asset inventory tools to collect software, hardware, and network information from all global sites. Created extensible reporting to measure Year 2000 readiness, measure compliance with metered agreements, and provide key information to our vendor management groups to negotiate better support agreement costs (reducing several agreement costs by more than 60%).
    • Designed and built the infrastructures for the firms global Year 2000 labs (NY, London and Tokyo).
    • Architected and deployed perimeter security firewalls, Internet Web server topology, and strong user authentication tools (e.g. Kerberos, AFS, and secure administration tools). Extended MIT Kerberos and integrated extensions into mainstream MIT sources (including Triple-DES, Windows 32-bit support, and support for IP multi-homing NAT).
    • Developed global paging system supporting all regional providers and easily extensible to new protocols.
    • Provided TCP/IP programming consultation to improve performance of the custom market data distribution system.
    • Developed and customized the global Unix management tools, including the account namespace management system (based on Moira, from MIT) and network installation system (PARIS, similar to Suns JumpStart).

    Sr. Software Architect, Information Systems/Project Athena, Oct 1986 Apr 1995 (1986-1989 p/t)

    • Architect/developer/product manager for several MIT-developed technologies, including: Kerberos, Moira, Hesiod, Zephyr, X11, and other technologies. Major contributor to various non-MIT technologies, including AFS, NFS, DHCP and BSD/Unix. Co-managed a team of 20 student developers in support of development of new technologies.
    • Prepared presentations to corporations and educational institutions showcasing our distributed computing model.
    • Member of the MIT Information Systems technical review board, overseeing in-house software development and evaluating market and in-house design alternatives.
    • Established release engineering and quality assurance processes for MITs Information Systems department. Reduced post-release defects by 90%.
    • Provided security consultation to various IETF working groups on behalf of the IETF Security Area Advisory Group.
    • Managed technology migrations for the academic computing environment, such as the migration from NFS to AFS, deployment of centralized user management tool (Moira), managed workstation models, development of release management scripts to manage thousands of tightly-managed and loosely-managed systems, etc.

    Teaching Assistant, Confidential, Jan 1987 Jun 1987

    • Assisted students with the concepts of structured programming.
    • Identified deficiencies and addressed problems with student lab.

    Additional Information Experience

    • Developed ITIL and ISO-9001 quality processes for multiple departments within multiple organizations. Versed in LEAN, Six Sigma, TQM, and other continual improvement programs. Versed in several industry methodologies, including SDLC, PMM, ITIL, CMM, ISM3/SOMA, and others. (1987-present)
    • Active participant in several public forums pertaining to Unix, Security, Systems Administration, Mobile Devices, Distributed Filesystems, and other ubiquitous technologies, and considered an expert in many technologies.
    • Member of various IETF groups, including TNFS, DHCP, Security Area Advisory Group, etc. (1988-1998).
    • Technical content reviewer for Addison-Wesley, NFS Illustrated, (1999).
      Provided security consulting to various organizations including members of the Pentagon staff.
    • Member of MITs Kerberos development team. (1987-present).
    • Electrical Engineer, Honeywell Electro-Optics Division, (1988-1989).(Classified work pertaining to satellite sensors.)
      Strong presentation and training skills. Developed curriculum for Boston area Red Cross disaster response teams (Disaster Services Training Officer). Presented at conferences on behalf of MIT.
    • Strong community focus. American Red Cross Volunteer Health Safety Instructor (1992-present), American Red Cross Disaster Services (1992-1996), Ambulance crew chief - North Stelton Volunteer Fire Rescue (1996-1998). Certified EMT (1993-2008). Norwalk Hospital volunteer (1982-1983).

    Technical Summary
    Extensive experience designing secure, scalable and cost-effective enterprise solutions to meet business needs and facilitate growth. Significant design and code contributions to many open-computing standards (Unix, Kerberos, NFS, DHCP, etc). Broad experience with data center operations, mainframe services, distributed services, application architecture integration, data modeling, network security, network design, kernel design, and customer service centers.

    • Programming:Perl, Unix shell, SQL, C, Visual C++, Java, Assembly, X11/Xtk, BASIC, Lisp, Fortran and others.
      Systems programming: Unix kernel distributed filesystems, TCP/IP, identity mgmt, encryption, automations.
      Application design: Web portals, Directories Databases, Data transports, N-tier, etc.
    • Systems Architect: Virtualization, Network/Application Security, Systems/Applications integration, Storage solutions (SAN/NAS), Middleware, Email, Web Internet technologies, LDAP, Databases, Cross-platform integration (Unix, Windows, Netware, MVS).
      Also participated in the implementation/standards development of DNS, DHCP, NFS, AFS, Kerberos, X11 and Unix.

    Education Certifications

    • Electrical Engineering.
    • PMP certified.
    • First Aid Instructor.
    • FCC Amateur Radio (Extra Class N2HA) ARRL VE.

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